Area Code 0510, $1=16,415D, July 15. 2007

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A Airport: Closest one is Danang airport. Daily flights to Hanoi $53 Hai Phong 950,000D, Plaiku 520,000D , Nha Trang $37, Saigon $53, Bangkok(dep11:30 arr12:45), Singapore(dep8:30 arr9:20)
Access: by taxi $12, by airport bus 10,000VD ask at Hoi An Travel(Hoi An Hotel) Travel agents taxi: $7

T Train Station: No railway. Nearest station is in Danang.
Tickets can be arranged by travel agents. By tourist bus


B1 Bus Station: 700m W from town center on Phan Chu Trinh.Very limited buses. Saigon dep 5:00 100,000D
Buses to Danang
may leave from other location. Ask locals. We were told they leave hourly. But we could not confirm.
B2 Bus Station to Danang: N part of town. Take Nhi Trung Street N and turn left on Ly Thuong Kiet St, walk 500m. It is on the right side. Many buses from 5:30 16,000VD
B Tourist Bus(mini bus): GH & travel agencies sell tickets. Pick up at your hotel.
$1.5-2 or Hue-$2.5-3, Myson-$2-3. You can visit Marble Mountain and Lanko on the way
Buses also goes to Nhatrang
$10 dep18:30, Ho Chi Ming $22, dep18:30
Tourist mini Bus(Open Tour)
Tickets available from GH's, Cafes, etc. Departure time and fare vary. free pickup from your hotels.
The mini buses stop for sightseeing.
North bound to Hue/Danang/Lang Co Beach/Hanoi: A few daily buses leave to Hue via Danang. You may get off at Danang ,Danang airport or Lang Co Beach. To continue traveling to Hanoi, take another bus from Hue, leaving in the same evening.
South bound to Nhatrang/Dalat/Munie/Ho Chi Min city: take a night bus to Nhatrang. To continue traveling south, take another one from Nhatrang.
Agent -Sinh Cafe: 18B Hai Ba Trung St.. T863948
Departure time: To Hue Danang & Hanoi dep 8:00, 14:00, To Nhatrang and south bound dep 19:00
Hoian -> Hue: 5hrs US$2, Hoian -> Danang 4hrs US$2
Hoian -> Hue -> Hoian:
Hoian -> Nhatrang:
10hrs, US$6, dep18:30
Hoian -. Tha Trang -> Dalet/Munei $11,
Hoian -. Tha Trang -> Saigon $12,
Hoian -> Tha Trang -> Dalat/Muine-Saigon $15,
Hinh Cafe IV: 10 Hung Vuong. T527466
Hoian -> Hue: 5hrs US$3 , dep 7:30, 14:00
Hoian -> Danang
4hrs US$2, dep 7:30, 14:00

Bus to Laos
To Savannaket, Laos: Take a bus to Hue first then take a tourist bus or local bus to Lao Bao.

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