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Since no train operates from Melaka, bus is the most common transport. There are many different bus companies, all are based at the Express bus station. Most buses are a/c. It's better to book in advance particularly during holiday periods.

Many Guest Houses will book transport, often with no extra charge. They are also the best source of transport info.


B1 Express Bus Station: Jl. Tun Ali. take Bus #17, RM1.0 from Jl Parameswara + Jl Kota, to City bus station, then walk for 3 minutes to the Express bus station.
Destination Class Price Hours Timetable
KL A/C RM9.4-9.5


many, hourly 6-19:00
KLIA(Serembau) RM4.7 many, hourly
A/C RM35


9, 9:30, 11, 21:30, 22, 22:45
Ipoh A/C RM22.7 9:00,10:00,1130,16:30, 22:00
Johor Bahru A/C RM14.6 3h many 8-19:45
Kota Bahru A/C RM40 10h 20:00
Kuantan A/C RM21 6h 8, 8:30, 14:30, 15:00
K. Terenggau RM33 9:30, 21:00
Temerluh RM10.60 8:30, 15:00
Mersing RM10.7-17.5 2.5-3h Many 8-20:30
Kluang RM10.7 many 8-20:30
Singapore A/C RM17


many 8-19:00
SVIP RM19 15:00
Had Yai RM47.5 22:00
Tapah A/C RM20 4h 9:30
nearest train stn
RM2? Many 8:00-18:00
! Warning. If planning to take a through bus to Singapore - there are stories of passengers walking through passport control then discovering that their bus has left without them - sometimes with their luggage still on board.
Port Dickson: No direct bus. Must change at Seremban
Cameron Highlands: No direct. better to go from KL.Or Can take the Ipoh bus too until Tapah (must pay Ipoh price), then change there for the Cameron Hl.

Scheduled Taxi
B Taxi station: Jl. Tun Ali, Near Bus station
Prices vary according to season, demand and urgency.

Johor Bahru RM40
Kuala Lumpur RM25
Port Dickson no direct service

Ferry Terminal: on Melaka River. International Service to Dumai, Sumatra, Indonesia, daily, departs 8:00 15:00 (check in 2 hrs earlier.),OWRM80, RT RM159 plus port tax RM9. From Dumai 10:30, 13:00
Agent: #303 Taman Melka Raya and many others in town.
And some Guest Houses offer booking service.
to Pulau Besar (info T2610492) frequent departures from Umbai Jetty/Anjung Batu Jetty 30mins. RT RM11. To Umbai Jetty by taxi 1hr. (There another island which has the same name, P. Besar in Malaysia, off Mersing in E coast.!)

No train service in Melaka. The nearest one is Tampin, 38km N. is the nearest station. You can make a reservation at UTAS Travel: address/telephone ? Train Schedule

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