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SAPA, Vietname

Area Code 020, $1=16,103D, July 27, 2007

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Most of the restaurants are located on Cau May St. There are some food stalls at the market. Also in the evening, there are many food stalls are set around the sport field. You must bargain.
h Anh Dao Hotel(Fan Si Dang Rest): Pho Cau May,(right side), Very delicious Highly Rec
h Four Seasons Restaurant: 27B Cau May St
Vietnam/Chinese. Good volume, delicious food. Reasonable price. coffee 3,000D, bf buffet $2.5 6-9:00) dinner $1+. Rec (2003 info)
r Hoang Long: opp from Cau Long Sapa, Tables are set on the terrace facing the valley. Excellent view drink only Highly Rec.
r Dang Trung Restaurant : T871243
Vietnam/western It is on an upper floor so excellent view to the mountain. Very popular among westerners. One of the cheaper places in Sapa The quality is so so.
coffee 2,000D+, pancake 2,000D+, dinner 14,000D-26,000D (2003 info)
r Chapa Restaurant: #29 Cau May St. T871245 
Vietnam/western. The price is a bit expensive.
coffee 2,000D, dinner 15,000-50,000D (2003 info)
r Hoang Lien Restaurant : T871469 Near the market.
Vietnam/western Cheap and good food. The tea is (2003 info)
r Hoang Len: Cau May St. T871460
Sapa's dessert. 2,000D Tea is not free. pot of tea 2,000D  (2003 info)
m Market in the middle of Sapa. Local Food. Shops and local restaurants. Very cheap Rec
h Royal View Hotel: at the end of Cau May, Vietnamese, meal 5-12,000VD coffee/tea $1 excellent view
h Bamboo Sapa Restaurant : Muong Hoa.
Vietnam/Chinese. Good volume, delicious food. Reasonable price. Excellent view. coffee 3,000D, bf buffet $2.5 6-9:00) dinner $1+. Rec

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