HANOI, Vietnam

Area Code 04, $1=16,300D, July 25, 2007

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VERY hard to find good budget accommodation in Hanoi. The area for the budget accommodation is located N from the lake where most tourist cafes and cheap mini-hotels are located. Rooms around $10 are old, small and low graded rooms. Some of $15 rooms are OK. $20+ rooms are good value. The most of the rooms equipped with a/c, ab, STV(English, French, Chinese Japanese), and sometime fr.
2007 info is not much different from 2003 info. However cheap ones have been renovated and made upgraded

The information listed below are still in the middle of editing.

- d $10 d $10 - d $20 d $20 +

Luong Ngoc Quyen West:
One of the small street where many budget hotels are located.
Listing from W to E The best place to find a good budget room.
(2007 info)
h1 Prince II Hotel: #42B Hang Glay St(intersection with Luong Ngoc Quyen), T9261203, ab a/c $25, HW STV(E) fr C5. Very clean but very small for the money.
h2 53B Hotel: #53B Luong Ngoc Quyen, T9281403,, ab HW f CTV fr d$5-6, a/c d$10 C3 small rooms
h3 Prince Cafe Hotel: #53A Luong Ngoc Quyen, T8281893,, ab HW f d$6-7, a/c d$8-10, balcony d$12-15 C4 @(free)
h4 Prince I Hotel: #51 Luong Ngoc Quyen, T8280155,, ab HW CTV fr a/c $15-25 C5.
h5 Classic 2 Hotel: #49 Luong Ngoc Quyen, T9261106, ab HW CTV fr a/c $17-30 C4 @(free, J)
h6 Ngoc Minh Hotel: #49 Luong Ngoc Quyen, T8268459,, ab HW CTV fr a/c $15-20 C4 bf

Luong Ngoc Quyen East:
The prices are slightly more than ones in West.
(2007 info)
h Camellia Hotel: #13 Luong Ngoc Quyen St. T8283583,, a/c ab d$17 bf @
h Half Man 1/2 Noodle: 62 Dao Duy, just N from Luong Ngoc Quyen, sb a/c dr $4 C2 Mixed dormitory a/c but not so cold. Low quality but the cheapest place in Hanoi.
h Sunshine 2 Hotel: #86 Ma May St. T9262879, , a/c ab CTV fr $20-30 C5 T C Good high class budget hotel. $30 rooms have PC with internet.
h Hanoi Elegance Hotel: #85 Ma May St. T926345 a/c ab fr CTV d$30-70 C5 PC @ wifi T C bf The room size is compact but comfortable Rec
h Royal Hotel: #73 Ma May St. T8244425,, a/c ab CTV fr No window $20, window $25-45 C5 @ bf T C comfortable size Rec
h Dong A Hotel: #50 Ma May St. T8282249, a/c ab CTV fr $15 C4 tub very large Rec
h Viet Fun Hotel: #48 Ma May St. T9262353, a/c ab CTV fr $20 C4 tea/coffee bd @ very large Rec
h Sunshine Hotel: #42 Ma May St. T9261559, a/c ab CTV fr $15-30 C4 T C bf @ very large($20+) PC($25+) Rec
h Nam Hai 2 Hotel: #40 Ma May St. T9261688, a/c ab CTV fr $20 bf @
h Old Street Hotel: #23 Ma May St. T8280195, a/c ab CTV fr $10-24(large bf) @ C3-4 tea Rec
h Viet Anh Hotel: #11 Ma May St. T9261302,, a/c ab CTV fr $30, PC $40-70 @/wifi bf(buffet) C5
h Quang Hiep Hotel: #5 Dong Thai St. T9281311,, a/c ab CTV fr $23 @bf C5 large rooms Rec
h Viet Anh II Hotel: #7 Dong Thai St. T9263075,, a/c ab CTV fr $18 @ bf(buffet) C5 large rooms Rec

Hang Ga Street:
NW from the lake. 10 min walk from main budget area but the quality is much better than ones in the main area with similar prices. Most of them discount the prices easily. Listing from S to N
(2007 info)
h11 Prince Hotel: #78 Hang Ga St, T8281332, ab HW a/c CTV fr no window d$15, window large room d$18 tub C4. Good large rooms.
h12 Chau Thanh Hotel: #48 Hang Ga street, T8284461,, under renovation
h13 Thanh An Hotel: #46 Hang Ga St. T8267191,, ab HW CTV fr a/c d$10 C4. @(free) Good rooms with good furniture. Highly Rec
h14 Sunflower Hotel: #34 Hang Ga St. ab HW a/c CTV fr no window d$18, window d$20 C4. too expensive
h15 Thuy Lam Hotel: #17 Hang Ga St. T8250468, ab HW CTV a/c fr d$11-12, C3-4. @(wifi) large rooms Rec
h16 North Hotel: #15 Hang Ga St. T8267242,, web ab HW CTV fr a/c d$11 C3
h17 Blue Sky Hotel: #2B Hang Ga St. T9231849,, ab HW a/c d$10-12, C4 @(free) Rec

Hang Bo Street:
Mostly expensive hotels with no value. We list only cheap ones. NW from the lake, running W to E (2003 info)
h21 Red River: #73 Hang Bo St. T8268427,, f ab $5-6 C3. Some are large rooms.
h22 Espence Hotel II: #67 Hang Bo St. T8251474, sb $5, ab $8, HW TV fr. a/c +$1 C3
h22a Queen Salute Cafe Travel: #50 Hang Be St.(from Hang Bo, walk toward the lake on Hang Be) T260084,, sb dr $2 s$3-4 C3 R(good)

Hang Non Street:
NW from the lake. One street S from Hang Bo (2003 info)
h23 Wing Cafe: 23 Hang Non St. T9285304, dr $3/p, ab f d$6, a/c $8 C3

Hang Trong Street:
W from the lake. Most of them are $20 or more rooms. But the quality does not match with the prices. (2003 info)
h24 Khach San Phu Gia: #136 Hang Trong St. T8259207,, ab a/c $20+, HW STV(E) fr bf C4 large rooms with classical furniture.
h25 Lucky Hotel: 12 Hang Trong St. T8251030,, ab a/c $20, HW STV(EJ and more) fr C4.

Hang Hom Street:
Hang Trong St change its name as you walk to North (2003 info)
h26 Duc Nguye n Hotel: 29 Hang Hom St. T9287124, ab a/c $10-14 HW STV(E) fr bf C4. Small but good value. Rec
h27 Hang Nga Hotel: #18 Hang Hom St. T8285385, ab a/c $15 HW STV(E) fr C4. Good value. It can be $13 + bf easily. Rec

Cau Go Street: 1 block N from the Lake, running W to E (2007 info)
h Thang Long Hotel: #62 Cau Go Street, T8245712, a/c ab s/d $13 C4 desk/chair Rec (h2)
h Thang Long Hotel: #52 Cau Go Street, T8245712, a/c ab fr s/d $12 desk/chair Rec (h3)

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