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Sultan Abdul Samad Bld. E from Merdeka sq.

Map code is ones on the Malaysia official tourist map,
Malaysia Truly Asia Kuala Lumpur Sightseeing

Putra line / Star line are LRT systems running in KL

Near China Town and Central Market
map:3D, Putra line Pasar Seni station
S1 Chinatown: SE of Central Market. 
Crammed with stalls & cafes, wandering around the area, absorbing the atmosphere, is the main attraction. In the evenings the night market sets up on Jl Petalin, selling fruits, brand goods (copies), CD videos, and computer software (also copies). The area is closed to traffic, restaurants set up tables in the street.
S Central Market: Jl Hang Kasturi. 9-22:30
Shopping Center housed in a renovated Art Deco-style building built in 1928. Many tourist-oriented boutiques, handicrafts & souvenir stalls.
S Sri Mahamariamman Temple: Jl Tun HS Lee
Decorative Hindu Temple built in 1885. Site of the Hindu festival Thaipusam. Houses a silver chariot carried in the festival's procession to the Batu Caves (see below)
S Fish market: Jl Sang Guna almost opposite to Public Bank on Tun H.S.Lee
S KL Railway Station(old central station): Jl Sultan Hishamuddin. Built in 1910. Same Architect as Masjid Jame - A.B Hubbock, also in Indian, Moghul-style. Recently the role was replaced by a new train station, "SENTRAL", one station S from it. Currently this is one of local station then it looks like a ghost station. Rec
S KTM Malayan Railway HQ Bldg:. Opp. the Railway Station.Built in 1917. A third Hubbock, Moghul style building. Rec

Near Merdeka Square
map:2D Putra line Pasar Seni/Star line Masjid James station
S Merdeka Square: Jl Raja.
Site of the World's tallest flagpole(100m) and Independence Day celebrations(1957/8/31). More interesting are the cricket matches that are held regularly in the adjacent field.
S National History Museum: Jl Raja.
Just S from the Merdeka sq. 9-18:00. RM1.0. A small a/c museum showing the history of stone age to modern Malaysia,
S Sultan Abdul Samad Bldg.: N from Merdeka SQ
Built in 1897. Impressive building of Moorish design. Houses the Supreme & High Courts Rec
S Masjid Jame mosque: Mosque built in 1909. Though modeled on a Moghul-style mosque, with domes and minarets, it was designed by the British architect A.B. Hubbock. Women must cover hair/body before entering. Rec map:3D Star line Masjid James

Lake Garden Area, W part of Town
map:1-2 E-D
S9 National Mosque: Jl Sultan Hishamuddin. Open 9:00-18:00
Built in 1965, modern design. No shorts. Women must cover their hair/body.(cloth provided)
Rec map:2E, Putra line Sentral station
S11 Lake Gardens: On W side of city, off Jl Perdana possible to walk either new/old Central train station. KL's biggest park., a green oasis in the middle of a noisy, dirty, polluted city. There are many sites in this garden. Beside listings below, Orchard Garden, Hibiscus Garden and Deer Park. They are free and open 9-18:00 Rec map:1E-D
S11a Taman Burung: (KL Bird Park) N of the Gardens: 9:00-18:30 Entry fee RM28
Other attractions include an Orchid Garden & Butterfly Park.
map:2E, bus:from Kota Raya #21C, #48C, from Chew Kit, #18, #21A
S11b Butterfly Park.: N from the Bird Park, 9:00-18:00 Entry fee RM5 more than 120 different species in the landscape of tropical rain forest. map:2E, bus:from Kota Raya #21C, #48C, from Chew Kit, #18, #21A
S12 Muzium Negara (National Museum): Jl Damansara, N from SENTRAL train station. 9:00-18:00 Entry fee RM1 Various displays on Malaysia's fauna & flora, historical & cultural development. There are several dioramas depicting traditional scenes over the ages. Good exhibition of musical instruments. Busy on weekends. map:2E

S Balai Seni Lukis Negara (National Art Gallery): Jl Sultan Hishamuddin. 10-18:00, F closes 12-15:00 Free entry.
Built in 1932. Formerly a hotel. Houses an interesting collection of Malaysian Art ranging from traditional Chinese watercolors to an avant-garde modern art section Rec map:4A
S Petronas Tower: At the 85 floor-twin tower building is one of the tallest buildings in Asia. 8:30-19:00. Designed by Caesar Peli. Now you can go up to the bridge level. You have to get a ticket distributed on 9:15 and 14:30, Free You probably can stay on the floor(41F) for 10 min. Then they want you to go down. map:5B Putra line KLCC
S KL Tower: 276m 9:00-22:00 RM20 At the top, observation deck and restaurant. Restaurants(price info 98): all you can eat lunch(12-14:00)RM55++?, dinner (18:30-23:00)RM70++
Cake set RM13.5++?,coffee RM10++ ?
map:4C, walk 15 mins from Putra line Dang Wangi
S National Art Gallery: Jalan Temerloh, off Tun Abdul Razak N part of KL,10-18:00 free,

Out of Town Sights

S Batu Caves: 13km N of KL.
The main Hindu pilgrimage site in Malaysia. Most fascinating during the Thaipusam Festival, when Hindu followers take part in a procession from Sri Mahamar lamman Temple, to the caves. Some followers perform various self-mutilation rituals such as cheek piercing.
Access: From Bangkok Bank bus stop. bus #11D RM2.0, a bus/h, duration approx 1h
From Lebuh Pudu.buses #68, 69, 70
S Orang Asli Museum: 25km N of KL. Open Sa-Th9:00-17:00 Entry fee: Free
Exhibitions on the culture and traditions of the 'Orang Asli' people - the original inhabitants of Malaysia. At this time the number of Orang Asli people still living in Malaysia is about 60,000, from 16 different tribes.
Access: Bus #174, RM1, from Lebuh Ampang. (98 info)
S The Mines Wonderland: Jl Sg Besi, Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darut Ehson, Open 16:00-23:00 RM32
Theme Park,
Chinese Fortune Garden, Lake, Roller coaster, manmade beach & snow house.
Access: by KTM to Sultan Station, walk 10mins.

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