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SAPA, Vietname

Area Code 020, $1=16,103D, July 27, 2007

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- d $10 d $10 - d $25 d $25 +

Many hotels, guest houses in the village. From Friday, the number of tourists is increased due to famous Sunday market.
No street sighs and the streets have a few different names.
The peak seasons: Winter, June, July, Aug, specially Weekends. the prices will be increased.
TV(V) Vietnamese Channel only
TV(E) English Channels available. TV(F) French channels
TV(J) Japanese, TV(C) Chinese

Middle of the village
From the market, walk down on Cau May Street(from Hoang Lien Hotel - market - Royal hotel)
h Little Sapa: #21 Pho Cau May,(right side) T871222, ab $4 C2 (2003 info)
h The LA Rose: Pho Cau May(left side) T871263, ab $4 C2. medium size rooms.(2003 info)
h Anh Dao Hotel(Fan Si Dang Rest): Pho Cau May,(right side), T871290, ab d150,000VD, fire place, TV(V), mos-net tub R(excellent) C4 Some rooms have chairs on the private balcony with excellent view. During peak season, all rooms may be contracted to a travel agent in Hanoi. Highly Rec
h Bamboo Sapa: 27 Pho Cau May,(right side), T871075, ab s$10, d$18 TV(E) R C3. Only the top floor(3F) has the view. There is another Bamboo Sapa in Sapa.

Enter between Four Seasons restaurant and Highland Hotel
h Chau Long Hotel: #24 Dong Loi T871245, ab Old rooms d$22-65, new d115-165 C5 bf(buffet) High class hotel but it is too expensive.
h Hoang Long: Cau Mai Street, opp from Cau Long Sapa, facing the valley. T872089, ab d$10-20, TV(V) balcony C4. Most rooms facing the valley. This is the budget hotel you can get great view with affordable price. Rec.
h Chau Long: Dong Loi Walk further down the same road ab d$15-25 C4? New hotel but no reception at this building. Ask at Chau Long Hotel reception for these rooms.

Futher down from the square in front of Royal Sapa Hotel
h Highland Hotel: Pho Cau May,(right side). T871870, ab d$12, STV(F) fireplace C4, large rooms. Some rooms have balconies. The view is partially blocked by other hotels.
h Mountain View Hotel: Pho Cau May,(right side),, ab no window d$$10, windows d$20 C4 Good size, all rooms have balcony
h Royal Sapa Hotel: Pho Cau May,(right side), T871313,,, ab M-Th $12-20, F-Su $15-25, STV(E) fire place R C4 T C, Excellent view from the private balcony with a table and chairs. Highly Rec.
h Lotus Hotel: Pho Cau May,(left side) climb up the hill. T871308, ab $5-10, TV(V) C3 Rooms are simple but large. Excellent view from some rooms and the terraces. Probably cheapest rooms in town with the view. Rec
h Auberge Dang Trung: Pho Cau May,(left side), T871243,, ab d$20-25, tub STV(EFJ) fire place R C4 good rooms. Excellent view from balconies. Good restaurant. Highly Rec
h Queen Hotel: Muong Hoa,(left side), T871301,, ab d$7-15 C4, TV(EF), excellent view. Rec
h Nha nghi Tran Binh GH: opp from Queen Hotel. T871726, Tour only, not available for walk-in tourists.
h Pinochio hotel: #15 Muong Hoa,(left side), T871876, ab s$6 d$10 (view from balcony) C4 Good valued Excellent view. Rec
h Tulip Hotel: Muong Hoa,(left side), T871914, ab s$7 d$10, TV(V) C4 good view. large terrace.
h Royal View: #16 Muong Hoa,(right side), T827990, ab d$36-65 bf @ TV(E) C4 good view
h Hotel Bamboo Sapa: Muong Hoa,(right side), T871075, ab no windows $30 window with view d$50, STV(E), fr bf(buffet) personal balcony C5 Good high class hotel. The view from this hotel is excellent. If you are looking for quality, it is the best hotel in Sapa.
h Luong Thuy Family: #28 Muang Hoa, T872310, ab d$10-12 balcony TV(V) C4 Excellent View and home stay atmosphere Rec
h Minh Quang Sapa Green Valley Hostel(IH): #45 Muang Hoa T871449, ab s$5 d$6.5 C4 Good view Rec

Behind the market
From Hoang Lien Hotel, walk away from the football field.
h Hoang Lien Hotel: Fanxipan St.(This is the only hotel you have to turn right from the steps.) T871178,, ab f d$20, fr TV(V) R bf C5. This is a 2-star hotel but the rooms are small. Not good valued. (2003 info)
h Phuone Nam Hotel: #33 Cat Cat Rd.(the road to Cat Cat village) T871286,, M-Th $10-15 F-Su d$15-20 TV(V) balcony tub C4 Some rooms have view to the valley.
h Nha Nghi GH: off from Cat Cat GH, ab $4-6(with view) C4 Same management with Cat Cat GH. Highly Rec
h Hoi An: #8 Cat Cat, ab d$10-25 C3 not so interesting
h Cat Cat GH: T871387, Old ab TV(V) d8-10, New fire place STV(EF) d$15-30 bf @(free) C4 R Excellent new rooms on the side of the hill. You have to climb up many steps but it's worth of doing so Highly Rec
h Gold Sea Hotel: #58 Fan Xipan T872180,, ab STV(EFCG) fr d$18-25 bf @(free) C5

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