Nha Trang,Vietnam

Area Code 058, $1=16,400D, July 9, 2007

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Nha Trang has a wide range of stalls, cafes, restaurants, Sea food is excellent. You can even find decent reasonably prices restaurants along the beach.

In 2007, We could not research restaurants so much. We leave some old information.

Biet Thu St.: Tourist street where Sinh Cafe is located.
r1 Red Star: Hung Voung #27?, N from Asia Paradise Hotel. BBQ squid, 35,000D+ It is not as popular as 2003.
r2 Bombay: Biet Thu St. Good Indean food.Rec
r5 Good morning Vietnam: 19 Biet Thu St. Italian, Pizza 40-50,000d, Spaghetti 30-50,000D slightly more expensive than one in HCMC. Rec
r6 Japanese Pub Oto San Cafe: 111 Nguyen Thien Thuat St(walk W from Sinh Cafe on Biet Tu and turn left). Japanese budget food
r7 Asian Paradise: Biet Thu St. breakfast buffet 6-9:30 40,000VD

On the Beach:
A few restaurants on beach. Excellent place to enjoy cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere with the view of the sea. The prices of the food and drinks are very reasonable. You can just order a coke/coffee
r8 Thuy Duong: at the beach. Near Grand Hotel at Thanh Ton St.
r9 Le Bella Napoli: Beach. drink coke/coffee 8000D excellent place to enjoy beach.

Hung Vuong: From Sinh Cafe, walk to N.
r10 Thandoori Cafe: #42 Hung Vuong
r11 Che stall: Hung Vuong St. open at night, 3000D, excellent Rec
r12 Tanh Thanh: 10 Nguyen Then Thuat St. 1 street W from Hung Vuonng.

Middle part of town:
r13 Clam stall on street: Huang Hoa Tham + Nguyen Chanh, a few stalls are open at night a few different kinds of seashells. 5000D excellent. Highly Rec (2004 info We could not find clam stalls in 2007)
r14 Hanh Cafe: 5A 22 Tran Hung Dao T827814
European 15,000D+(bf 6,000D+) coffee 2,000D
Tourist menu, good for breakfast.good icecream.

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