Vienna/Wien, Austria

Area Code 01, $1=ATS 14.33, July 19, 2000

Potato salad
with vinegar
Schnitzel bigger than plate Open
The famous regional dish from Vienna is Schnitzel. Viennese Schnitzels are famous for the size, bigger than the dish. There are a few restaurants which are famous for this dish, but actually many restaurants serve schnitzel in this style at reasonable prices, 60-100ATS. Vienna is also good place to eat Chinese food. But their qauality is lower than ones in Asia but it is one of the best place to try in Europe. Many restaurants offering "Menu", which is very cheap meal with soup and main dish, from 50ATS.
Schnitzel Restaurants
r1 Schnitzelwirt: neubauggasse 52. Highly Rec
The most famous budget restaurant. Closed during summer. One of the reason why you better visit Vienna in September. Wit schnitzel, salad and soda cost
r2 Zwei Lieseln: Burggasse, walk S from YH Myrthengasse and turn left(East), The restauant is on the right side of the road. It has tables in a court yard which are pleasant during summer. full of locals. Rec
r3 Schnitzel House: Chain fast food restaurants. A few in town. Cheap, OS45-100 according to weight. Branch on Kruger str. Near information office.
r4 Figlmuller's: Grinzinger str.55 Schnitzel ATS156
The most touristy schnitzel restaurant. They say it is the best schnitzel. But they don't look so impressive. Ones above look more delicious.
r Trzesniewski: I,Dorotheergasse 1, a few block W from Stephanpl.
Open sandwitch. ATS9
There are many different kinds, but a piece is small.
r Restaurant Siam : I, Krugerstrasse #6, E from tourist office. all you can eat Chinese M-F11:30-15:00 ATS 78, Japanese(Sushi) M-F11:30-17 ATS95, SaSu11:30-17 ATS138, Daily 17:30-24:00 ATS152
non buffet meals are also available.
r Tsing Tao: XV, Gerstnerstrassa 5, just SW from Westbahnhof, 5min to walk. The award winning Chinese restaurant. It is expensive, more than $10/head, but they have affordable lunch special, Menu. ATS50. It is probably one of the best Chinese food restaurant in Continental Europe, but they cannot compete in Asia. If you are starving for Asian food, you may try. Go out from the main exit and turn right on Mariahilferstrassa and turn right again at the next corner.
r Genza: Japanese all you can eat. Donauplex Wagramer Str 79, T203-4589 M-Sa 11-17:00 128ATS, Su 158ATS, Daily 17-24:00 198ATS. Drinks from 15ATS
r Gasthauz Weisse Rose. 2min from the YH near the Westbanhof. smoky local restaurant which serve a good food. If you stay at the YH, you may have a meal there. Schnitzel, salada, fried potato and soda 108ATS.

r Central: I, Herrengasse 14, M-Sa 8-20:00. From the tourist office,walk N side of the Imperial Palace. Most elegant and beautiful cafe. If you visit only a cafe, it is the place. Except summer there is a live piano music without extra charge though I was charged extra 10 years ago. Small coffee-ATS27, large-43, cake-41 Highly Rec
r Demel: I, Kohlmark 14, Famous for cakes. so many to choose. Cakes ATS You can take them out or enjoy in a classical interior. Highly Rec
r Cafe Mozart, Albertinaplatz 2. T 513 08 81. Open daily 8.00-24.00. Opened in 1794, it is widely regarded as the greatest coffee house in Vienna. Despite famous composers and poets often coming here in the last 200 years, it is perhaps best known as a location in the movie 'The Third Man' which has just been named best English film of all time by the British Arts Academy. It has a huge array of pastry and also five different kinds of Hot Chocolate..
Following list is from the small pamphlet, the Young Vienna Scene. Our evaluation will be proceeded as soon as possible.
r Braunerhof: I,Stelburggasse 2
r Diglas: I, Wollzelle 10
r Cafe de l'Europe: I, Garben 31
r Hawelka: I, Dorotheegasse 6
r Cafe in Museum fur angewandte Kunst: I,Stubenring3
r Oberlaaer Stadthaus: I, Neuer Markt 16
r Schwarzenberg: I,Karntner Ring 17
r Cafe-Restaurant Weimar: IX,Wahrilnger Str.68
r Zartl: III, Rasumofskygasse 7

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