Nha Trang,Vietnam

Area Code 058, $1=16,400D, July 9, 2007

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i Tourist Office: None.Ask at travel agents or guesthouses.
$1 Vietcombank: 17 Quang Trung. 7:30-11:00,13:30-16:00
T/C to VNd com. 0.5%
T/C to US$cash com.1.5% min$2
Cash Advanced VISA/Master 3%
$a ATM: Vietcom B, JCB, MC, Visa, Amex, DC. Com 20,000D
$ Agri Bank: Hung Voung + Le Thanh Ton St. M-F7-11:30, 13:30-17:00
P Police Office: 79 Tran Phu
I Immigration: 5 Ly Tu Trong T691249 To extend the tourist visa, you have to apply through a travel agent.
H1 General Hospital: 19 Yersin
H2 Pharmacy: many in town.
M0 Post Office GPO: 4 Le Loi, at the northern end of Tran Phu 7-22:00 Fax,mail,telephone,DHL
Post Card: to USA
9,000D, to Japan/AZ 6800D, UK 8000D,
M0 EMS: next to GPO: T828666
M1 brunch: 9 Hoang Hoa Tham T822218 F823819
EMS, Fax service
M0 Telephone Office: at GPO, 2F 6:30-22:00 International, Local, Internet(hour ?)

A Nha Trang Airport: 1-3km S from the town(not confirmed) Airport bus to your hotel: 22,000D. It is 1km to the center of the GH area where Sinh Cafe is located. Taxi may be cheaper.
VN Vietnam Airlines: 91 Nguyen Thien Thuat
T826768 F825956 M-Sa 7:30-11:00,14-16:30
T Train Station: Off Thai Nguyen. Book Tickets at 17 Thai Nguyen 6:30-22:00 more info in train sheet. Train tickets available at hotels & travel agents. com. $1-2 Time Table
B1 Ben Xe Lien Tinh Bus Station: 58 Dying 23 Thang 10 NT, T822192/822397, next to Long Son Pagoda on D.23/10 5:00-16:00 No local bus info at this moment.
B2 Bus ticket reservation: This office was operating on 18A Hoang Hoa Tham T822077 We could not confirm but it moved to 12B Hoang Hoa Tham. Please report to us if you find it.
mini bus tickets available from GH, Cafe, etc. Departure times vary, but price is standard.

Local Transport
Mainly Cyclo & Motorbike taxi, bicycle is also convenient.
Rental Bicycle: at any hotel and Cafe 10-15,000D/day
Motorbike rentals: Many in town. Hotels and tourist cafes.
One across from Grand Hotel.11,000D/hour, $5/day

Travel Agents & Cafes
Many can be found in town. They handle bus tickets, organize island tours, diving course(PADI). Good for backpackers.
ta1 Sinh Cafe(Nhi Phi): 10 Biet Thun T811981-811982 transport  Visa extension, rent a bike
ta2 Hanh Cafe: 10 Hung Vuong, T527466

Shopping & Markets
m1 Dam Market: the north of the city
(N end of Trung Nu Vuong St)
s Maximark supermarket: 62 Quang Trang. near Banana Split cafes.
s Minimart: Biet Thu St. open till 24:00, opp from Sinh Cafe
Souvenir shops can be found in the 2 nd floor of the building at market. Ao Dais can be order at tailors or cloth shops in the market.

s Khanh Hoa Tourism: 1 Tran Phu, along the beach folk crafts, accessories, etc.
s Photo: Many in town.The quality is good.
film 36shots 30,000D
l Laundry: GH's.
sp swimming pool: Vien Dong Hotel Visitor 15,000D incl sauna, shower

@ Internet cafes: Hung Vuong + Thanh Ton St.SW corner. There are a few internet cafes, 300-500D/min. Open till late.

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