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Melaka's historical and architectural sites reflect its colonial past, dating from Portuguese, Dutch & British periods.

The American Express sponsored leaflet - 'Jerak Warison Heritage Trail' shows walking routes around Melaka with good sight description & background info. Available from tourist office.

Most sights are centrally located, easily walkable.
Bicycles can be rented on Jonkers Rd.
! Warning the roads are very busy.

Old Melaka
S1 Stadthuys(the Melaka Ethnographical & Historical Museums): Opposite the Tourist Info Office. Sa-Th9-17:30, F9-12:15/14:45-17:30 Entry Fee RM5
Built around 1650. A pink Dutch-Colonial style building, formerly the residence of the Governor of Melaka.
S2 Christ Church Melaka: Next to Stadthuys.
Built by the Dutch in 1753. The pews are handmade. Can attend English Mass. Times are listed outside.9-17:00
Free entry
S3 Malaysia Youth Museum: Tu-Su9-17:30, RM2.0 Guide 12, 16:00, F11:00, 16:00
S5 St Paul's Church: Top of St Pauls Hill.
Built by the Portuguese in 1521 as a Catholic Chapel. Converted to a Protestant Church by the Dutch, Finally became a Dutch cemetery. Good views of the city from here.
Free entry Rec
S6 A Famosa (Fortress)/Porto de Santiago: Bottom of St Paul's Hill.Built by the Portuguese in 1511.Almost completely destroyed by the British, Stanley Raffles managed to convince the British not to demolish the Porta de Santiago gate at the bottom of the Hill. It's a popular spot for wedding photos.
S7 Dutch Graveyard: Bottom of St Paul's Hill, E from Stadthuys. It was used from late 17th C. The name is "Dutch" but only 5 Dutch and 33 British were kept here.
S8 Muzium Rakyat(People & Beauty Museum): S from Christ Church, walk around the hill. 9-17:30, RM2.0 It exhibits Malaka's economy and society.
S9 Melaka Islamic Museum: opp from S8,W-Th, SaSu9-17:30, F9-12, 14:45-17:30, RM1.0 It houses Islamic cultural displays in Melaka
S10 Proclamation of Independence Memorial: near S8, 9, entry free It displays Malaysia's history till now.
S11 Maritime Museum: W from Christ Church. on the river. Entry fee RM2.0 W-Th9-17:30, F-Su9-21:00, This museum is built after a Portugal ship which was heading to Portugal with treasure of Malaka. It houses things from 14 C Malay Sultan era to Portugal, Dutch and British era.
S12 Marin Museum: opp from S11 Entry fee RM2.0 W-Th9-17:30, F-Su9-21:00,
S29 Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum: E side of the St.Paul hill. 9-17:30 except F12:15-14:45. It is the replica of Malaysia's palace which was copied of Sejarah Melayu Palace. Now it is used as museum. Displaying material of Malay culture.
S27 Sound & Light Show: Bandar Hilir. Padang Pahlawan. Entrance from Jl Parameswara side. RM10, Expensive.
English version from 20:00-21:00. Can hear the performance from many of the guest houses. Mixed reviews, some people found it interesting, some boring.
S River Tour: Boat trip through 'Ancient Melaka'. T2836538, RM7, 10,11,12,14,15,16:30 When there are enough people. Takes 45 min.Starts from River Bank next to tourist office. photo Canalside view

China Town
W from the Tourist office across the river. You can see many old Chinese houses which host hotels, antique shops, restaurants.
S13 Baba Nonya Heritage Museum: 48-50 Jl Tun Tan Cheng Lock, T2831273. Tours 10:00-12:30, 14:00-16:30, Entry fee RM8. 2, Private Peranakan residences built in 1896 by a rich merchant. Furnished in its original state. Informative tours are given by descendants of the first owner.HighlyRec
S13a 117 Jl Tun Tan Cheng Lock: A Dutch/Chinese style building with distinctive dome, in the street known as Millionaires Row.

A Chinese Temple
S15 Cheng Hoon Teng Temple: (Green Clouds Temple) Jl Tokon (Temple St).
Built in 1646, S Chinese style, the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia Closed for renovation until the end of 2000
S15a Siang Lin temple: Buddhist Temple Next to Cheng Hoon Teng Temple.7-19:00 Entry free Ceremony is held FSu19-21:00
S11 Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple: Jl Tukang Emas (Goldsmith St).
Hindu temple built in 1781. Dedicated to Vinayagar.
S17 Kampung Hulu's Mosque: Jl Tukang Emas.
Mosque built in 1748.Unusual for its Sumatran style design. Non-Muslims not allowed in the main Mosque section.
S? Goldsmith Road: Along Jl Tukang(Tokong?) Emas, you can see many artisans and blacksmiths at work.
S14 Jl Hang Jebat(Jonker Walk): Many antique shops along this street. Old Chinese atmosphere..
S Wah Aik Shoemaker Shop: Moved. Ask at the tourist office. Shoemaker Mr Yeo, makes shoes for the few (about 10) Chinese women that have bound feet. (Feet binding of young girls was practiced in China until the early part of this century). Mr Yeo welcomes visitors and is very happy to chat and give out copies of a newspaper article about his work. The 3 inch silk & pearl shoes make for attractive, unusual souvenirs - about 40RM. Rec

S18 Villa Sentosa: Near local Bus station. RM5 Traditional Melakan Village on W bank of river. One of the houses (that of Kassim Mahmood), is hand built.
S22 Bukit Cina: A hill circled by 3 roads - Jl Bukit Gedong/ Jl Laksamana Cheng Ho/Jl Puteri Hang Li Po.
In 1460 it was the site of a Palace for the Ming Princess Hang Li Poh, wife of the Sultan. Now a Chinese cemetery with over 12,000 intricately designed graves, many with unique models - architecture, boats., etc. - see photo -
S20 Poh Sam Teng Temple: Chinese temple, at bottom of Bukit Cina hill. Built in 1795.
S21 Hang Li Poh Well: Next to the temple. A well dating from early 15C. Reputed to have been used by the Princess and has never been dried. The Dutch took this well and made walls around it. They this well becomes a wishing well.
S24 Portuguese Square: On Ujong Pasir, 3km from the center. The central area of of the Portuguese community. Portuguese cultural shows are held here. Sa 20:30 (Not held at time of research but may start up again in the future). Dirty. still No shows held
transport: Bus #17 (45 cent to bus stn)
Out from the town
S Taman Mini Malaysia: Air Keroh Rd. Sa/Su 9:30-18:30, M-F10-18 RM 4 Theme Park featuring traditional Malay houses, one from each of Malaysia's 13 states. transport: bus #19
S Melaka Zoo: Air Keroh, 13km.. RM7 9:00-18:00 Houses over 1100 animals.

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