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 Hot and humid season: all through the year
 Rainy season: Sep.-Nov.

Penang is an island just off the NW coast of mainland Malaysia. Up until 1786, when it became a British Settlement, the island was mainly jungle with just a few fishermen living there. Georgetown, named after the British monarch, King George IV, was established as the island's capital and it quickly became a major port in Asia.

Penang is one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia it has something to offer every visitor - historical and cultural sights, scenery, beaches, great Indian Chinese & Malay food. Georgetown, the island's main base, is an architectural sight in itself, one of the best preserved Chinatown in Asia.

The mainland city of Butterworth is the gateway to, and main transport terminal, for Penang.

Attention!!! there is Penang ROAD(Jalan) and Penang STREET (Lebuh) that are 2 different things!

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