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Accommodation in Melaka is of a very high standard and reasonably priced - prices are standard. Generally well-run with friendly, helpful staff.
Most hostels send staff to meet the buses arriving from KL & Singapore.
Many hostels will book transport for you.

Local Bus station is 100m from intercity Bus Station. Most hostels are on the Bus #17 route, RM0.50 Get off at Ptomaine Melaka Raya, just after Mahkota Parade Shopping center.
!Warning Mosquitoes are a problem.


Ptomaine Melaka Raya 1
h0 Samudera Backpackers: 205B Melaka Raya 1, T281-5796, f sb s20 d25, a/c sb d40, a/c ab d60 C4
h1 Shirah's GH: 207B/208/209, # Ptomaine Melaka Raya between Robin's nest & Traveller's Lodge New GH. T286-1041, dr12,f sb s18, f sb d25, sb a/c d40, a/c ab d45-60 C5 TV fr K Rb 10/day Big rooms, nice interior Close to the center Excellent value. Highly Rec
h2 Travellers' Lodge: 214/215B Ptomaine Melaka Raya T2275709 f sb s18 d25, a/c sb s/d35, a/c ab s/d45(extra mattress in d 10RM) HW K fr TV I C4 La(RM5 by hand free), tea & coffee etc for small fee. Traditional Malay-style lounge is a great place to relax. Homely and sociable, has music & library.All windows with mosquito screen.The roof garden is very comfortable. Highly Rec
h3 The Trend Hotel: #216-220, T2861199, ab a/c TV d59, weekend d69, peak d79, @(RM2/30min 3/hr Jap) C4
h6 Travelling Inn: #238/239-B closaed

Ptomaine Melaka Raya 3
h7 Sunny's Inn GH.: 270-271 A/B Ptomaine Melaka Raya 3(Left) T337-6232, f sb dr10 s18 d20, tr36, ab s/d40, a/c sb s30 d30-40, tr45, ab d450C4 TV K fr HW La(Rm4/5 piece) I Popular, social, 2 videos/day, books, exchange,simple rooms. Crowded lounge.Dorm has 4 beds. Rec
h8 Grand Star Hotel: #256-7B, T2818199, a/c TV ab s/d50 C3 K fr
h9 Budget GH: #259AB, T2867718, sb f d25 ab d30, ab d40 C3 @(24hr RM3/hr JAP)
h10 Youth Hostel.: #341 A Taman Melaka Raya 3(Left) T282-7915
sb a/c dr15, f s20 d30, ab s30-35 d35-40 I C4 Official IYH. but no membership required. IYH membership for 1 year RM30 lifetime RM 200

Ptomaine Melaka Raya (Main)
h11 Hotel Heritage: 116A Ptomaine Melaka Raya (Left) T2839537
a/c ab s35, CTV d50, HW C4 Modern hotel, CTV in room, towel,soap provided
h12 Malacca Town Hol.Lodge #1: 148/149B Ptomaine Melaka Raya(Left), T2848830, f sb s/d25 HW La I C5 Pleasant, quiet, well run. Highly Rec

Jl Parameswara: One street parallel N to Jl. Ptomaine Melaka Raya
h15 SMI City Hotel: 150 Jl Parameswara T282-8422 a/c ab s40 d50, tr50, fam100, HW La C4 TV Attractive building. Rec
h16 Kancil: 177 Jl Parameswara T2814044, f s18+ d35-50 La I C5 @(RM4/h) la Rb(RM8/day) Garden, Beautifully renovated, 2nd floor veranda, great for relaxing on.Very nice quiet place.Rec Big food court near this GH, Medan Selera Newton, As you go out, go left for 300m
h17 Emily Travellers House: 71 Jl Parameswara T012-310-8574, f sb dr(2 beds)12, s24 d32-38 C4 bf Very friendly Good atmosphere. Rec

Historical Area
h20 Malacca Town Hol.Lodge. #2: 52 Jl Ong Kim Wee, T284-6905, a/c ab s36 d50 t55-70, bf-RM3 HW La I C5 Not the same ownership with #1 any more. A restaurant on 1F and it seems that they are not selling rooms so much.
h21 Heeren House: 1 Jl Tun Tan Cheng Lock T2814241
a/c ab s109-129, d119-139, family239, HW bf La I R C5 +RM10 during holidays.
Excellent location in historic area. Attractive, renovated Colonial bldg. Peranakan furnishings. All rooms with river views. Rec
h22 Heeren Inn: #23 Jl Tun Tan Cheng Lock T2883600 a/c ab TV d78-148 C5
h23 Hotel Puri: #118 Jl Tun Tan Cheng Lock T2825588 a/c ab TV d120, fr 160-500 C5 bf
h24 The Baba House & Cafe: 121-127 Jl Tun Tan Chen Lock T2811216 a/c ab s59, d75-95 HW I La TV C5 rooms upstairs have window. Great location in historic area. Restored traditional Baba House with Peranakan furnishings.HighlyRec
h25 Discovery Cafe & GH: 3 Jl Bunga Raya, ab f s25-35 d40, a/c ab s/d40-45 C4 Very close to the church and excellent view from 2F.
h26 Sama GH: 26 Jl Tun Kang Besi, T012-305-1980, f sb dr10, s15-17 d25-30 C3 Swiss owner. more than 300 years old house. 2F has good atmosphere
h27 Eastern heritage: 8 Jl Bukit China T283-3026, f sb dr10, s20 d40 C3 Old house. Very popular with foreign travelers.
h28 Yellow Mansion Hotel: 45 Jl Banda Kaba T283-8885, a/c ab TV s43 d52 C4 @(RM4/hr)

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