Hanoi, Vietnam

Area Code 04, $1=16,000D, July 25, 2007

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Dry Season: Oct - Apr Wet Season: May - Sep
High season : X-mas & New Year, Jul- Aug

i Tourist information Center: #46 Le Loi, Just N from the Lake. T823-1376, 8-22:00. Very helpful. Free map and free internet are available.
Exchange booth of the office offers good rate but high commission. Not recommend.
Many Tourist free magazines are available throughout the town which contain many practical information and free maps.
AE American Express: 51 Ly Thai To. Emergencies only, no other services.
T/C changeable only at banks. US$ cash, at Banks (best rate), tourist cafes & GHs. Many banks are located around the lake.
Avoid street money changers near the GPO - low rates and may rip you off. Or with high rate, they will cheat you.
$1 Vietcom Bank: 47-49 Ly Thai To T8243522 F8241395 M-F 8-11:30,13:00-15:30 Sa(main office only)7:30-11:30, Rate T/C cash same rate
$1=16,000D, JY TC 100yen=?D
T/C --> VNd: 0.5% min$1, Cash -> VNd No com.
US$ T/C --> US$ cash com. 1.5% min.$2
Cash advance Visa/MC com.3%, JCB No com.
$ Vietcom Bank: M-F 8:30-11:30,13:00-15:00, $T/C-->$cash com 1%
2 Hsng Bai, 120 Hang Trong, 25 Tran Hung Dao, (37 Cau Go Amex T/C no com)
$2 Incom Bank: 10 Le Lai
T8263590 F8257308 M-F7:450-11:30,13:00-15:30
$3 ANZ Bank: 14 Le Thai To T8258190 F8258188
M-F 8:30-15:00, ATM Visa, MC, Cirrus 24h
$4 Citibank: 17 Ngo Quyen (International Centre Bldg 1F) T8251950 F8243960 M-F8:30-16:00 Sa 8:30-11:30
Cash Advance CITIBANK CARD only VND only no com.)
$a ATM: ANZ Bank$3 & CITIBANK (CITIBANK Card only)$4
$5 Phong Ban Ve My Bay: #104 Cau Go, just N from the Lake. M-Sa 8-17,@ Su 9-15:00 TC -> VD 1% com $1=16,000VD

P2 Police Emergency-T15 police T13 ambulance-T115
I immigration 89 Tron Hung Dao T8255798 M-Sa 8:00-11:30,13:30-16:30
Visa Extension: Not possible here. Apply through travel agents - see travel agent's section for more details.
H1 Swedish Clinic: Opp. Swedish Embassy.
Van Phuc (3-4km W from town) T8452464
M-F13-16:30 Swedish doctor, Western prices.
H2 International SOS Clinic: Central Bldg. 31 Hai Ba Trang T9340555, 24hr
H3 Bach Mai Hospital: D.Giai Phong T8522004 24hr English speaking
H3 Dental Clinic Bach Mai Hospital: T8522004
H4 Hanoi Dental Clinic: B3 Van Phuc T8230281 F8230281, emergency 090401919 M-F 9-17:00
Pharmacy: Many in town
M0 Post Office GPO: 6 Dinh Le, SE from Hoan Kiem Lake 7-21:30, Parcel 6:30-20:30
EMS T8255948
250g-US$10.90, 500g-US$15.45, 1kg-US$18.18, add 500g US$3 upto 20kg
first 1kg/add 1kg to Japan $13.99/1.39, UK: 14.33/2.38, USA 18.75/3.47, AZ 11.45/1.91
M2 Int'l P.O.: 77 Dinh Tien Hoang, next to GPO 7:00-20:00, parcel M-Sa 7:30-12:00,13:00-16:00 Poste Restante M-Sa 7:30-12:00,13:00-16:00
M4 DHL:1 Le Thach T8257124 M-F8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
M1 Telephone Office: 75B Dinh Tien Hoang
Summer 6-21:00, Winter 6:30-21:00 next to GPO
Telex, Fax, Telegram, Parcel service.
M3 Post Office: next to train station
Opening time is same as GPO. Int'l call.
M4 DHL: 778 Duong Lang, T775-3999
M5 Fedex: 68 Dinh Le, T826-4925

