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All hotels book transport. In Georgetown there is Penang ROAD(Jalan) and Penang STREET (Lebuh) that are 2 different things!
Lebuh Chulia: The main street where many restaurants, bookshops, internet cafes are located. It could be noisy but most hotels are a little off from the street. Most hotels on this street are old Chinese hotels.
h1 Nam Wah Hostel: 27 Lebuh Chulia closed
h2 Yeng Keng Hotel: 362 Lebuh Chulia, T440-8510, f sb s/d20-25, shower a/c 33 R C3 Well maintained old Chinese hotel. Rooms are large, furnished and recently re-painted. Good lounge on 2F Rec
h3 Swiss Hotel: 431 Lebuh Chulia, closed
h4 E & A Budget Hotel: 380 Lebuh Chulia, T262-1311 f sb s20-25 d35, a/c d45-60(large upto 4) C4 Central. Grubby rooms,complaints of bedbugs but still very popular. good bar with 3 pool tables
h Garden City Hotel: 456 Chulia St. T2610770 sb RM20 TV s25, a/c s30 d45, ab a/c s50 d60(large but dark) C3
h Banana View GH: 355-359 Lebuh Chulia, T262-6171, sb f s18 d25, a/c d35, ab a/c d45 C4 New GH and 1F is a large comfortable cafe
h Stardust GH: 370D Lebuh Chulia, T263-5723, sb f s/d20, ab a/c d45 C4
h Blue Diamond Hotel: 422 Lebuh Chulia, T261-1089, sb dr8.4, f s21, shower s/d26.25, ab d31.5, a/c ab d47.25 C4 1F is Coco island cafe, live music at night.
Love Lane: The real name is Lorong Cinta. But nobody use the old name. From the ferry landing, take Lebuh Chulia for 10 min. Love Lane is a side street to right. Many good hostels can be found on this street.
h5 Oasis Hotel: 23 Love Lane T016-4952345, f sb d18 f ab d20, a/c d30 HW C2 I La Internet Lovely complex, garden with fish pond. Social, lounge area, spacious rooms with windows. Secure, knowledgeable staff.
h6 Love Lane Inn: 54 Love Lane, mobileT016-419809 sb f dr 8(8beds) s16-25, d30 tr35-45 C5 @(free for 30mins) The best dorm in town. Quiet sitting area upstairs. Many free brochures about Thailand & Malaysia. Thai visa arrangement. Free coffee till 11:00 Cheap restaurant next door. Jimmy friendly&helpful. Highly Rec
h7 Wan Hai Hotel: 35 Love Lane T2616853
f sb dr7, s/d18+ bf C2 Old house but it has large rooms. It has a nice balcony (temporary closed?)
h8 Pin Sen Hotel: 82 Love Lane T261-9004 f sb s/d20-25, ab 30 C4 Large comfortable rooms. quiet and wel-maintained hotel.
Lebuh Muntri: From the ferry, take a bridge to cross the street and take Lebuh China to a Chinese temple. Lebuh Muntri start behind the temple. It is actually the same street of Lebuh China.
Or Turn the corner of Love Lane Inn toward away from the ferry.
h10 SD-GH: 28 Lebuh Muntri T264-3743, f sb s18-20 d22-25, a/c d35-42, t45, HW, C4 Large rooms. Excellent value but not enough showers/toilets. Highly Rec
h11 75 Travellers Lodge: 75 Lubuh Muntri, T262-3378
f sb dr8(10bed)s15-18 d18-22, ab d230, a/c d35-45 I la(RM3.5/kg) C4. Very clean & large dorm and rooms. Highly Rec
h12 Oriental GH: 81 Lubuh Muntri, T261-3378
f sb s/d 18+ C4 @(free 1hr) Rooms are clean but small
h13 Modern Hotel: 179-C, Muntri St. + Leith St.T2635424, sb f s/d30, ab a/c balcony s30 d35-45 Rec
h15 D'Budget Hostel: 9 Lebuh Gereja T2634794
f sb dr7(12bed)-8(4bed) s16 d20-28, a/c sb32, ab38 I C2-3 La (1kg=RM3) K TV R Moterbike RM20/day, Popular. nearly always full. Modern building, simple rooms. Free tea, sun lounge,notice board, helpful staff, book transport/visa. Highly Rec (2004 info)
h16 Golden Plaza Hostel: 32 Lebuh Ah Quee T2632388,2630560
f sb dr8(24bed)10(2-4bed) f sb s20,d30-35, a/c sb s40 d45, t45-50, R La(RM3/kg) I C3 @ 30min/3 intl.telephone serv. (USA RM 3RM/min,Japan RM3.30/min UK3.20/min) movies 21:00 Lockers
Popular. Modern building,Sociable, knowledgeable staff, notice board Rec
h17 Broadway Hotel: 35 Jl.Mjd. Kaptn. Keling, T2628550/ F2619525 f sb dr7 (4bed) s20 d25 t30 family ac sb 40 I C3 Modern building. Basic, simple rooms.Incredibly bad staff (Under renovation)
h18 Traverse Inn: 53 Jl Kampung Malabar, TF2619858 f sb s18 d36,ab d44 q55, a/c d42-44 C4 Well-maintained, secure. Attractive rooms. Rec
h19 White House Hotel: 72 Penang Road, T2632385 F2641409 f s/d36 q55, a/c d444 q66 C4 in some d rooms there are 2 big beds that can sleep 4 people. HW shower inside, toilet outside. Large, spacious rooms.

