Area Code 08, $1=16,415D, July 3, 2007

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Pham Ngu Lao Area

r1 Good Morning Vietnam: #197 De Tham, Italian 40-50,000D, spaghetti 30-50,000D. Excellent Italian restaurant. Highly Rec.
r2 Kim Cafeteria: #270 De Tham International 15,000-30,000D Popular with travelers. Good food. Try squid dishes. Rec
r3 O-SHI-N: De Tham, Japanese 48,000-65,000? A/C. Japanese Newspapers, magazines, videos. Useful Info, travelers notes.
r4 Selfish stall: Bui Bien + De Tham open in the evening. cook(boil or fry) a few different kinds of selfish, such as cram 10,000k? delicious and cheap. Rec.
r5 Mumtaz Indian Restaurant: Bui Vien Street N side Between Dai Hoang Kim & Hong Han popular Indian restaurant
r6 Regina Coffee: Bui Vien Street N side Between Dai Hoang Kim & Hong Han, coffee 30,000+
r7 Hoa Quynh: #119 Bui Vien, ‚S side. Italian pasta buffet(M-F11:30-13:00) 32,000VD, Pizza buffet (M-F18-21:30) 65,000VD
r8 Stella: #113 Bui Vien, #113 Bui Vien, a/c cafe $1+ @(wifi free)
r9 Santa Cafe: Bui Vien street + Dodo Guang, very popular old travelers style cafe
r Mr & Mrs HIEN: 185-187 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Vietnam 10,000 Cheap Local people's restaurant.Crab & shellfish are good. There are many similar restaurants on this street. Rec (2000 info)
r Bao: 132 Nguyen Thai Hoc T8392942 Vietna,m 30,000-40,000
Vietnam Spring Rolls are the main dish. Seating on street during dinner time. Always crowded. Rec (2000 info)
r Banh Xeo A Phu: 79 Nguyen Trai, N from Pham Ngu Lao, behind New World Hotel, T8394211 Vietnam 17,000-25,000 Popular with locals. English & Japanese menu available. Vietnamese pancakes & spring rolls are good. Rec (2000 info)
r Bui Thi Xuan: 111 Bui Thi Xuan, 10 min on foot from Pham Ngu Lao Area, T837248Vietnamese ice desert 2,000D+ (2000 info)

Other Aera
E from the Bin Thanh Market. Main Business area
Diamond Plaza(34 Le Duan St.) hoses a few cheap good restaurants.

r11 Kem Back Dang Iceream: 26-28 Le Loi, 8-24:00, ice cream/dessert 20-30,000D Nice cafe serving good ice cream. Menu with photos makes us to order.
r12 Vietnam House: 93-95 Dong Khoi T291623, 11-14, 17-22:00 Vietnamese, good lunch menu 49,000+15%,
r13 Doraemon Kaka: 29-30 Dong Du(off Dong Khoi St) T8244284 Japanese 55,000-70,000 set lunch 60,000VD 9:00-22:30 A/C. Japanese newspapers, magazines, Info. travelers notes available.
r14 Kuk Bin Kwan Korean Restaurant: 34 Le Duan St. Diamond Plaza 3F, Korean, many set menus with 60,000D. Tasty. Rec
r15 Nha Hang Com Ngon: 88 Nguyen Du, Vietnamese, 6:30-22:30, meal 25,000+, drink 10,000+ Traditional meal
r16 Hiroba: 17/6 A Le Thanh Ton Street, T8242487, 8-21:00, Tea house. snaks. Communal Cafe forJapanese a lot of books comics. Vietnamese lession 10,000D/90 min.
r17 Nhu Lan: Ham Ngi(Walk from Bin Than to the river. left side), local cafe, Vietnamese desert. very popular full of Highly Rec

All you can eat

r21 Sheraton: off Dong Khoi.
$14.5+15% tax 11-14:50,
$29.5+15%tax 18-22:00,
Sunday brunch
$27.5+15% 11:30-15:00
r22 Bong Sen: 117-123 Dong Khoi St
90,000VD 11-14:00, Dinner 150,000VD 18-22:00
r23 Majestic Hotel: Ton Duc Thang(river side street), Lunch $7.5,11:30-14:00, coffee/tea($3) not included dinner $15 18:30-21:30 wifi free
r24 New World Hotel: 76 Le Loi(near Phan Ngu Lao), buffet lunch 11:30-15 168,000+16%, 18-22:00 228,000D+16% Excellent buffet. One of the best buffet I have ever had in Asia with this budget. Highly Rec.
r25 Liberty 4 Hotel: #265 Pham Ngu Lao, buffet Clay pot lunch 35,000VD M-Sa11-14:00, and dinner $5 18:30-21:30
r26 Essen: 34 Le Duan St. Diamond Plaza 3F, Buffet Vietnam food. 39,000D, Happy hour 14:30-16:30 29,000D, Go early food disappears soon. (2003 info)

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