A Noi Bai int'l Airport: 40-50min. by car
Access: City Bus: #7, #17, From Long Bien bus stop #17 5000VD 1-1.5hrs(just after crossing the bridge, the bus take a sharp turn. It may takes more than 30 mins to turn because of the heavy traffic.)
Shuttle bus $3(depart in front of Vietnam Air Office) Can get off at major hotels.Taxi $10
Choose your transportation before you leave the terminal because you will be surrounded by drivers outside. Negotiate the price, make sure it includes the highway charge. Transport to Airport Shuttle bus: $3 from Vietnam airline office, $4 pick-up at your hotel
Taxi: You can reserve at Cafes such as, Queen Cafe $8 for 1, $10-12 for more than 2
VN Vietnam Air: 1 Quang Trung T8250888 F8248989,, SW of the lake. M-F 7:00-18:30, SaSu8:00-11:30,13:30-17:00
Branch: 15 Ngo Quyen (Pullman-Metropole, at Sofitel Hotel) T8243222
Branch: 27 Thai Phien T8216165
T TRAIN STATION Ga Hanoi: Le Duan St. 1km SW from the Hoan Kiem Lake 7-8min from center, by cyclo 5,000-8,000D
Ticket office open: 7:00-12:30,13:00-20:50
Exchange: $1=15,000D Trains to Ho Chi Minh Laocai Long Son Hai Phong
Access: Bus #1, 3, 11, 25, 32, 3000D From the N side of the lake, no bus available. Walk for 20 mins
T2 Ga Hanoi B: just behind Ga Hanoi, 400m. Go out the station, walk toward left, turn left , cross the railway and turn left again. Or go out to to the platform and walk right and cross the railway. You can go to the "B" 100m
T3 Long Bien station: about 1.5km from Hoan Kiem Lake. Just N from Dong Xuan market. Some train to Hai Phong depart from/arrive at this station.
Bus Station(public long distance)
There are many bus stations in Hanoi. You better ask the information at the tourist information office. For major destinations, you can take a tourist bus. No detailed public bus information.
B1 Giap Bat Bus Station: buses to south.
Access: city bus #3,6,8,16,21,23,25,28,32,36,41
B2 Gialam bus station: Buses to N & E, Access: city bus: #3, 10,11,15,17,22,34,40,54
B3 BX My Dinh bus station: buses to N & NE, such as Hai Phong, Ha Long City, Mong Cai(Chinese border), Dong Dang(Chinese border), Lao Cai(Chinese border), Access: city bus #5, 13, 16, 29, 33, 34, 39, 46, From Long Bien #34
B4 BX Kim Ma bus station: Access: city bus #7,12, 13, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 33, 34, 50, From Long Bien #34
B5 Giap Pat bus station: Access: Access: Bus #3, 6, 8, 16, 21, 25, 26, 32, 36, 41, From Long Bien #3, 36
B6 Gia Lam bus station: Access: city bus #3, 10, 11, 15, 17, 27, 34, 40 From Long Bien all bus except #42
Tourist Bus/ Min Bus:
Tickets available at GHs or Tourist cafes. Cost varies.ex. To Hue $9

Border Crossing
To China
There are two routes. Visa must be obtained before.
Route 1: via Lao Cai, NW fromHanoi. Take a train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, then take a bike taxi to the border, 2km. 5-7000VD. After crossing the border, take a bus, near the border, to Kunming.
Route 2: visa Dong Dang
Take a train from Hanoi to Dong Dang, then cross the border, Huu Nghi bridge(Friendship bridge), then take a truck bus to Binshan, then take a train to Nam Ninh. Also you can take a international train from Hanoi to Beijin via Nam Ninh
To Laos
Tourist bus:
A few travel agents organize buses to Vientiane and Savannaket, a few times a week. Ask at travel agents.

