BRNO, Czech Republic

Area Code 5, $1=37.8, July 20, 2000

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.

To go out from the station is very confusing. If you follow the sign "Centrum" you go out to Josefska which is one block away from the train station from where you cannot see the train station. We use the phrase "Go out from the station" often, it does not mean this way out. Please go to the main hall of the train station where you can find many train facilities. i2 is just across the tram station.
Cabbage Market

i Tourist Office Town Hall, Radnicka 8 T42211090 F42214625 M-F8-18, Sa/Su9-17:00. Maps 10kc Reserves accommodation in Penzions from 400kc/p, student accommodation from 160kc/p, no handling charge. Sells telephone cards and bus/tram tickets.
i2 Tourist Office In front of the train station. M-F 9-18. If you want to know the cheap accommodation, you can get the info here.
$1 Komercni Banka: Namesti Svobody, near MacDonald's M-F8-17 UST/C$1=37.97, cash 37.37 Jap T/C 34.84kc cash 34.27, ATS 2.53, Slovakia 0.8192 ,Com. T/C-2% min50kc Cash-No charge for
$2 Union Bank: Masarykova 26/30, M-F9-18 UST/C$1=38.12, cash 37.19, GBP T/C= 56.88 cash=55.45 Slovakia 0.805kc, ATS=2.52 ,Com. T/C-1% best rate and lowest com.
Many exchange bureaus in the town center, their rates are usually standard, usually no com. for cash. But chech before hand. A few change T/C, 3-5%. com. ATMs are everywhere.
$2 Exchange Bureau at Train Station: near main entrance. 24hr. Changes all major currencies, Cash/TC, 5% com.
If you go outside of the station, There is one does not charge commission.
$1=37.4, 100yen=34.24, GBP1=56.47
P Foreigner's Police Station Kounicova 24
H Hospital: Pekarska 53/55
Hp Pharmacy/Lekarna Ceska 1 M-F7-18, Sa8-13
M0 Post Office GPO: Postovka 3 M-F7-21, Sa8-13
M2 Branch: Train Station 24hr ATM - Visa, MC.
M1 Telephone Ceska Telecom: Silingrovo nam, the W end of Starobrnenska, M-Sa 7-20, Su7-13. "Collect Call" is a dead word. The workers at the telephone don't know it. Home country Direct are more common. See the General Info for the list.
Telephone: Try to use card phones -coin phones are unreliable, often lose your money. Can make international calls from card phones. 50units-175kc

Brno is a major transport center with services to many international destinations and just 30min from the border station Bleclav, to Austria and Solovakia
T Train Station Nadrazni.
Staff at information counter probably won't speak English but can get computerised printouts with route details. Buy ticket to Bratislava at counter 4, other international tickets at
'International Office' - on corridor left from the main entrance (no sign). 24hr bufet, 24hr exchange, ATM. lockers 10kc, luggage deposit 10kc/day upto 15kg. 15kg+ needs 20kc.
B1 Bus Terminal Zvornarka, 5min walk S from the train station. Go under path and come out to S side of the train station where Tesco is located and continue walking. It is very hard to get information at bus station. You may ask at travel agents or information office.
International bus office, M-F6-18:30, Sa7-13, Su8-14
For domestic, buy from your dirver.
B2 Bus Terminal to Praha(Grand Hotel): Go out from the train station and turn to right. 1 min. Mainly to Praha and some to Olomouc

Local Transport
Bus & trams are very frequently running.
30min./60min./90min/24hrs/3days ticket

Large luggage ticket 5/7/9kc/na/na Buy from newsagents, tourist office, from the vending machines. But the city is small. Only need to use if your accommodation is out of town.
ta Travel Agent GTS: Vochava 4, T4222-1996 M-F9-18, Sa9-12:00. Many people and slow service. You have to wait for a long time.

m Market Cabbage Market Zelny trh M-F9-18, Sa9-12 Fruit & Veg. Market. very cheap.
s1 Souvenir shop Tradice: Slovakova 4 Tu-F12-18:00 Handmade souvenirs - leather, wood, ceramics, etc.
s2 Supermarkets Tesco: Obchodni Dum, Between Train and bus station. M-F 7-20, Sa7-18, Su8-17
s3 minimart Masarykova Opposite the train station NON stop
ph Photo: Several around town.
la Laundry: Udolni 37, T45244962, MTuTh10-20, WFSa10-16:00 50kc for load

Th Opera: Yanackovy(Janacek) Komenskeho nam 6,
Sep-Jun Tickets from
ta Ticket agent: Please confirm this info.NDB, Dvorakova 11, T42321285,, Price 80-160kc?
c1 Cinemas: Alfa: Postovska 8/10 60-80kc English moves
c2 Kapitol: Divadelni 3

Festivals 1998
Sorry we will provide this info as soon as possible.
Aug 21-23 World Grand Prix (Motorcycle)
Sep 24-Oct 10 Moravian Autumn Annual International Music & New Music Festival
Dec 12 Jazztival 1998 International Jazz Festival

@ Internet @
@1 Information Centre for Young: Josefska #15, near the train station. M-F 9-17:00
@2 Ramsis: Ceska 20, 3F, same building of Hotel Avion 2kc/3min. Non Stop. Very fast.
@3 Cafe Anna: Pekarska #52, Tram-running street S from the castle hill. M-F8:30-24, Sa9-22:00, Su 12-22:00 1kc/min.
@4 Internet Cafe: Lidicka ul. 17 M-F10-22:00, Sa/Su14-22:00 2kc/min.
Tram#1 to Kollste from the train station
@4 Internet Club Nectav: Kabatnikova , T4124509 M-F10-24:00, Sa/Su14-24:00 1kc/min.
Tram#1 to Hrncirskafrom the train station

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