HANOI, Vietnam

Area Code 04, $1=16,300D, July 25, 2007

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PHO Vietnamese noodle

Hanoi Speciality Dog
Quality and value in Hanoi is lower than in S Vietnam.
An Hanoi speciality is dog. Several restaurants serving dog are located on the riverside in the N area of town. However it is not that ITIS recommend
North from the Lake
There are many local and tourist restaurants serving cheap food.
r1 Cha Ca La Vong: 14 Cha Ca T8253929 Cha Ca only 60,000D 10:00-14:00,16:00-22:00 Famous Hanoi speciality - Cha Ca Fried big fish Taste is okay but overpriced - $6!
r2 Little Hanoi: Ta Hien E side (N from Luong Ngoc Quyen), Vietnamese. Very famous Vietnamese restaurant for budget travelers. Good menu and good atmosphere. Rec
r3 Green Tangerine: 48 Hang Be, Vietnamese/French, Very beautiful old house Excellent atmosphere Meal very expensive $10+. But good set menu. Lunch $7.5 dinner $15, drink $1.2+. food taste is so soRec
r4 Che: #80 Hang Dieu, near the Hang Da market. ginger soup 3000D, che with fruit 4000D
r5 ComTuan  14B Lo Su, NE from the lake. T8248416 10:30-21:00 2,000D-12,000D Local. You select vegetable, meat, fish more than 10 different kinds and eat with rice. Delicious Rec (2003 info)

W side of the lake
Many trendy restaurants can be found here.
r10 Thuy Ta Cafe: #1 Pho Le Thai To T8288148 F8255265 Cafe A bit expensive but it is located on shore of the lake. Good view to the lake. You can enjoy good ice cream, cakes, espresso. Good relaxing 30,000D, tea 12,000+, cakes 9-23,000D. breakfast(3 eggs+bread)39,000VD Rec
r11 Hanoi Cafe: 252 Hang Bong, same street of Hang Gai which is extending W from NW corner of the lake. T8250216 Cafe from early morning. A famous cafe., good for breakfast. Fresh milk, condensed milk for coffee. Yogurt (3,000D), Cake is popular.Rec

South and South East from the Lake
High class area with many expensive restaurants are located around here.
r Sofitel Metropole Hanoi: 15 Ngo Quyen St. SE from the lake Vietnamese/international lunch buffet 12-14:00 $16+15% coffee/tea not included, Sunday brunch $18+15%, afternoon tea 14-16:00 $15+15% Delicious buffet. Excellent Quality Highly Rec
r Art Cafe: 57 Le Thai To, SE from the lake behind Metropole Hotel, Western/Vietnamese Main dishes 50-60,000VD Good colonial atmosphere. It serves pho(15,000VD 7-11:00, 20,000VD 11-23:00) Rec
r Kem Dac Biet: 35 Trang Tien, Ice cream 3500-4000VD very popular ice cream shop. Every evening the street in front of the shop is full of people who enjoy its ice cream. You have to compete against Vietnamese people to get some. The taste is Ok but fun to try to get some.

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