Vienna, Austria

Area Code 01, $1=ATS 14.33, July 19, 2000

Prices in ATs is old info(2000), ones in Euro is new(2004).
i Tourist Office: New location: Am Albertinaplatz 1, Just N from Opera House. Summer 9:00-19:00 Excellent staff. Many free pamphlets incl an excellent map. Small magazine Youth Scene is very useful. Accommodation reservation ATS 40 com.
i Branches: Airport, Westbahnhof, Sodbahnhof 6:30-22
i Information for Austria: IMargaretenstrasse. Walk down on Karntnerstr and cross the ring road continue walking for 5 mor min. M-F9:30-17:00, Th -18:00
i WienXtra, Jugend-Info Wien: I, Babenbergerstrasse 1, T1799, M-Sa 12:00-19:00, another organization for young travelers. Get a brochure, Time4vienna
AE American Express: I, Karntnerstr. 21-23, Further N from Tourist Office. Exchange/other service M-Sa 9:00-17:30. client mail. No com for AmEx check. 6% for other T/C, but the rate seems to be 1.5% lower than other banks, which is still the best option. Cash 1.25% com. min.ATS 50 $1=14.19, 1 GBP=21.4, Yen100=12.98 For emergency 0800-206840, 24hrs.
Innsbruck brunch: 3 Brixnerstrasse T512-582491
Linz: 14 Buergerstrasse T732-669013,
Salzburg: 5-7 Mozartplatz T662-8080,
$ Bank/Exchange: I could not find any reasonable place to change money or T/C. Most banks and money changers charge very high com. $1=14.33, 1 BBP= 21.5, 100yen=13.11 Some money changers charge 10% for T/C. The commission is negotiable, but you may stick to ATM or cash advance. If you want to change cash to ATS,
Post offices offer the best rate and no com. (GPO) 24hrs
Cash advance is available. Visa and Master cards are handled by different banks.
$a1 ATM: Many ATMs in town.
M0 Post Office: Fieishmarkt 19, Just W from Haupt Postamt. 24 hrs. (Exchange M-F9:00-17:00 Cash only good rate, No com.) Telekom shop has a PC for free internet, 8-18:00.
M1 Telephone office: 24hrs. You can call HDC(Home direct call)from here.
Police-T133, Ambulance T141 Night & holiday dental treatment T512-2078, Train info 1717, Bus info 7110
M Brunches: Many in town M-F 9-17:00 Post and Phone offices are in same locations. But no telephone office.
Local call: ATS 2, Many card phones available. from ATS50
International call: 00 + country code + number
M2 International Telephone Discount: Akademie Strasse 2b, near National Opera House. M-Th9-22 SaSu11-22:00. Rate ATS20 + USA2.99/min/UK2.80/min./Jap3.59/min./Aust.5.89/min.
Internet ATS 2+1.5/min. Basic rate is ATS 20, so if you have a short call, normal phone could be cheaper.

There are a few train stations. Most trains leave from Westbanhof or Subbanhof. But you always have to make sure which train station your train is leaving. All train stations are connected by U-Bahn or S-Bahn
A Wien Airport: 19km S from Vienna.
Express bus from Westbahnhof and Sudbahnhof runs every 30min. it takes 20min from the center. ATS70.
Train(S7) :connection from Wien Mitte station. One district outside of the city district. cost
3.0Euro. From the airport, you can go to Vienna and take a tram to your hotel with this ticket. If you prefer to buy a 24 hour ticket from the airport, 81ATS.
T1 Westbahnhof Train Station: The main train station. T1717 Most trains leave from here. U3 and U6
T2 Subbahnhof Train Station: S from the center. Trains to Bratislava leave from here. U1
T3 Wien Nord Train Station: Just NE from the center.
Trains to Breclav on the way to Praha leave here.
B Bus Terminal Just E from Center, T7710
U3 and U4, Wiene mitte/Landstrasse

Local Transport
Bus & trams. Single tickets cost ATS19. On board ATS 22 24hour ticket ATS60(strongly recommend), 72-hour ATS150. 8x24hr tickets(can be used for a group) ATS300, Vienna card is valid for 72hr free ride plus gives you discount for many public sights in Vienna ATS210, Night bus ATS22
This ticket allow you to take all buses,trams U-bahns and some sections of S-bahn incl. changes as long as you travel to one direction. City map indicates the lines and stations, boundary.
When you use any of these, you have to stamp it to validate it.
stop signS Bahn: connects Vienna to nearby towns.S7 to Airport. Ask addtional cost at station.
U-bahn: underground trains
Tram: best way to look around the city.
line 1 and 2 operate around the central area. Line D runs between Sudbanhof, Volkstheater, Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof.
Bus: They run very frequently. If you travels more than 2 stops, wait for the bus.
Taxi: metered. T31300, 40100, etc. High fare at night(23-6:00) on Sunday/holidays
ta ATS Urlaubsborse: I, Opernring 1,T5854200 F5854111, Sell discount air tickets. Visa card accepted.

