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Area Code 020, $1=16,103D, July 27, 2007

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There are many different classes for the train to Hanoi.
1. Hard seat, 2. soft seat, 3. ac soft seat, 4. fan hard bed sleeper, 5. fan soft bed sleeper, 6. ac soft bed sleeper, 7. wood cabin class, 8 Victoria Express class.
1,2, 3 or 4: You can get them easily at the train station in Lao Cai 4: may be available at the train station.
5 & 6: You can get at Pathfinder(see below),
7 & 8: available only at travel agents. 7(Wooden cabin) are sold with
$30-40. No info for Victoria Express class. In some web sites, this class is sold with more than $70.
When you order tickets, please make sure which class your tickets are for.
T Train Station: In Lao Cai. The most minibuses go to the train station. Tickets for night trains are sold after 16:30. Many people come so come early and stay in a line.
There is 1 day train and 4 night trains to Hanoi,
There are 2 non daily trains. See the schedule
The fares listed below are regular prices.
T1 Train Ticketing Sapa Pathfinder Travel: #13 Xuan Vien., T873468, train ticket counter open only 7:30-11, 13:30-15:30. Ticket prices are offcial one. Commission for seat 7000VD, for sleeper 10,000VD
The cheapest tickets for lower class tickets.
Train Fares
HS: hard seat, SS: soft seat, ac: air conditioned
U: upper sleeper, M: middle sleeper, L: lower sleeper
unit 1000VD HS/SS/acSS

Hard sleeper
U / M / L

Soft sleeper
U / M / L

Soft sleeper
U / L
LC train




SP train




B Mini bus to Lao Cai:
To Lao Cai:
Mini buses leaves near the church when it gets full. Also you can get one in front of Royal Hotel.
local fare 20000/ tourist fare 25-30000D
To the border to China
(called "guojing or goukyou")
Take a minibus heading to the Lao Cai train station. Get off just after crossing the bridge and walk to the left for 500m. Ask your minibus driver. Usually he will take you to the border.
B1 Bus station: near the entrace of Sapa. Bus only to Lao Cai. To Hanoi, you can get one from Lao Cai bus station.
B2 Tourist Bus:
Mini buses or jeeps organized by travel agents leave to Lao Cai and Hanoi.
by Dang Trung GH:
Mini bus to Lao Cai 30000D, to Hanoi160000D
Jeep to Lao Cai: 150000D/jeep
(2003 info)

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