Vienna/Wien, Austria

Area Code 01, $1=ATS 14.33, July 19, 2000

! Warning Visa requirements are subject to change. You should always check current requirements.
E1 USA: IX Boltzmanng 16, T31339
E44 UK: III,Jauresgasse, T71635151
E61 Australia: IV,Mattilellstr.2-4, T5128580178
E1c Canada: ?
E33 France: IV,Technikerstr.2, T53612
E49 Germany: ?
E81 Japan: IV,Argentinerstr.21, T531920

All information below was received from staff in each embassy. However the information is not consistent. We are now trying to clear all errors in this section. Please use this info just for reference only.
E355 Albania: ?
E359 Bulgaria: ?
E385 Croatia: I, Opengasse 20, T5854842, M-F9-12:00
No visa required for most nationals
E420 Czech Rep: XIV,Penzinger str. 11-13 T8943111, M-F 8:30-10:30 No visa: EU/US/Canadian, Japanese
Required: Australian-ATS390 need 5 days
Access: take tram #52 or 58, get off at Museum of Technology, continue walking to same direction to Penzinger str. It is on the left side.
E36 Hungary: I, Bankg 4-6, T53326310, M-F9:00-12:00
No visa: EU/US/Canadian/Japanese
Required: Australian, New Zealand. 980ATS, next day issue. Access: Central district
E48 Poland: XIII, Hiets Hauptstr 42c, T870150 M-F 9-13:00. No visa: EU/US/Japanese Required: Australian/N. Zealand/Canada/, Single entry ATS700 2-3days Express(next day) ATS40 extra. Transit (48hr) Visa ATS325 2 photos required. Access: U4 Hiets station them tram 58 west bound, 3? stops.
E40 Romania:IV,Theresianumg 25,T5052343 M-W,F8-12:00 No visa: USA Visa required: Canada/Australian/Japanese/France/Germany/ New Zealand/ British 1 photo, visa issued same day. ATS500 For Japanese, visa is not required at the border.
Access: U1 Taubustummeng
E7 Russia: ?
E42 Slovakia: IXX,Armbrusterg 24, T3189058, M-F9:00-11:00, 14:00-15:00
No visa: EU/US/Canadian/Australia/NZ?/Japanese
Required: NZ? apply morning to get in the afternoon. Access: Tram D to the N end, Nussdrof
E386 Slovenia: I,Nibelungeng 13 M-F9:00-12:00. No visa required for most Western nationals/Japanese
E380 Ukraine: ?
E381 Yugoslavia: moved, but no answer at the new telephone number. The new address is Johannagasse 1-3, T5447585 Couldn't find the embassy at this address.

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