Country Code 65, $1=S$1.65, Apr 16, 2004

A Changi Airport 20km E of city center. info. T1800-542- 9727. Passenger Service Charge' S$15 (included in price of flight ticket)
2 terminals connected by a monorail. Excellent facilities, Shopping Center, Post Office, internet cafe(free with your own computer. Also free internet 23:00-6:00), free movie room, shower(S$5), cheap rooms from S$30, cheap restaurants, CNN, BBC, etc. Most of the facilities may be available only Terminal 2.
Local phone calls free of charge (Public phones between Immigration & Baggage Claim). See more details
! Attention: If you are a transfer or transit passenger do NOT go through the Arrival Immigration Checkpoint or you will have to pay THE Passenger Service Charge (Except passengers taking the free city tour)
Access to/from airport
Bus #36
from Tomlinson (Orchard Rd) 05:30-23:45 every 10 min. From the airport : 6:00-24:00 S$1.50
Airport Shuttle
btw hotels in city and airport. 9:00-23:00 every 15-30 min. S$7 T5533880
Airbus 6:20-24:00, every 20min.
Route 1 - Newton Circus, Scotts Rd,
Route 2 - Bugis Junction, Orchard Rd, Bencoolen St.
Route 3 - Marina Square, Beach Rd (Raffles Hotel).
S$12, ( S$3 extra FROM airport). S$18 after midnight. Journey time - 20min.
Transitlink Guide Book:
$1.5, small booklet with map showing fares routes for Singapore transport, available at bookshops and MRT station.
Transit Day ticket:
$10 for 10 rides for buses/MRT
From Johor Baru Bus Station: Causeway Link bus RM5.00/S$1.5

Train Station Keppel Rd, T222-5165 Int'l service to Malaysia/Thailand.
Eastern & Oriental Express luxury travel until Chiang Mai: Info T2225165
Access: Bus to/from Raffles Hotel #84,97,100,131,
from China Town: #84,145, Little India #97
You can also take a train from Johor Bahru station. The fare from JB is less than half of one from Singapore.
Take a bus#170 from Ban San Station. Malay Train Schedule


1st/2nd/3rd/ 2nd berth up / low


Dept. Time
Johor Bahru S$ ?/2.9/?/-/-


8,10:15:05,18:10,20:06, 22:15
KualaLumpur S$68/34/19/37.5/40


Batterworth S$127/60/?/-/- Take a train to KL and change
Wakat Bharu S$?/40/?/-/-


There are several different bus companies operating services to Malaysia & Thailand. Tickets available from travel agents and bus companies, many have offices in the Golden Mile Complex.
B1 Ban San Station: Queen Street+Arab St.Walking distance from most hostels.
To Johor Bahru (Malaysia) 1h, Bus #170,
S$1.70 Johor Bahru Express S$2.40 Many buses 6:30-24:00.Need another S$2.40 ticket for big luggage.
To KL S$28 SVIP 9:00, 13:00, 17:00, 22:00
B2 Golden Mile Complex: Beach Rd. From Raffles Hotel take bus #82,100,181 Buses to Malaysia & Thailand
Buses listed below were confirmed, there may be more.All buses from Golden Mile complex are SVIP buses.

Destination Fare OW
Nor / Bis / Exec
Dura. Timetable
Melaka S$9-12 4.5hrs Hourly 8-11:00,14:00-17:00
Mersing S$11.10 4.5hrs 9, 10, 22:00
Kuantan S$16.50 8hrs 9, 10, 22:00
K. Trengganu S$26/43

9, 20, Bis 21:00
Kota Baru S$?/35

Ipoh S$31 10hrs 10:00, 21:00
KL VIPS$23-SVIP 28 6hrs every 1-1.5h between 8-22:00
Penang SVIP S$36-38 13hrs 21:00, FSa 20:00
Hat Yai S$41-42 14hrs 18:00, 19:00
Koh Samui SVIP S$68 dep18:00.change to minibus at Hat Yai
Bangkok SVIP S$80 dep18:00.change to minibus at Hat Yai

