BRNO, Czech Republic

Area Code 5, $1=37.8, July 20, 2000

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.

Brno has few budget options in the center. But the number of visitors are small so you don't have anyproblem to find a room or a bed. The Tourist office will reserve rooms from 400kc, in Pensions outside the center, and hostels. In July/August student dorms open, from 160kc. no commission charge. The staff may not know about University dormitories. Mention the names listed below. They will find the list of dormitories.
There is an accommodation bureau at the train station - 'non stop shop'. Operates 24hours. Will reserve rooms in Pensions from 500kc/person.

h1 Astorka: Novobranska 3, T4251-0370, Go out from the train station and cross the tram lines and go right 1 block, turn left and turn right. 3 bed dorm/2 bed dorm. sb student with ID 157.50/216, without ID 315/420kc telephone/refridgirator in each room. K TV.
Very new summer only accommodation, Jul.1-Sep30. This is a accommodation for music and theatrical students in Brno. The bathrooms are shared with 2 units. Excellent facility
Highly Rec
h1 Tauferovy Koleje: Jana Babaka 3/5, N from center T41210732
(dr sb110kc/p), sb s183kc, d ab366kc/p, fr for each room.
bar, kitchen, TV lounge, C4, communal shower C3
The all year-round accommodation is the best option in Brno, All rooms have fridge & desks. large 4-bedded rooms are excellent value, but very hard to get because it is not officially listed in the tariff list.
Trolley bus #136 from Ceska, Tram #12, #13 from train station or Ceska to Tererova stop. 10-15min. 11kc You need to bring toilet paper Highly Rec
h1 Ubytovna "RADKA": Cechyhska, T4325-4519
sb s/d 170/p, K TV C3. Old simple student accommodation. Go out from the train station, turn right and go under the rail. Keep waking on Ketenova where tram 8,10,13 are running. 10min walk from the train station and with this price. The reception don't seek English.Better to Rec
h4 Interservice: Lomena 48, T45234232/F45233165
Just Closed on August 1, 2000.
: Tram #12 to Komarov From Train St. or from Ceska stop
For future development,
h2 Hotel Avion: Ceska 20, T42215016F42214055
ab s845 d1360 bf Good location in town center but better budget options elsewhere.

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