Vienna/Wien, Austria

Area Code 01, $1=ATS 13.4, July 18, 2000

During summer time, Vienna is crowded so the cheapest, best value accommodation fills quickly. Not all Hostels will accept reservations. However, try call early morning of your arrival anyway or a day before. There are 8 official YHs and University student dormitories open. If you have a problem, get the list of them at the tourist office and phone around, you will get a bed somewhere.

Open all year around
requires membership card. Non members for YH add ATS40/night upto 6 nights. After that they qualify as members.
The list below is a only a half of the YH. The rest of them are rather far from the center, but possible to access to the center within a hour. Get the list at information office.
h1 Myrthengasse(IYH): Myrthengasse 7, T5236316
dr ATS185/p, bf ,CTV K C5, la-ATS50, dinner/lunch ATS60. Most centrally located, excellent facilities. 3-4 bedded rooms. Pleasant courtyard seating area.
Transport: from U6 Burgg stadthalle then take bus48A to Neutisftgasse go back a little to small street called Myrthengasse.
h2 Hostel Ruthensteiner: Robert-Hamerling-Gasse 24
T8934202, 5 min walk from the Westbahnhof(West station), go out from the station turn right and turn right at the corner and walk to the next tram stop on Mariahilfestr, turn left on Haidmannsg and final turn right at the next corner. The hostel is right on side. dr ATS126-149(need your own sheet), dr 169(sheets supplied) d450?, bf 25 extra la-ATS50. K living room garden. no curfew.
h3 Kolpingfamilie Wien-Meidling(IYH):
Bendlgasse 10-12, T8135487 dr member 130-180/p, bf 55 One of the cheapest options - no charge for sheets.
h4 Brigittenau(IYH): Friedrich-Engels-Plaz 24, N from the center. T3328294, dr 150, non member 40 extra bf TV K la, swimming pool, garden.
h5 Believe-it-or-Not: VIII, Myrthengrasse 14, T5264658 ATS160/p, Great location. You need to call in the early morning of your arrival. Apartment feeling, spacious, social. well-equipped kitchen. Excellent manager tells you everything about Vienna within 10 min of arrival. To get there, From Westbahnhof, 15min walk or take U-6 to Burggstadthalle and walk E or bus on Burggasse.
h6 Hutteldorf-Hacking(IYH): Schlossberggasse 8, W from the center.T877-0263 dr ATS158-175/p bf 55
h7 Hostel Zohrer: Skodagasse 26, T406-0730 dr ATS170 -230/p bf K
h8 Wombats City Hostel: Grangasse 6, T897-2336 dr ATS175 -245/p bf K
h Lauria: kaiserstr. 77, T5222555 dr160 d420 (98 info)
Student Dormitories: Open only for summer
h10 Porzellaneum der Wiener unversitat: IX Porzellangasse 30 T3177-2820, ATS190/p C4 single/double room only. Excellent facilities, many rooms so you will get one easily. Open July to end of Sep
Access: Tram D to Bauernfeldplats, 1 or 2 stops S from Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof.

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