B3 Lavender St.: Lavender St. off Kalang Bahru
Buses to Malaysia. Buses listed below were confirmed, there may be more. tickets 8-20:00
Business class 24 seats. Ex class 21 seats.
Access: Bus #64, 65, 130, 139, 145, 147
Destination Fare OW ac / Bis / Ex Duration Timetable
Melaka S$11/15/na 4.5hrs Hourly 8-11:00,14:00-17:00
KL Pudraya S$15.90/25/30

Bis 11.22, Ex 9, 16:30
Mersing S$11.10 4.5hrs 9, 10, 22:00
Kuantan S$16.50 8hrs 9, 10, 22:00
K. Trengganu S$26/33/?

ac 9, 20, Bis 21:00
Kota Baru S$?/35/?

Ipoh S$31? 10hrs 9,12,15,20,21:45

Boat/Ferry (2000 info)
3 ferry terminals, with services to Riau Archipelago (Indon.), Tanjong Belungkor, Tioman Islands (Mal.).
Time difference: Indonesia's time is 1 hour advance than Singapore/Malaysia's
F1 World Trade Centre (WTC): Keppel Rd. See below for services to Indonesia
Access: bus from Bencoolen St bus #97,131, from North Bridge Rd bus #61,84,145, Orchard Rd bus #143
to Sekupang(Batam, Indonesia) OW/RT S$16/28, every 50min between 7:45-20:00
to Batu Ampar S$16/28, 9:35,12:10,14:40,17:35,19:35
from B.Amper to WTC 7:30, 10, 12:20, 15:20, 17:40, 20:30(Indonesian time)
to Telok Senimba S$15/25, every 70min between 7:55-19:20
to Tg. Balai
Dino Shipping T2702228, S$26/43 8:55, 13:05, 16:45.
(From Tg.Balai to WTC)10:20, 14:00, 17:20
Penguin Fast Ferry T2714866,
7:50,9:50 12:45, 15:00, 16:25, 18:10
MV Gembira 8:25, 10:25, 12:25, 14:25, 15:40, 18:05
to Tg. Batu: MV Gembira Co. 8:35,12:25,15:40 plus Sa & PH: 8:10
F2 Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal(TMFT): T2769722
Ferries to Bintan (Indonesia) See below
Access MRT Tanah Merah, then bus #35
Tioman Islands(Malaysia): OW S$85, RTS$175, 4hr Th-Tu 8:30 (check in 7:30) No Service from end of October to early March due to Monsoons.
to Bintan: (Pinang,Indonesia T2700311) Dino shipping Co T2700311M-F9,13,17,SaSu, PH:9:30, 13:30,17:40 S$32-49/36-58 dur 1.5hrs
to Nongsapura: S$15/25 8,10,12,14,16,18:00
to Tioman: Auto Batam Ferries T5427105, S$90/148 8:30 dur 4-5h FSa plus10-15% NOT through the year. Stopped during Monsoon(Sep-Mar). From Tioman to TMFT 14:30
F3 Changi Ferry Terminal: Bus No 2 to Changi Village then taxi.?
to Tanjong Belungkor, Johor (Malaysia) S$19/26, 8:15, 11:15, 14:15, 17:15, 45min. Check in 1hr before. T545-3600,733-6744
Access ?

From Singapore to Jakarta
There are two ways:
1) Singapore - Batam - Jakarta
2) Singapore - Batam - Bintan - Jakarta
3) Singapore - Bintan - Jakarta.
From Batam to Jakarta/Medan:
Pelni Ship operates from Batam to Jakarta and Batam to Medan every 4 days.
For the schedule call T2726811 in Singapore. Tickets can be purchased in Batam by many travel agents with some commission. No place to issue the tickets in Singapore.
Pelni Ticketing office: no commission Jl Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo #4, T011-778-321070 or 322181
From Batam to Bintan
Boat from Sekupang(Batam) to Tanjung Pingang(Bintan) 9:30, 11:00, 17:00, US$5
Bintan to Jakarta
Kisang(Bintan) to Tanjung Priok(Jak), Su, Ekonomi US$40 Cl 4 US$50, 28hrs.
Tanjung Pinang(Bintan) to Tanjung Priok(Jak), TuF 8:00, fare ?
Can also get to Sumatra via the Riau Archipelago.

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