Most supermarkets close at M-F 19:00, Sa 15:00, all day Sunday.
m Naschmarkt: Wienzeil, M-F6-18:30, Sa6-17:00. The flee market is held every Sat. U4-Kettenbruckengasse
s Yamamoto: VII, Lerchenfelder strasse 115, M-F10-18:00, Sa10-013:00. 2nd hand shop for Youth orientated U6-Thalllisstrasse & tram #46 toSchottenfeldgasse. No relations to the designer.
s Humana Retro-Trend & Youth: VIII, Lerchenfelder strasse 48, M-F10-19:00, Sa9-017:00. 2nd hand shop for Youth orientated Tram 46 to Strozzigasse.
s Book shop Amadeus: Many in town, Mariahilfer #99 W from newbaugasse or Karntner strasse 19, T5131450They have free internet access. M-F9:30-19 Sa9:30-17.
s Book shop Morawa: I, Wallzeile 11, T5156-2450 M-F9-18:00 Sa9:00-17.Large collections for English newspaper, magazines and books.

There are many performances, public or private. You can ask at toursit information for the current events. You can book at travel agents, tourist office or people selling tickets on streets.
The Royal Opera is closed during summer, starts from Sep 1. Only guided tours are held.

Public Holidays
Jan 1 New Year's Day
Jan 6 Epiphany
Easter Monday
May 1 Labor Day
Ascension Day
White Monday
Corpus Christi
Aug 15 Assumption Day
Oct 26 National Holiday
Nov 11 All Saints Day
Dec 8 Immaculate Conception
Dec 25-26 Christmas Holiday

Summer Festivals
There are many festivals/concerts in Austria. For the current events, ask at the tourist information desks.
early June Pop film festival: free, U4 - Stadtpark
June - Sep Tribune Krieau: free, Jazz/dance music on Saturday. in July, August, films are shown at 21:30. Take a tram N to the end.
Mid June Free Party: on Ringstrasse, Vienna's Love Parade.
Jul - Aug Cinema under stars: food and music in a day and movies in the evening. Tram 31 to Gaussplatz(Augarten Park)
Jul - Aug Music film festival: Rathausplatz, movies for opera, concerts, etc.
July Jazz fesival: various locations T503-5647 or
Sep.20,2000 Exhibition for Klimt: Ausstrian Gallery
Oct Red Bull flying competition: to Dunau river. U1-Donauinsel. If you want to enter, get entry form from Red Bull GmbH, Brunn 115, A-5530, Fuschl am See, Austria
Oct Vienna Film Fesival: real film festival
Nov-Dec Xmas Market:

@ Internet @
Internet in Vienna is very expensive. It could be almost $10/hr. Some hostels have this service but still expensive. But there are some free palces in town.
@1 Merlins: I, Rudolfsplatz 2, T961-0268 M-F11-23:30, Sa18-2:00 ATS100/hr
@1 Cafe Rhiz: VIII, Lerchenfelder Gurtek Stadtbahnbogen 37/38 MW-Sa11-4, TuSu18-4:00 ATS50/hr Cheapest option
@1 Internet Aktiv: VII, Zieglergasse 29/2/22 T5267389 M-F 10-12, 13-18 ATS 90/hr
@1 Big@net: I, Hoher Markt 8-9 T533-2939 10-24:00 ATS20/10min. 50/30, 80/60min
@1 m.a.r: I, Karlsplatz 1, T5057444, M-F8-20:00 ATS 50/30min. 80/hr
@1 Jugend-Info des Bundesministerriums: Franz-Josefs-kai 51, almost NW corner of the central district. near Schotterring station. M-Th11:00-18, F11-1-16:00, 2 terminal 10ATS/30min.
Free internet points
@1 Amadeus: Book shop which has free internet access. It can be found several locations through out town. Opening hour may vary. M-F9:30-19 Sa9:30-17. You have to type with touch screen keyboard.
Mariahilfer #99 W from newbaugasse & Karntner strasse 19, T5131450
@2 Telekom Shop at the Main Post office: M-Sa9-18:00 Only one PC but at this moment very few people know this secret. You hardly wait for it. Very fast.
@3 Libro: Dona Plaza and some other locations. M-F9-19, Sa9-17:00. Their server may block some web sites. I hope it will improve their service in future.
@4 Coffee Express IT: Franz-Josefs-kai, between Jugend and the post office. 10 min free with the purchase of coffee.

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