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*: Cheap - RM5 **: OK RM 5-10 ***: Expensive RM10 +
Near the Guest House area
2 outdoor, hawker-style areas are close to Taman Melaka Raya, where many of the hostels are:
1) a line of stalls on Jl Merdeka, W from Makhota Parade (Madame Fatso's has received several complaints)
2) E side of the field, between Jl Parameswara & Jl Merdeka. More local feel. SZ stall is popular.
Sari Rasa: 275 Jl. T. Melaka Raya 3. Near to guest houses. Cheap, clean, polite service Rec
Restoran Sek Yow Fook: Jl. T. Melaka Raya 3.opp from IYH. 2-3 dishes + rice RM4-6, delicious Rec
Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall A/C a great place to escape the heat.,
Ground Floor:
McDonald, KFC, Burger King, Starbucks, 31 ice cream, Soul Garden(Korean BBQ Buffet all you can eat M-F lunch RM18.99, dinner RM23.99),
Shibaraku Japanese Restaurant:Sushi Kin Japanese sushi restaurant,
2F: Food court
Jonkers Area. Jl Hang Jebat and streets near it.
W side of the river. This is the tourist area where you can see a lot of antique shops, galleries, renovated restaurants/cafes.
Hainanese Chicken Rice: 18-20 Jl Hang Jebat + Jl. Hang Jebat Chinese, RM2.50? Usually full. Only 2 dishes - sesame-flavored chicken with rice balls, spring rolls + spicy sauce - delicious. Highly Rec
Jonkers Melaka: #17 Jl.Hang Jebat 10:00-17:00 Nyonya/Int.l set RM20, drink RM4+, + 10% service charge , Traditional Nonya home. Beautiful decor, worth visiting just to take a photo. Set lunch is a selection of Nonya foods - RM20, worth it - delicious, exquisitely presented. Wonderful cheesecake. Sells antiques. HighlyRec (2004 info)
Hoe Kee: # 7 Hang Jebat, Chinese similar to above restaurant. Hainanese chicken RM3.00. Rec
Geographer Cafe: #83 Jl.Hang Jebat, pasta(RM10), coffee(RM3) nice atmosphere
Peranakan: 107 Jl Tun Tan Chang Lock , Too pricey
Nyonya meal RM6-22, drink RM7+ Traditional Baba house, Baba-style decor
Cafe 1511: #51 Jl Tun Tan Chang Lock, Tu-Su9-17:00, Nyonya meal RM 5+ drink RM2.5+. Rec
Fomosa Chicken Rice Ball: 28-30 Jl Hang Debat, T2860120, Chicken Rice(RM3.5), BBQ rice(RM3.5) Very popular. It's always full. Rec
Jonker Dessert: #88 Jl.Hang Jebat, Nyonya food & Dessert, shaved ice(RM1.5) It has a nice room back of the cafe.

E side of the river. W from the Christ Church. Mostly business area.
Loony Planet Cafe: 40-42 Jl.Laksamana, closed
Tai Ching Ice Cafe: #42GH Jl Bunga Raya, RM1.0+. ice with local Chinese atmosphere.
Discovery Cafe: #3. Jl. Bunga Raya. Special and useful place for travellers. many guidebooks, @5-RM/h New, opened in Jan 2000 Good design, pool table, rooftop view. Easy to find, big yellow building at the bridge. coffee(RM2.5+), beer(RM5) Rec
Restoran Veni: 34 Jl Temenggong Indian, Veg curry(RM3.5), curry with meat(RM5+) Very popular. Excellent value, filling banana leaf meals. HighlyRec
Madras Cafe: Jl. Temenggong+ Jl.Bukit China. Popular with locals.
UE Teahouse: #18, Jl Bukit China Chinese RM 1-4 Dim sum 1.50, pot Chinese tea 0.50. after 18:00

Further N from the area above. (99 info)
Hotel Memperkenalkan: 2 jl.Bendahara + Dimsum, RM20 All you can eat Dimsum on Sunday 7-11:30
Sri Lakshmi Villas R: 2 jl.Bendahara S Indian, RM1-4
Banana leaf, Roti + several curries, sweets. Very clean. Highly Rec

J & J's Corner: Portuguese Settlement  
Port/Seafood RM6+ Very popular. Good seafood. Great location overlooking the sea. Rec

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