Local Transport
City bus: 3000D Good city bus system but not so useful for tourists.
To Noi Bai Airport: #17 from Long Bien bus stop, 15 mins walk N from the lake. West side of the road.
To Ga Hanoi: #1, 3, 11, 25, 32, From the lake, walk 20mins.
To bus stations, see transort section.
Cyclo: Anywhere in town - 5,000D-10,000D.
Same charge for 2 persons, but their starting price is usually$1-2/p Charter $1/hr. Cyclo drivers often ask for more money than originally agreed so it's better to write the agreed amount down on paper.
Taxi: Metered. Usually found in front of high class hotels. Use major taxi companies, such as
Main Linh(T8222666), Hanoi Taxi(T8535353), CP Taxi(8262626) They are not so expensive.
@It could be cheaper than aggressive cyclos asking too much. Write your destination on paper. Often don't have small change so make sure you have small money.
Bicycles / Motor bike: Bicycles are best to get around the city. Traffic is very heavy, no hills. Bicycle hire from GH's and Tourist cafes.
Check brakes & tires. Deposit $20-40 or passport.
bicycle 10000D/day motor bike $6-8 /day
Rental bicycle: 42 Hang Bac (opp. Queen Cafe
T8260493 8,000D/day Deposit $20

Tourist Cafes-Travel Agents
Many tourist cafes also operate as travel agents. See travel agent page for more details
Most of the travel agents offer similar tours at similar prices. Many agents on N and W side of the lake.
Vietnam Visa Extension
Cannot process at immigration office. Must do at travel agents. Fees & processing time varies,
ex. At travel agents
$15-30 for 1 month extension Laos Visa is possible to process. Transit Visa: Official Visa Fee + com $2 needs official process days + 1 day Tourist Visa: fee varies between agents, $60-70 Tours:To Harong Bay, etc. See sights page for details. Some guest houses organize tours for backpackers.
ta1 Sinh Cafe: 52 Luong Ngoc Quyen St. T9261568,
Air to BKK
$214, Vientiane $140, Phnom Penh $240, Kunming $240 There are many other Sinh Cafe agents in town.
ta2 Hanh Cafe: #42C Vo Thi Sau St. T622-6878
ta3 KIM Travel: #32 Dinh Liet St. T9260749,
Open Tour(tourist bus)
$25(Hanoi - Hue - Hoian - Nha Trang - Dalat - Munei - Ho Chi Minh) To Vientiane $17 dep 19:00
1 Day City Tours
Halong Bay Day tour
$18(7-19:30 incl lunch & 4 hr boat trip) 2 Day 1 night $25(incl meal & 3 hr boat trip), 3 Day 2 night $37(incl meal, boat trekking)
ta4 Kangaroo Travel: #10 E Dinh Liet St. T9263020, from the information office walk N lest side. 1 st block
Air to Saigon
$89, to Danang $40, to Bangkok $90,
Ha Long Bay
2day 1 night 1p
$29 more than 2 $22/p, 3 day 2 night + trekking 1P $50, more than 2 $35/p, Sapa homestay + trekking $65

m1 Dong Xuan Market(Cho Dong Xuan): 20min on foot, N from Hoan Kiem Lake.7:00-18:00. The biggest market in Hanoi. It was destroyed by fire and reconstructed in 1996. Now 3-story market, selling food, clothes, etc. Good place for souvenirs.
m2 Hang Da Market: 500m W from Hoan Kiem Lake. 7-22:00 2-story building. Smaller than Dong Xuan. Daily goods.
souvenir shops: Many on Hang Gai St. N from Hoan Kiem Lake. Silk, Embroidery, folk arts etc.
s Minimart: #47 Ban Hang
s Thang a Long Book Shop: : Many on Trang Tien St.
(55 Trang Tien T8257043)
Also many book shops on Trang Tien St
ph Photo shops: Many around the lake, good quality. devlop 4-5,000D, print-small 1,600D
la Laundry: At most GHs 2,000-5,000D/article

Water Puppet Show: 57 Dinh Tien Hoang St.
NE corner of Hoan Kiem Lake T8255450 F8245117
See Sights page for more details
Disco: Queen Bee : 42 Lang Ha St. Most popular disco in Hanoi.

Many internet cafes in town. 100-300D
ta KTA: #31 Ta Hien, from Little Hanoi, walk toward the lake. 100D/min. closed at 22:00. LAN connection is possible. automatic IP. Very fast.
i Tourist information office: free internet. 2 PC You may have to wait for a long time.

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