HUE, Vietnam

Area Code 054, $1=16,415D, July 18, 2007

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Dry Season : Dec-Aug

Wet Season : Sep-Jan
Hung Vuong Street is the center for tourists. you can find photo shops, cafes, travel agents, rental bicycle rental bikes, and more.
i Tourist Office: None
Ask travel agents and guest houses listed below.
$1 Vietcom Bank: 30 Le Loi at Marin Hotel, M-F 7-16:30
the rates and commission are same as ones in HCMC
$2 Incom Bank: 2A Le Quy Don St. -F7:00-11:30,13:00-16:30
US$TC -> VD Amex T/C com 0.5%(min $1) Visa/MC/City T/C 0.5%(min.$2) other US$ T/C com.1.25%($2)
yen T/C -> VD com 0.5%($2), Cash/TC same rate
$a ATM:Vietcom Bank: 30 Le Loi at Marin Hotel, M-Sa 7-20:00
P Police Station: 42 Hung Vuong T822166
I Visa Extension: Not possible at the immigration office. you have to apply at travel agents such as Sinh Cafe. See travel agent section
H1 Hue Central Hospital: 16 Le Loi T822325
H2 Hospital: Duong Kim Long T822280
H3 Pharmacy: Many in the market,town center.
M0 Post Office GPO: 91 Tran Hung Dao,W side of the river, the riverside road, between 2 bridges. 6:30-21:00. Many brunches through out the town.
M2 at Train station, next to entrance.6:30-21:00. International telephone
M1 Telephone Office: in the GPO lobby.
6:30-21:00 Int'l phone calls. Fax service.

A Phu Bai Airport: 10km S of the city. 25 min. By minbus $2/p+ Ask at a GH or a travel agent. From Thuan Hao Hotel 15,000D
VN Vietnam Airlines(International): 7 Nguyen Tri Phuong (in the lobby of Thuan Hoa Hotel) T824709 F822470 M-Sa7:00-11:00,13:30-16:30 Su7:30-11, 14-16:30 flights only
a1 Vietnam Airlines(Domestic): 12 Duong Ha Noi T823249 F861317:00-11:00,13:30-16:30 Hue-Hanoi 1,000,000D, Hue-HCM 1,000,000D 1 flight/day each
T Train Station: on D.Le Loi, 2km southwest end over bridge. Cyclos to the station 6-8,000D
B1 Ben Xe Phia Nam(S Bus station): 4km SE from the center. Take Hung Vuong street SE. Main bus station.
Access: City Bus #1, 3, 5 from Dong Bac Market.
B2 Ben Xe Phia Bac(N Bus station): 4km N from the town. Access: local bus #1 from Dong Ba Market. or a bus stop near the SE corner of the Citadal
Private Minibus service: Possible to reserve at GH's cafe, or travel agencies. Price varies, check around. Pick up from hotel.

Border crossing: to Laos
Overland route from Danang to Savannakhet, Laos, via the border, Lao Bao. Important - Cannot get Lao visa at border.
are issued at Lao consulates in Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh.
In Hue, ask at travel agents. At Sinh Cafe, $65 for transit visa, $72 for Tourist visa(15days).
In Danang, at Laos consulate, 12 Tran Quy Cap T821208, M-F8-11:30, 14-16:30 1month visa $60, transit $35 need 2 days.
From Hue to Savannakhet via Dong Ha, Lao Bao
The road condition seems to be improved a lot so you may be able to travel in a day. We have not confirmed yet so ask locally.
By International bus:
This time I could not find this bus but it must be running from Danang, Hue, Dong Ha to Savannaket. Ask at the bus station(North)
By using local buses: Take a bus from the bus station(North) to Lao Bao(3 buses in the early morning) then after crossing the border, take local Lao bus to Savannakhet.
Touriest Bus:
By International bus:
Ask at travel agents From Hue to Savannakhet.
$12-15, Vientiane $15-17. Or you can travel to the border, Lao Bao $7 with a travel agent serivce, then change to a Lao bus to Savannakhet.
Border Crossing : about 1km on foot between Vietnam and Laos immigration.
Exchange Money: Lao bank(official rate) is at the market. Don't change on street.

Local Transport
City Bus: supposed to be running in the city but they are not so visible.
#1: Ben Xe Phia Nam(S bus station) - Hung voung+Dong Da - Hu Xuan Bridge - Dong Ba Market - Citadel - Ben Xe Phia Bac
#3 #5: also runs on the route, Ben Xe Phia Nam(S bus station) - Hung voung+Dong Da - Hu Xuan Bridge - Dong Ba Market - C
Tourist Boat: Pier : 5 Le Loi, next to the Floating Restaurant. About $10/a boat/half day. One boat carries about 8 persons. Can join a full daytrip (includes lunch on the boat) $3/25,000D, book at tourist cafes/travel agents.
Rental Bicycle: Rental bicycle is recommended as there is little traffic. From GH 7,000 - 10,000D/day
Rental scooters (100cc): $5/day, 30,000D/half day

Travel Agents
Transport, tours can be reserved at many traveler style restaurants, prices vary slightly, some negotiation is possible.
ta1 Sinh Cafe: 7 Nguyen Tri Phuong T823309 Visa extension 1 month $30, 15days $25
ta1 Sinh Cafe: 12 Hung Vuong T826867
ta2 Hinh Cafe: 60 Nguyen Phuong, T837279

Shopping & Other

Markets : Cho Dong Ba Tran Hung Dao St River side. Just north of Trang Tien Bridge. Biggest market in Hue. Many boats are on the river, good photographic point around 6:30-19:00.

photo Coral


Souvenir: Hats (Non bai tho) "poem" hat made from Bamboo & Palm leaves. Silhouettes can be seen when in the sun.

Photo: Hut

s Photo: Many. Use Japanese machines, so the quality is good. develop-4,000D, print(Large) 1,400D/p 1hour service
s Massage Century Riverside: Finger-pressure massage $8/hour. (Not good reports.)
l Laundry: GH and hotel usually have laundry service. T-shirt - 4,000D jeans6,000D.

Many internet cafes in town. Specailly Ben Ngha 3000/h+
@ Hi Net Computer :14 Hung Vuong T829004
@ Internet E-mail Hung Vuong :10 Hung Vuong T821755
@ Shin Cafe Office: 07 Nguyen Tri Phuong T845022

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