Innsbruck, Austria

Area Code 0512 , $1=14.4ATS, Jan 31, 2001

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i Information Office:
The internet is
5ATS/3.5min. . There is a terminal out side of the office allow you to send e-1-mail for free. You also can send your photos to your family who have not seen you for a long time. You can read and other news media as well Also allow you to access to yahoo or hotmail for incoming mail but for some reason this function is not working at this moment. The key board is touch panel.
Publications: Free maps are available with Museum information or Innsbruck card pamphlet. Slightly larger map with a sight description costs
10ATS. No need to buy it. This Innsbruck card pamphlet is a good source for the sights in Innsbruck. It is written with English, German, Italian and French.
Innsbruck Card:
24 hour 230ATS, 48 hour 300ATS, 72 hour 370ATS. Allow you to have free city transport, free/discounted admission to museums. It sounds expensive but it allows you to take cable cars which costs 200ATS. It is a really good bargain if you use properly.
AE American Express: Closed
$ Money changer: at the train station. 8-19:30. The commission is high. For cash min. 10, T/C min 50ATS. $1=14.76, 100yen=12.48, GBP1=21.45
M Post office: Maximilianstrasse.M-F7-23, Sa7-21, Su8-21:00.
M2 International Telephone Discount: Kaiserchutzenstrase 8. Go out the train station turn right walk 100m. 9-23:00, Cost: Tax 10ATS + (to USA/UK 2.98/min, to Japan 3.6/min, to Australia 5.89ATS/min.) Austria 5 + 1.9ATS/min.
s Mpreis Supermarket: Many in town. Salurnerstrasse + Sterzinger, in front of the train station, opp from the main post office. M-Th7:15-18:30, F7:15-19, Sa7:45-17:00
m Flea Market: at Marketplatz Sa8-13:00
m Flea market: at Hafen Sa6:30-13:30
m Second Hand market: at Franziskanerplatz Sa8-11:30
m Christkindl Market: in Old city, Nov 24-Dec 29 11-20:00
m Farmers market:
at Franziskanerplatz Th9-11:00
Sparkassenplatz F9-14:00
Markt Halle 7-12:00
Viktor-Franz-Hess street Sa8-11:30
St Nikolaus Sa7:30-13:00
Wiltener Plati Sa9-17:00
Greif Furniture Center Sa6:30-13:30
Hafen Sa6:30-13:30

@ Telecom office: at the main post office. M-F9-18:00. Only one PC. You can read Japanese.
@ SPO(Social Democratic Party of Austria - Tyrol): Salurnerstrasse 2, T512-5366, M-Th 9-17:00, F8-13:00 Free, 2 or 3 PC. No reservation taken. If you are using when people are waiting, you may be asked to finish.
@ Infoeck: Anichstrasse + Kaiser-Josef-strasse, M-F12-18:00. 2PC. They take reservation for 30min. You can use longer if nobody is waiting.

Local Transport
Trams/buses/trolley buses are running throughout cities. Time tables/directions/name of the stops are clearly written. So if you know which stop to go, it is very easy. Tickets are purchased from the vending machine or from the drivers.
Single ride
22ATS(transferable within 30min), 24 hour 44ATS, 4 ride 66ATS. Week 139ATS, You have to valid the ticket. If you go outside from the city with single ticket, you may need extra.
rb Mountain bikes can be rented. 100ATS. Ask a brochure at tourist office.

A Airport: take bus "F" within the Innsbruck fare zone.

Train station: 10min walk from the center. The train information desk 7:30-19:30, exchange, lockers, restaurants. Tram/bus stops are outside. Vienna 660ATS, Salzburg 380ATS, Zurich 610(-26 450ATS), luggage deposit 30ATS 8:30-22:30

2 ways to cut the train fare
traveling more than 2. The round trip fare will be discounted. The first person full fare then from the 2 nd person can get 50% off.
Buy 50% off card:
-26 250ATS, +26 1290ATS(It is a huge age discrimination.) This card can give you 50% discount for the domestic trip for a year.

B Bus station: located S from the train station. Go out the train station and turn left and walk 5min.

