Country Code 65, $1=S$1.65, Apr 16, 2004

Singapore city state is a small, 646km square, tropical island just S of Malaysia, 165km N of the equator.
Despite its size,it is a major business & banking center and has one of the world's strongest economies.
Singaporeans enjoy a high standard of living in 'one of the cleanest, greenest and safest cities in the world.'

Though geographically and demographically Asia - it's populace is a mix of immigrants from China (the dominant group), India and indigenous Malays - Singapore doesn't look or feel Asian. Rather it looks like a Disney style makeover has taken place, Much of the central area is gradually being taken over by high-rise glass structures.

The few ethnic areas that weren't demolished to make way for the high rises, have been renovated and made over in mock traditional styles.
Raffles, a historical sight and one of the worlds most famous hotels, has also had a face lift, with bits added such as an aircon shopping center, faithfully reproduced in the same architectural style.

Over 7 million tourists visit this small island every year, many stopping over on the way to somewhere else. Shopping and eating are its major attractions.

Singapore has an excellent tourist infrastructure, though expensive compared to other countries in SE Asia. Travelers usually spend just a few days here.

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