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High season: Around New Year's Day, July. August.

There are many GH's in this small town. However during the high season - New Year's holiday and July, August, prices are high and places are often full.
Reserve in advance or come early in the day or you may have to stay in Danang for a night.

New hotels are located W side of the town. They are clean and well equipped with STV & fridge and comfortable. Old hotels are still operating in the old section of the town where is very convenient. They are old, small, not well equipped but still charging high prices.

Many hotels equip cable TV which has channels such as BBC, MTV, movie, sport, Aust network, kids, CCTV4, French, etc.

LS- d$10 HS15 LSd-$20HS-25 d $25 +

Nhi Trung Street(new name Hai Ba Trung): NW part of the old town. This is the best street to look around budget hotels. Listing from the corner with Tran Hung Dao, S to N
h0 Hoi Pho Hotel: #4 Nhi Trung St.(#627 Hai Ba Trung) T916382,, ab HW fr f d$10, a/c $11 CTV C4. Good view from 3F
h14 Thanh Binh 2 Hotel: Hai Ba Trung just N from Phan Dinh Phung street, T863715,, a/c ab HWCTV fr s$12-15 d$20-25 sw C4-5 Good hotel Rec
h1 Nhi Trung 1: #13 (#700 Hai Ba Trung) T863436, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$10 C4 @(free) very good rooms Rec
h2 Hoa Binh Hotel: #15 Nhi Trung St.(#696 Hai Ba Trung), T863436, ab HW CTV fr f d$8, a/c d$10 C4 large rooms The best cheap option in town. Rec
h3 Hop Yen: #16 Nhi Trung St. T863153, ab HW CTV fr f d$8, a/c d$10 C4 @(free wifi) Rooms without windows are huge. Ones with windows are Ok size. Rec
h4 Dai Long: #680 Hai Ba Trung, T916232,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$12 C4 huge rooms with chairs & desks
h5 Minh Quang Hotel: #44 Nhi Trung St(#551 Hai Ba Trung)E side. T916230, a/c ab HW CTV s$7-8 d$9-10 C3 Good value Rec

Ba Trung(also called Nhi Trung street)
A S-curved street from Hai Ba Trung. There are many middle - high class hotels with swimming pools are located on this street. W from this street beautiful country side is spread so some of the rooms of these hotels have very good relaxing view.
Enter this street between Vinh Hung 2 & Thanh Binh II. Listing S to N
h16 Thanh Binh III Hotel: #16 Ba Trung, T916545, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$30 cw C5 high class hotel.
h15 Vinh Hung 2: Nhi Trung, T863717,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$25-40 C5 sw bf New hotel bf(4000VD for visitors)
h12 Vinh Hung 3 Hotel: #96 Ba Trieu street,. T916277,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$15-25 C5 sw bf A beautiful new hotel roof top garden but no view from the rooms
h11 Nguyen Phuong Hotel: #109 Ba Trieu street,, on the right a/c ab HW CTV fr no window d$8, with window d$10 C4 Cheap option in Hoi Ann
h10 Thuy Duong III Hotel: #92-94 Ba Trieu street, T916565, a/c ab HW CTV fr s$32-40, d$35-45 C5 sw. Beautiful rooms. All rooms are facing to the swimming pool and beautiful view to a pond from common balconies. Highly Rec
h9 Thien Nga: #52 Ba Trung(#5 Nhi Trung), T916330,, a/c ab HW CTV fr 1F rooms d$$15, 2F d$25-35 C5 sw @(free) view Rec
h8 Phuung Dong Hotel(Oriental): #16 Ba Trung, T916339,, ab HW CTV fr f d$7, a/c d$9 C4 OK rooms
h7 Thanh Xuan Hotel(Long Life Hotel): #26 Ba Trieu street(#22 Nhi Trung), T916696,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$15-25 tub mosquito-net C5 sw bf @(free) desk huge rooms Some rooms have beautiful view. Highly Rec
h6 Thien Thanh Hotel: #16 Ba Trieu street, T916545,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$30 C4 sw R(view). High class hotel. Can be bargain. Try the rooms behind with balconies which from you can have excellent view.

Tran Hung Dao W from Hai Ba Trung
h20 Thanh Van: #70 Tran Hung Dao, T916916,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$10-24 tub C4 sw @(free) $13 rooms are nice.
h21 Thien Trung: #63 Tran Hung Dao, T861720,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$10 tea set C4 a bit dark but Chinese style interior. Looks nice Rec
h22 Hoang Trin Hotel: #45 Le Qui Don, ab HW CTV fr f d$s$8 d$9, a/c s$10 d$11 table & chair C4 classic Chinese style furniture

Others in the old town
h18 Hoi An Hotel: #10 Trang Dao street, T861445,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$40 C5 bf sw The best hotel in Hoian. Buffet bf $4 for visitors
h19 Phu Thinh I: #144 Tran Phu, T861297, ab HW CTV fr f d$10, a/c d$12 C3 large rooms with a bus tub.

Near bus station, Continue walking W on Tran Hung Dao for 10-15 min from the center.
h24 Nhi Nhi Hotel: #60 Hoang Vuong, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$15 balcony tub desk chair C5 sw bf @(PC in a room with $18 or more) Rooms are small Low season $2 discount. Large common space.
h25 Thuy Duong 2: #87 Hoang Vuong T916233,, ab HW f d$7, a/c d$9 tea set C3 huge rooms
h26 Huy Hoang I: #87 Huynh Thuc Khang St. T916234,, ab f $12, a/c $15, HW STV fr C4. Just in opp from the bus station. Good garden.

Traditional houses.
There are a few rooms available in town section of town, near the river. Some of them were converted to high class hotels and some are just like home stay rooms. Standards are lower but you can get interesting experience.
h32 Vinh Hung 1: #143 Tran Phu St. T861621,, ab a/c $18-45, HW STV bf. C3. Currently under renovation
h34 Minh A: #2 Nguyen Thai Hoc, T861368, f sb s$8-10, d$10-15 C3 The bathroom is out side of the room but it is still private.

Near Cam Nam Bridge, E of town 2003 info
h35 Huy Hoang I: #73 Phan Boi Chou St. T861453,, ab f $12, a/c $15, HW fr R(riverside)C3. The location is near the market and convenient. The rooms are large but no windows and old.
h36 Pho Hoi Riverside Garden Hotel: Just across the bridge. T862628, (for Pho Hoi I Hotel), ab f $8+, a/c $10+, riverside rooms $25, HW STV fr C4.

h41 Thanh Binh I: 1 Le Loi T861297, f d$10, a/c bath tub phone $12 HW La C3 Large, clean rooms but aggressive sales of tour & transport tickets is irritating.
h42 Trade Union: 50 Phan Dinh Phung T861899, a/c ab d$15 HW La CTV sw C4 Reasonably priced, clean rooms. Rec

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