Vienna / Wien, Austria

Area Code 01 $1=ATS 13.4, July 18, 2000

There are many train stations in Vienna, but mainly international trains leave from Westbahnhof and Sudbahnhof. All stations are connected with S-bahns, U-bahns and trams. IF you are hurry, take a S-bahn train. Major credit cards are OK to buy tickets. Train tickets may include U-bahn journey to station, ask when you buy the ticket. When you buy a ticket, they may assume you are going to take fast train with supplement You have to tell them if you don't need
T1 Westbahnhof: The main train station, SW from the center. Most trains leave to W, S and E
luggage coin lockers ATS40, toilet ATS2/6.5 depends on what you need for men. ATS6.5 for women. Shower ATS42. Exchange 3.25% com. ATM is the best option.
T2 Sudbahnhof: 2nd biggest station. Mainly serving S or to Prague via Breclav, Bratislava, some cities of Poland.
T3 Wien Nord: just NE from the center. Local trains to Breclav, Czech.
Normal fare(Youth fare is 25% off) B=Border station. Round trip fare are very good. And if you want to travel for a long time in Austria, you may consider to buy a half price pass. See general info for Austria.

Train to Hungary
Budapest OW380/RT520 Hegyeshalom(H. B.) ATS180
Bruch ATS76
Hegyeshalom(H. B.) - Budapest 1250Ft
Sopron OW152 Vienna - Neustadt ATS95
Neustadt - Sopron ATS57
If you buy a ticket to Hegyeshalom and change to a Hungarian domestic train to Budapest, you can save about $10.
Fare from Budapest to Vienna OW5790/RT8497Ft($1=270Ft)

Train to Czech Rep.
Prague ATS510 Brno ATS258
Breclav(C.B.) ATS194 Hahenau(A.B.) ATS133
You may buy a ticket to Hahenau(ATS133) then ask to buy another ticket from Hahenau to Beclav(ATS16) in Vienna. You can save ATS35.

Train to Slovakia
Bratislava(S.B.) 204, 1.5hr Nuesied(A.B.) ?

Paris ATS? Geneve ATS1656
Munich ATS808 Zurich ATS1122
Beograd ? Zagreb ATS674
Rogenbach(A.B.) ? Jesenice(Y.B.) ATS?
Athens ATS1870 Istanbul ATS?
*fare is from Salzburg

Train Schedule
Wien West 08:25 09:05 10:05 14:35 16:03 18:00 20:05 23:30
Hegyeshalom(H.B.) 09:26 10:02 11:02 15:30 17:02 19:02 21:02 00:29
Gyor 09:59 10:35 11:35 15:54 17:26 19:38 21:35 I
Budapest Keleti 11:28 12:03 13:03 17:20 18:52 21:33 23:03 02:42
At the border station, Hegyeshalom, you don't have any time to go out to buy a ticket at local price and get back on the same train. Wien 10:07/14:35 trains connect to local trains within 2 hrs. There are many local trains from Gyor so You may buy a ticket Vienna-Gyor and buy a domestic ticket there.

The schedule to Bratislava is 1998 info.
Wien Sud. 08:15 12:15 16:16 18:28* 21:15 *: M-F
Bratislava(S.B.) 09:22 13:22 17:22 20:03* 22:32

Wien Sud. 06:55 09:25 10:55 14:55 19:10 21:25
Wien N. I 08:37 I I I 16:37 I I
Hohenau (A.B.)D ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Breclav (C.B.)A 07:55 10:00 10:25




20:10 22:48
Brno 08:36


16:36 20:51
Praha 11:21


19:21 23:43


No time to buy a local ticket Hohenau A.B(Austria Border station).
To save money, buy a ticket to Hihenau. No ticket checked between border stations.

B1 MainBus station Mitte: Just E from Center, between Marxergasse and Landstrasser. Transport: U3,4 landstrasse/Wiene Mitte
There are a few international companies are operating from here. But their ticket counters open only when their buses are leaving.
B2 Sudbahnhof Bus station: connecting to destinations in South, such as Romania, Croatia, etc.
in Vienna Mitte: T7120453, In Vienna Sodbahnhof: T796-85520
Salzburg: Houptbahnhof T0662-872150, Linz T073266-568
Bus pass Fare ATS (+26/-26 or +60)

Nov - Mar


30 days



60 days



Fare OW normal/-26, RT normal/-26 Some buses are seasonal. Please confirm. Much more destinations than listed below. **: leave from Sudbanhof, the rest from Mitte

Budapest, Hungary:
OW370/340, RT520/470 3.5hrs 7, 11, 15, 17, 19:00 From Budapest to Vienna5790/8490Ft
Hegyeshalom, Hungary: OW140/130, RT200/180, 1hr same as one to Budapest
Bratislava, Slovakia: OW140/110, RT250/200 1.5hrs 8,11:30*, 15, 17, 18:30, 19:30* (* no on Su)
Other Slovakia towns: W19:40- S.Smokovec3:25(OW230/RT415)- Poprad3:40(240/440)- Lovoca4:10(250/445)-Kosice5:20(300/540)
To return Th Kosice19:20-Lovoca20:10-Poprad21:30- Smokovec21:45- Vienna5:30
Brno, Czech: OW170/RT272, 2.5hrs 7:30, 17:30
Amsterdam, Ho: 1090/990, 810/1620, 19hrs, FSu12:00
Arad, Ro**: 390/335, 630/540, 10.5hrs, M-WSa23:30
Beoglad, Yo**: 520/na, 730/na, 9hrs, M-Th19, F-Su17:00
Berlin, Ge: 730/645, 1290/1090, 10hrs, 21:00
Brasov, Ro**: 710/605, 1140/970, 20hrs, M-W Sa2330
Bucharest, Ro**: 750/640 1200/1020, 24hrs, M-W Sa2330
Frankfurt 630/540 1090/990, 12hrs, TuThSu19:20, F21:20
London, UK: 1330/1200 2120/1910, 22hrs, 18:30
Milan, It: 1190/990 2100/1820, 24.5hrs, MWThFSa
Munich 490/390 880/695, 6.5hrs WFSu12:00
Paris, Fr: 1085/985 1860/1690, 20hrs, WFSu12:00
Sarajevo, Bos**: 500/na 800/na, 15hrs, MF17, Th18, F14:00
Sofia, Bu**: 700/590 1150/980, 17hrs, 17:00
Split, Cr**: 700/na 1000/na, 16hrs, M18, F16:30
Timisoar,a Ro**: 460/395 740/630, 11hrs M-W Sa2330
Warsaw, Po: 420/na 670/na, 15hrs, F21:00
Zagreb, Cr: 350/na 570/na, 4.5hrs, M-Sa18, Su24:00
bus leaves from Wiedner Gurtel 8
Domestic buses
Many buses to throughout the country.
Saltzburg 7:30(arr 11:55)

Boats on the Danue
To Bratislave: ATS OW240/RT370 1.5hr,Apr9-Apr30, Sep 6, Oct 29 9:00, May 3-Sep 3, 9:30
To Budapest: ATS OW780/RT1100 5.5hr, Apr8-Apr30, Sep4- Oct29, 9:00, May1-Jul 28 8:00, Jul 29-Sep 3, 8:00, 13:00

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