HUE, Vietnam

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Many Thanks to Tom McClive for up-dating and re-writing this section for us.

Dry Season : Dec-Aug

Wet Season : Sep-Jan

Hue was the capitol of Vietnam, the feudal sovereignty, from 1744 when the Nguyen lords controlled all of southern Vietnam from the city. The dynasty of the Nguyen family lasted (in theory) from 1802, when Nguyen Anh defeated rebels to control the city, until 1945, when the last emperor abdicated. The city was severely damaged in the 1968 Tet offensive during the American war, when house-to-house fighting lasted for weeks, but many architectural gems remain and are well worth a visit.

Hue is divided between the older fortified Citadel, containing almost everything interesting, and the new, smaller sprawl that has developed across the river. The new side contains most of the facilities, the hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and banks. People come to Hue to see the old Imperial complex, the Citadel and the Forbidden city, the pagodas, and the many tombs of the emperors that lie a few kilometers south of the city. Each tomb is a walled compound containing temples, palaces, and lakes.

Hue is a quiet, relaxing city, big enough to be interesting but small enough to bicycle around. The food is great, the best in Vietnam, and the women are supposed to be the most beautiful in the country.

The coastline between Hue and Natrang is unimaginably beautiful.

Photo: Huong river flows through Hue

Arriving to Hue:
By Tourist Bus:
Usually your tourist bus takes you to a hotel of them. I think it should be so far from the guest house area, such as Hung Vuong Street/Nguyen Tri Phuong Street.
By Train:
The train station is 2km W from the guest house area. The way to get this a bit difficult even with a map. As you come out from the train station. walk over a small bridge and walk to a big river. Walk to right for 1.5km. Turn right at the 2nd bridge(corner at Marin Hotel). this is Hung Vuong.
By Bus: There are two bus station. If you come from N, you can reach the town center by a city bus. The bus stop is just in front of the bus station. Wait for it opposite side of the bus station. From the N bus station, we have not confirm if there is a bus to the center.

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