Higher class
h20 Hotel Continental: 5 Penang Road, T2636388 ab a/c s60+, d80.50 bf C5 If you want to treat yourself, it could be good option. free buffet bf(value RM10)
h21 Hotel Malaysia: 7 Penang Road, T263-3311 ab a/c s88+, d92 bf C5 free buffet bf(value RM10)
h22 Cathay Hotel: 15 Leith St T2626271 F604-2639300
f ab d50, a/c d70 delux TV d97 C3, Beautiful Colonial building. Large rooms, some better than others.

Batu Ferringhi
Beaches on Penang, in no way compares with others elsewhere in SE Asia. Lots of development, noise pollution. The sea is polluted and there are many jelly fish, that doesn't seem to bother the locals though, they seem to have lots of fun splashing around.There are banks, money changers, police stn, post office, "beach restaurants" etc. Center near to Holiday Inn/Park Royal Hotel GHs give better rate for long term - if you stay more than 3 nights, ask for a special rate.
Access: Bus U101 to Jl Batu Ferringhi(RM2) 40mins to 1hour. The last bus to Georgetown 22:30
h30 Baba GH: 52 Batu Ferringhi T 04-8811686, f sb CW d30-35, ab a/c d60 C4, 30 m from beach . Mosquito screen on the windows.
h31 Shalini's GH: 56 Batu Ferringhi T8811859
f sb s/d25 f ab d45, a/c ab d35-50 HW,C4
Pop. Comfortable, attractive, K. Serves bf & coffee. dinner on request (charge for gas use in K) rates higher in High season. (Dec-Jan) better rates for long term.
h32 Ali's GH: 53/54 B Batu Ferringhi T8811316 f sb TV d50, ab HW d60, a/c sb d80, ab HW d90 R I C4, Arabian nights decor.
h33 Ah Beng GH: 54 C Batu Ferringhi T881-1036 f sb d25, a/c ab TV d60 La C4 Attractive family home with pleasant verandah area.30m from beach Rec
h34 E.T. Budget GH: 47. Batu Ferringhi T 04-8811553, f sb CW d30-40, a/c d50, ab HW d50+ C3 Very friendly
h35 Island Beach GH: Jl. Baya Senja, W from ET GH, Beach side, T881-2569, a/c ab TVd50+, fr d100 C4 terrace
h36 Boon GH: 31. Batu Ferringhi T 881-1149, f sb d30, a/c d80
h37 Beng Keat GH: 67A Batu Ferringhi T/F 04- 8811987 Ms Ching. On a small street leading to the beach. Opposite AB Cafe on B.Ferringhi Rd. K C4 Nice, quiet. all rooms ab, f CW d27-30, a/c HW d50, t60

Teluk Bahang
Inland from beach. Get off from the bus just before the roundabout
h40 Kakuan GH: 178 Teluk Bahang T? Walk N from the roundabout 50m, on the left side.
f ab K d50, C?, The unit has a living room. It has only a sign "Guest House". A bit hard to find, but it is only a guest house offers a room with a kitchen.
h41 Miss Loh's GH: 159 Jl.Teluk Bahang, T8851227 f sb dr8(2 or 3bed), s15 d20-25, bigger d30, t30 C3 Contact point at store on main street. (3rd bldg before the roundabout) sign reads "GH information" GH is 800 m away. K, free drinking water, nice garden . usually long term stayers (2000 info)
h42 Fisherman Village GH: 60 Jalan Hassan Abbas, Kampong Nelayan, T.Bahang T 8852936 near the beach. Walk W from the roundabout 50m and turn to N from a few apartments. f sb dr7(3bed) d18 nice C4 It is like a home stay Long boat service available. Rec
h43 Hotbay Motel: 48 Jalan Teluk Bahang, Walk back to E from the roundabout T5666412, a/c dr15, ab a/c d65, q75, TV d100 Nice

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