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Night Market stalls area around Jl Petalan along Jl Sultan & Jl Hang Lekir. In the evenings the area is closed to traffic and tables are set up in the street. It's a great atmosphere though some restaurants are overpriced and the food is average, particularly the ones most popular with Western tourists. Weekend night markets are listed in METRO newspaper's Sat issue (The Star Metro)

Chinatown Area: S from the main Road, Cheng Lock
r Groumet Food Court: Jl Petalin W from Hang Lekir, Chinese RM3+ A few shops inside. One provides vegetarian food. Get a plate of rice and pick 3 kinds of dishes RM4+, noodle RM4.5+, fried rice RM4. fried rice with eggs recommended.
r Fruit juice stall: Jl Hang Lekir (next to Popular Book shop) Drinks RM2, Evening, Great fruit juices, made in front of you. Highly Rec
r China Town Food Center: Jl Hang Lekir, opp. Polular Book shop, Chinese RM10+ expensive
r King's Cafe: 60 Jl Sultan. next door to Backpackers' Trav.Inn. Bakery, cafe, set lunch.RM3.9+5%tax
r Impiana Hotel: Jl Tun Tan Chenglock, just W from the Puduraya bus station. buffet breakfast RM 12.50 lunch RM 32.50 (Old info)

Indian Area: N from the main Road, Cheng Lock
r Restoran Yusoof & Zakhir: just E from the Central Market entrance, Indian, Very popular Indian food. Full of people, cheap
r Lee Hou: Jl Tun HS Lee. Chinese food over rice cheap full of local workers for lunch
r Meidi-ya: Jl Lebuh Pudu, Walk toward the bus station(E) from the Meijiya above. Cafe/Bakery less menu but coffee RM1.6 in a/c room.
r Starbucks: on the main road, in front of Kota Raya shopping center. Cafe Large coffee RM6, but refill is just RM1. Excellent place to escape from hot weather.
r Indidan fried rice shop: Jl Hag Lekiu, behind ICBC Bank. Indian fried rice RM4

Jl TAR Area
r Rest. Insaf: 116 Jl TAR west side, T2939737, 8-20:00 Moslem RM3.50+
r Rest Insaf: 158 Jl TAR west side T2912806, 10-21:00 Moslem RM3.50+
Very. pop. with locals. A/C, Canteen style.
r The Kapitan's Club: 35 Jl Ampang T2010242
Intl/Malay RM7-20,11:00-23,Stylish,high class feel. Capuccino RM4.50.15% tax/service charge Rec (old info)
r Coliseum Cafe: 98-100 Jl TAR, 1F of Coliseim GH T2926270 Rec International, RMl7-25+service charge,10:00-22:00 Operating since British occupation, ex-pat. atmosphere. Trad. English Roast, meat & 2 veg. meals. For Brits missing home cooking

Bukit Bintang Area
many other restaurants (Indian, some Chinese) in this area. Some of them open 24 hours.
r Menang Menang: Jl. Angsoka+Jl.Nagasari cheap delicious local food.
r Upmarket trendy Cafes: McD,KFC,Pizza Hut along Jl Bukit Bintang. Big Shopping Malls (Isetan) with food court on B1 floor.
r Al Bait: Jl Changkat Bukit Bintang, veg RM12, non veg RM27, Coffee RM8.5
r Don Brazil: Jl Changkat Bukit Bintang, Brazilian Cafe,
r Twenty One: Jl Changkat Bukit Bintang,Cafe, Very confortable terrace on 2F
r SMS Deen: Jl Changkat Bukit Bintang+Jl Alor, Indian, tandoori chicken RM 4, non bread RM1.5
r Chinese stalls: Jl Alor, meal over rice and dim sum
r Yin Futt Kuok: Jl. Hang Lekin 9:30-21:00 every day. Chinese vegetarian (meat subs. ) RM4
r The Fruitti Stall: 145 Jl Lmbi, famous for shaved ice RM5 and snacks.
r Yut Kee: 35 Jl Dang Wangi, local, chicken rice RM4.5 fried rice RM5, popular with locals
r Replica Inn Buffe: Jl Changkat Bukit Bintang, buffet breakfast(7:30-10:30) Chinese RM9.9, lunch(12-15:00) Malay dish RM14.9, dinner N Indian dish (19-24:00)RM19.9

USA Food Outlets.
r Hard Rock Cafe: 2 Jl Sultan Ismail International RM12-30
r McDonald's: Jl Tun Tan Chenglock and much more
r Starbucks: Jl Tun Tan Chenglock N side
r KFC: near the central market and many more.

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