There are many festivals held here in Innsbruck, music, sport, dance, parade, etc. We don't know what is the best at this moment.

h Jugendherberge Innsbruck: Reichenauerstrasse 147, T346179, sb dr155ATS, 2nd night 120ATS, nonmember ?ATS extra. bf. La(45ATS), K(5ATS/12 min. heat) TV(German only) C4, dinner 85ATS, Access: From the station go right and go through underpass and find the bus stop, Konig Laurinstrasse for "O" bus. Take the bus "O" to Jugendherberge stop and cross the street. Reception till 10:00 and after 17:00-23:00
h Jugendherberge St. Nikolaus: Innstrasse 95, T286515, 190ATS, 2nd night 180ATS, bf @(expensive)C4 reception after 17:00 Access: From the train station, take bus "D" or "E" to Innsteg and cross the small bridge and cross the street. Or take bus "K" to Schlinzergasse. Or walk 15min. Go out from the train station, turn right and 2nd left then walk to a point where you see a gate to the right. Go through the gate and keep going until you see a small bridge. The rest is the same as above.
The information below are from the pamphlet at the information office. Please telephone first before you go.
h Jugendwohnheim Fritz Prior - Schwedenhaus: Rennweg 17, T585814, dr 170-270ATS @
h Jegendherberge Glockenhaus: Wekherburggasse 3, T286515, dr145-245ATS
h Kinder und Jugendzentrum St. Paulus: Reichenauerstrasse T344291, dr170ATS. Access: same as J. Innsbruck, but get off 2 stops earlier.
Summer hostels: Many in the list from information office show very expensive prices., more than 400ATS/p. We list the cheapest one.
h Evang Studentinnenheim: Gansbacherstrasse 4, T587820, 190-250ATS
h Camping Innsbruck Kranebitten: Kranebitten Allee 214, T284180, tent 40ATS, 75ATS/p

This information is very limited. If you find good ones, please report to us.
r Cafe konitorei Valier: Maximilanstrasse #27, Very impressive cake shop. But the prices are expensive. Many cakes more then 30ATS, Coffee 18ATS.
r Pizza Salute: Innrain 35, 11-24:00, Many large size pizzas are less than 100ATS.
r Okiru: Japanese restaurant, next to Cineplex, S end of Leopoldstrasse with Anton Melzerstrasse. All you can eat sushi Lunch 138ATS 11:30-14:30, dinner 198ATS 17:30-24:00, J tea 25ATS credit card accepted. Teast is not bad but only 5 kinds for all you can eat deal.
r Magic Pizza: Herzagfriedrichstrasse, just next to the river, Large 1/4 pizza 33ATS.
r University Menza: Take Maximilanstrasse W to enter the University area. It is located on the right side next to Cafe Dorado, near the University hospital.Look for the sign, Zumspeilsesaal.


One of the best cities in Europe. There are many ski resorts around this city.

The free ski buses are operating during winter. There are many stops throughout the city. The possible ski areas accessible by the ski buses are Seegrue, Patscherkofel, Axamer Lizum, Mutterer Alm, Gulungezer, Stuaier Gletscher, Schlick 2000, Kitzbuhel(only Tu&Th), Arerg(only MWF)
Also to St-Anton, buy the ski pass, the train ride is free from Innsbruck.

Rental shop Snowboard or rental ski: Leopoldstrasse #4, just S from the gate, but it i s NOT located on the street. You have to go behind the building, T581742, 7:30-12, 14-19:00. Ski & boots 1 day 270ATS+, 6 day 1040ATS+, Board & Boots 1 day 310ATS, 6 day 1360ATS, cloth, gloves & goggles 1 day 220ATS, 6 day 960ATS.

Innsbruck Gletscher ski pass: Good for Seegrube-Nordkette, Patscherkofel, Axamer Lizum, Glungezer, Schkick 2000, Stubai Glacier. 56 lifts and 120km runs (Day/Normal fare/Young fare under 19) different length available.
3/1060/850ATS, 6/1850/1515ATS. 3 out of 4/1125/900ATS, 3 out of 6/1195/960

Innsbruck super pass: Combined Gletscher ski pass and Kitzbuhel.200lift and 500km runs. 4days out of 6 1790ATS, 5 out of 6 2410ATS.


Guided Tours: There are three type of tours organized by the tourist office.
City Tour on Foot:
70ATS, 1 hour, May-Sep 14:00, also Jun-Aug 10:00
Grand Tour on Foot:
160ATS, 2 hours, 12:00, also Jun-Sep 14:00
Little Tour:
130ATS, 1 hour, Summer M-Sa 10:15, 12, 14, 15:15

Next two tours Ask at the tourist office for more info.
Evening guided tours specializing in Culture and Art May - Oct 20:00 ?ATS
Gartenlust: specializing in the Renaissance gardens, architecture, landscape, Jul/Aug Sa20:00
Hiking Tours with guide: Free(must obtain the Club Innsbruck card from your hotel) dep 8:30 from Congress Innsbruck. A guide takes you to mountains near by. Takes 3-5 hours depending on the route. Ask the details at the tourist office.

S Visiting small mountain villages from Innsbruck: There are many small picturesque villages can be reached from Innsbruck easily. Igls, Aldrans, Rinn, Lans, Sistrans, Mutters, Natters, Birgitz, Gotzens, Axams, Grinzens und Runs

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