HUE, Vietnam

Area Code 054, $1=16,415D, July 18, 2007

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There are many tourist restaurants serving bad food at tourist prices.
Cheap, local restaurants along Ben Nghe - popular at lunchtimes. Not much English spoken, no menus.
Excellent Food Map available at Binh Duong GH. Ask to the owner.

Hung Vuong Street: the center of tourist area
r1 Xuan Trang Cafeteria: 14 Hung Vuong, next to Kim Cafe travel agent. Viet/Euro snacks 5,000-10,000(bf 4,000+)
Popular with backpackers. Good,cheap. Friendly staff. Sells cheap, transport/tour tickets.
r4 News Cafe: 14 Hung Vuong (next door to Xuan Trang)
Viet/Euro snacks 5,000-10,000(bf 4,000+) Similar menu and atmosphere. Newspapers to read.
r2 Local ice desert shop: 17 Hung Vuong 8-23:00 From Cau Trang Tien bridge walk SE on Hung Vuong, just after Nguyen Tri phung, turn left to a small alley.Ice mixed with beans and fruits. Very cheap. many different kinds 1500D
Highly Rec.
h Duy Tan: #12 Hung Vuong, T825001, breakfast buffet 30,000VD for non-guests
r Marin Hotel: 30 Le Loi, Dinner buffet with traditional dance performance $15. Royal Hue dinner $12.Need reservation. You can order from 1 person. cheaper for larger group.breakfast buffet $8

Nguyen Tri Phung:the center of tourist area
r Manh Garden: #2 Nguyen Tri Phung, beer 6000D
r6 Hanh Bistro: Nguyen Tri Phung, Vietnamese pancake
r Omar Khayyam's Indian Restaurant: #10 Nguyen Tri Phuong St. Good Indian food. Curry 23,000+, Chicken biryani. 34,000D Rec
r4 Quuen Cafe: cheap travelers restaurant but food are not good at all. Not Rec.

Dinh Tien Hoang: W side of the river. near the citadel
r Lac Thanh: 6A Dinh Tien Hoang. Viet & Euro 6,000-30,000 In competition with Lac Thien, next door. Good, cheap, large portions.
r Lac Thien: 6 Dinh Tien Hoang, left from the one above. Viet & Euro 15,000-30,000 Large menu. Delicious Banh Khoai. Good local food. Rec.

Area N from Hung Vuong Street
r Little Italy: 2A Vo Thi Sau, Italian
r Da Hoc: Le Loi(S side of the river) , river side restaurant coke 5000VD, ice cream 4000+VD
r Song Huong: le Loi(S side of the river) a restaurant on a boat on Perfume river. Coke 10,000VD, meal 50,000VD
r Tu Hai: 4D Ben Nghe, Local food 1000-10,000D
cheap and delicious Rec (2000 info)
r4 Com Binh Dan Ba Mung: 7B Ben Nghe, some food on rice 3000D 6000D Cheap, delicious, large quantity.Rec (2000 info)
r5 Ngoc Anh: 29 Nguyen Thai Hoc. Vietnamese 35,000-60,000
Mainly seafood. Crab or shrimp dishes are small portions & expensive. (2000 info)
r8 Am Phu: 35 Nguyen Thai Hoc. Vietnamese 35,000-45,000
Popular, delicious food, but expensive. Overpriced. (2000 info)
r3 Ba Mang/Thuc Don? 76 Ben Nghe. Viet 5,000-10,000
Popular with locals, no menu with prices. (2000 info)
r Ba Chu: #1 Vo Thi Sad, 4 topping over rice 8,000D. Just point the dishes you want to eat. You can ask more than 4.
r Ong Nhon: 1A Tran Cao Van: T821358
Pudding and yogurt 1000D (2000 info)

Area S from Hung Vuong Street
r Ice cream: Le Loi St. + Hanoi. cheap ice cream, puddings. Tables are set open air terrace facing the river.Cheap and comfortable but the quality of the food is low.
r Vinh Tan(Pho Hanoi): 6 Ha Noi
Noodle Soup 6,000 Main dish is Pho. Popular with locals, outside seating, watch them making Pho.(2000 info)
r Cafe No 3: 3 Le Loi. Viet & Euro 15,000-25,000 (bf 5,000D). Cafe with cheap & good tourist menu. Rec.(2000 info)
r Bun Bo Hue: 11B Ly Thuong Hue, just opp from the Post office. There are two restaurants side by side. This is the one of the left. Famous Hue dish(noodle with hot soup) 6000D, Biggest meat over the noodle Highly Rec

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