SAPA, Vietnam

Area Code 020, $1=16,400D, July 23, 2007

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The highlight for the sightseeing in Sapa is many different hill tribes living. (the Hmong, the Dao, and the Dai). On weekend many hill tribe people come down to this town to sell.
Or you can take a trekking tour to visit those villages.
Many travelers come here to visit only the weekend market from Hanoi by tour.

Regional Market
Many regional markets are held around Sapa. They are excellent chances to meet many different hill tribe people. Also good place to buy their products. On the market days, many local minibuses are running from the major towns but it is common to joint to a tour organized by travel agents in Sapa
Bach Ha market is the most famous. It is full of tourists. Many reports say that it is not longer interesting. Besides this market, you may have to pay for the whole car when they cannot find enough people. Ask at travel agents.
Bac Ha: held on every Sunday
Tour costs from $11, Black Tay, Flower Hmong, Phu La and Dao Tuyen tribes can be observed.
From Sapa NE 3 hrs. Once you may go down to Lao Cai then climb up the mountain.
Muong Hum Market: held on every Sunday
By Sapadiscovery,
$16?, Tibetan origin Ha Nhi tribes, Tu Di, Dao Tuyen, H'Nhi, Flower Hmong, Giay tribes
Muong Khuong Market: held on every Sunday & Thursday Y Ty tribes
  Coc Ly Market: held on every Tuesday, Black Tay, Flower Hmong, Phu La and Dao Tuyen tribes
  Can Cau Market: held on every Saturday, The Flower Hmong tribes. Very colorful market.$20/p with a group of 5 or more
  Binh Lu Tam Duong Market: held on every Sunday, Red Hmong, Tay, Dzay

On weekend, many hill tribe people come down to this town for the market. It is very full with daily goods to souvenirs. You will be surrounded by old ladies from the hill tribes and forced to buy them.
The Hmong
flute instrument: without decoration 5,000D+, with decoration, 6,000-7,000D, bracelet cloth): 3,000D ear rings: 12,000D(large), 6,000D+(small), Dyed: small bag 8,000D+, jacket 35,000D+, trousers 30,000D+, hat 10,000D+
The Dao
 same as bracelet cloth  3,000D+ better quality than Hmong's.  hat 15,000D+, Table cloth  20,000D+, cloth 25,000D+
The Thai
sliver bracelet: 5,000D-100,000D, ear rings 6000D+

Many travel agents organize trekking tours. They are very good tours for travelers who don't have time. Tourist office also organize the tours. See town information.
S Cat Cat village, Sinh Cai village  entrance fee 5,000D
From Sapa 3km W. 3-4hurs. The closest village of Hmong. Good for the trekking.
S Lao Cai, Hmong,, Tavan Dai village, Gang Ta Chai Dao village. admission 5,000D Most typical trekking day tour, visiting 3 villages, Hmong, Dai, Sao. From Sapa walking down to the closest village, Lao Cai village, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the great valley with rivers and rise field.
Generally speaking you reach the entrance of the village by moto
(OW 10,000D by moto), 15min., then walk down to the valley
S Ban Ho Village
by moto OW 30,000D+ RT50,000D+ 
From Sapa, 30km. 1day trekking. Better to hire a jeep or join to a tour. rather than going by yourself.
S Fansipan Mountain: 2night 3days, Mountain climbing for intermediate class.
The highest mountain in Vietnam or S E Asia. 3143m. From Sapa you have to take a tour of 2night 3day. You have to have proper equipment. Best to join to the tour by the tourist office.But if there is not enough people, you may have to pay more.
2 persons $45-60/p, 5persons $38-50/p

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