Area Code 0510, $1=16,415D, July 15. 2007

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Tourist Peak: New Year's holiday

Off Peak: May-June

i Tourist Office: None but There are a few offices in town selling the Hoi An tourist tickets, 50,000D. You can get maps and tourist advises. The one listed below is the one of them and the staff can speak good English.Reserves Hoi An tour. Tour guide: $5 for 2 hours (English).
TSO: 78 Le Loi + Tran Phu, T862952, open till 21:00.
The tickets and official maps available here.
For the tickets, see sight info for more details.
$1 Vietcom Bank: 37 Tran Hung Dao M-F 8-16:00 To Dong only. Amex T/C no com. Visa/MC/City bank com 0.5%(min $1) currencies. $1=16,415D
$2 Agri Bank: Tran Hung Dao + Nguyen Truong To, M-Sa 7-16:00
$4 Post Office GPO: 4B Tran Hung Dao, next to Hoi An Hotel. T/C to Dong 1% com.
$a ATM: Vietcom Bank: 37 Tran Hung Dao 6-22:00 com 20,000D
P Police Office: Hoang Dieu + Tran Phu
H1 Hoi An Hospital: 4 Tran Hung Dao, T861218
M0 Post Office GPO: 4B Tran Hung Dao, next to Hoi An Hotel 6:00-22:00 Fax Service, Exchange facility Postage Post card/letter to Japan 7000/10,000, USA 9000/14000 UK 8000/12000
M1 Telephone: possible from internet cafes. home phones 3000VD/min, mobile phones 8000VD/min

A Danang airport(DAD): 30km N from Hoi An. by taxi $12, by airport bus 10,000VD ask at Hoi An Travel(Hoi An Hotel)
T Train Station: No railway line. Nearest station is in Danang. By tourist bus, $2.5 Ask at travel agents.
B1 Bus Station: 700m W from town centre on Phan Chu Trinh Open: 5:00-18:00 Buses to HCM/Hanoi but not useful at all and very hard to get the information.
B2 Bus Station to Danang: N part of town. Take Nhi Trung Street N and turn left on Ly Thuong Kiet St, walk 500m. It is on the right side. Many buses from 5:30 16,000VD
B Tourist buses: Ask at your GH or a travel agent. To Danang $2-3, Hue $2.5-3, My Son $2-3 etc.

City Transport
Walking or rental bicycle is convenient around town.
rb1 Rental bicycles: Ba Trieu street, next to Nguyen Phuong Hotel 10,000/day: Also from GH's, cafes, travel agencies.
rb Rental Motorbikes: Rua Xe Thanh: 47 Phan Dinh Phung, T863349, 6-18:00 $6/day

Travel Agents
Most GH's act as travel agencies and arrange tours and transport tickets. Many on Tran Hung Phu Rd, lea lo Rd., Tram Phu Rd.
ta1 Sinh Cafe: 18B Hai Ba Trung, T863984
ta2 Hanh Cafe: 73 Tran Hung Dao, T864609
ta3 TM Brothers: 52 Tran Hung Dao steet, T211974,
ta4 Hoi An Travel: #10 Tran Hung Dao 7-21:00, air to BKK from Danang $152, to HCM or Hanoi 655,000VD Airport bus to Danang 10,000VD
BL Pacific Airlines: Trun Hung Dao in Hoi An Hotel.

Souvenir shops: Folk-craft shops/workshops, art galleries & clothes shops, T-shirts, lanterns are through out the town, specially around the make.
Workshops: Embroidery, lanterns, pottery, etc. Many workshops are open for tourists. You can observe their process next to the workers. They also sell their products. The prices are a bit higher than shops/market.
Tailor-made clothes, shoes. You select a style for magazines. They will make one for you within a day.
Clay animal whistles: Many children/old ladies are selling. You can buy one with 1000D.
m Market: D.Nguyen Hue + D.Bach Dang, east part of town, next to the river, meat, fish, vegetable and daily good.
m Cloth Market(Cho Vai Hoi An): just E from the market. Many tailors are making cloth. You can order cloth from local style to western style. It is hard to bargain and the prices seem a bit expensive. one cloth at least $10+ material
la Laundry: Tran Hung Dao S side, opp from Hoi An Hotel. 15000VD/kg. Also most GH's many shops in town provide laundry service.

March 29-Apr2: Quangnam festival: 5 day festival for commemorating the world heritage for Myson and Hoian.
March last Sunday or April 1 st Sunday: Fishermen's festival:
Chinese calender Aug 14: Mid-Autumn Festival:
Chinese calender 14th of the month: Old Town Full Moon Festival: Night festival in the old town with lots of lanterns

Many Internet cafes in town. Many charging 100D/min home phones 3000VD/min, mobile phones 8000VD/min
@1 internet cafe: Tran Hung Dao, W from Hanh Cafe 5000VD/hr Japanese
@2 internet cafe: Hai Ban Trung, Next to Nguyen Phuong Hotel(h11), WEb Camera. 5000VD/hr

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