Area Code 0510, $1=16,415D, July 15. 2007

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Most are open daily 6:00-22:00
Many street venders in town. Che(beans)
1000D, sugar cane juice 1000D
They are many local dishes. Take a look up the photo menu at the food stall near Cantonese Assembly Hall. You can get some idea.
Cau Lau: noodle dish Hoi An style.
White Rose(Banh Bao):
cooked shrimp wrapped with small rise paper and steamed. It was named by French because the shape is like rose petals.

Good web site

Le Loi street:
Some travelers/western style restaurants are found here. Some travelers cafes are found on Tran Hung.
r1 Good Morning Vietnam: 34 Le Loi, Italian, pizza 40,000+, excellent Italian food. Rec
r2 Bubu: #18 Le Loi, international. cheap travelers cafe.

Tran Phu St.:
Many old house restaurants and trendy cafes are found on this street.
r6 Mermaid Nhu'y Restaurant: #2 Tran Phu Street. Vietnamese, Good food.Main meal 50,000VD
r7 Yellow River: 38 Tran Phu. Old house restaurant.
r8 Faifoo: 104 Tran Phu, Old house restaurant.

Nguyen Thai Hoc
r9 Uhai: #62 Nguyen Thai Hoc, coffee 8.000, coke 10,000, beer 9,000, noodle 15,000, main meal 35,000, set menu 60,000VD
r10 Mango Room: #11 Nguyen Thai Hoc, relaxing cafe
r11 Hai 78 Cafe: Ngayuen Thai Hoc, beer 12,000 coffee 7000, coke 15,000 , meal 15,000+ main dish 45,000+

River side(Backdang St and others):
Many restaurants facing the river. At night, they set table in front of the restaurants. Many of them have 4 dish set menus with
r13 Thanh Thanh: #152 Tran Phu Award winning old house restaurant.
r14 Dong An & Hyana: The other side of the bridge to cross the major river, near the Japanese bridge.
r15 Cafe 96: 96 Backdang: good cheap meal 4 dish set 40,000. Highly Rec
r16 Thuany: a restaurant on the river. Coke 6,000, main meal 40,000, fried rice 15,000VD

Buffet Breakfast: A few hotels are offering very valued buffet breakfast.
h18 Hoi An Hotel: #10 Trang Dao street, T861445, buffet breakfast $4
h15 Vinh Hung 2: Nhi Trung, T863717, buffet breakfast 4000VD

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