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Most of KL's budget accommodation are terrible and overpriced. Owners are intent on cramming in the maximum number of bodies. Many of the Chinese hotels are dirty, badly maintained and not comfortable for solo women . Most travelers seem to use KL as a transit place - in and out as quickly as possible. This is a shame because KL has much to offer the visitor. If the accommodation situation improved, people would stay longer.We found one hostel in the BB (Bukit Bintang) Area that is a good exception with its friendliness, cleanness and homely feeling.

Mid Level hotels occasionally offer promotional prices - RM80+ for an a/c d ab, TV. They are excellent value if you can stretch your budget a little. There are many in the Chinatown area, you can easily find them by walking around.

KL is famous for bedbugs.


Near the Puduraya Bus station
Jl Pudu is the main street, just next to the bus station.
Jl Pudu Lama is a small street just behind(North side) from Jl Pudu.
h1 Anuja Backpackers Inn: 28 Jl Pudu, (Toong Fong Bldg. 3F), T2026-6479, just off from the bus station sb f dr10, s30, d40 a/c s40 d50 HW STV La(RM8) @RM3/hrC3 Just a few steps out from the bus station. comfortable size dorm. small lounge with TV and hot shower make this place best around this area. free tea.Rec
h2 Pudu Hostel: 10 Jl Pudu, West from Backpackers Inn, T20789600, sb a/c dr15, s30, d40 C2 TV cafe in lounge You can use internet with discounted rate at an internet cafe in the same building.
h KL City Lodge: 16A Jl Pudu, T2070-5275, f ab d47, a/c d58 C?
h Hotel Hibiscus: 90 Jl Pudu, T2070-0780, a/c sb d50, TV d60, ab TV d80 C?
h D'View Inn: 18 Jl Pudu Lama, T2072-9636, a/c sb d60, ab TV d70, q90 C? free hotwaoter
h Casa Villa: 24 Jl Pudu Lama, T2031-1971, a/c sb d55, ab d65 C? pool table.
h Asrama Kameleon Travelers Lodge: 35-37 Jl Pudu Lama, sb dr10 s25 d30, ab d60 C?

Near the KL Station(old central station)
h3 heritage Station Hotel: Train St W gate, T22721688, ab a/c TV s98, d108-128 C?
h4 K.L. International YH Asramabelia: 21 jl. Kampung Attap T2736870 10min from train station. little hard to find
a/c sb dr20 La K F C4, Non members+5.
Official youth hostel.spacious. Membership fee RM30/calendar year
(2004 info)

China Town Area
h5 Backpackers Trav. Lodge: 158 Jl Tun H.S. Lee T2031189
a/c sb dr10 s/d228+, a/c ab 50+ La I Video @-RM6/hr C3. Helpful staff, cramped.a/c is too cold at night Rec
h6 Wheeler's GH: 131-133 Jl.Tun H.S.Lee opposite Backpacker's Lodge. Hard to find the entrance. Enter by cigarret shop. T20701386. f dr 13, d28, t40 a/c d40 C3, clean GH, same management as Backpackers' Travellers Inn& B.T.Lodge. Rec
h Stay 16 Jl Petaling, T2070-2208, TV ab s63.7 d57.5-79.8 C? Indian management. New hotel but the rooms are small.
h Hotel Petaling Inn: 37 Jl Petaling, T2026-8899, a/c ab TV d78 C4 Middle of China town. New hotel and the rooms are large. Rec
h7 China Town Inn: 52-54 Jl Petaling T20704008, a/c ab 79-129 C4 Convenient location near the night market. Spacious, quiet, attractively furnished rooms. Double is good value. Another branch near here. a/c ab s70 d90 C4 Highly Rec
h Hotel Excel Inn: 89 Jl Petaling, T2031-8621, a/c ab TV d45, weekend d55 C? convenient location. The rooms are small free cold and hot water.
h Hotel Petaling: 121-123 Jl Petaling, T2078-9870, ab TV f s/d36, a/c 48-66 C?
h8 Backpackers Trav. Inn: 60.Jl. Sultan T20782473 a/c sb dr10 f sb d 25-36 a/c d28-45, ab f d50, a/c d60 La I Video C3 Popular. Good location, crowded.a/c is too cold at night. Rec
h Croser's Inn: 78 Jl Sultan. enter to an alley, T2078-7906, f sb dr13-15, s30 d40, a/c s40 d50 C?
h Hotel Nanyuang: 83 Jl Sultan, T2078-2477, a/c sb s/d50, ab s/d80 C? large rooms
h Red Dragon Hostel: 80 Jl Sultan, T2078-9366, a/c sb s40 d50 t60 It used to be a movie theather. Large hostel.

Jl Silang Area
Walk W on the large road in front of the Pudaraya main bus station and turn right at McDonald.
h8 Le Village: 99A Jl Tun HS Lee on the same road of Bangkok Bank., T013-355-0235, f sb dr12, s20 d25 C? The rooms are basic but homely guest house.
h9 Travelers Home: 23&25 Jl Silang T2013546
f dr13-15, sb s/d30-36, a/c s/d40-45, I C2 washing machine(RM8), K with refrigerator on the roof
h10 Twin Happiness Hotel: 44 Jl.Silang T2387667 f sb , d30, ab f d40, a/c d50, I C2 Dingy rooms. Mainly men.

Bukit Bingtang Area
h Pondok Lodge: 20-1B Changkat Bukit Bintang 3F over Zino Cafe. T2142-8449 sb f dr25(no window,3-5bed), a/c s50-60 d60-65, K bf C5 @(RM5/hr) nice lounge, games such as chess, domino,free brochures about Malaysia Highly Rec
Take any bus that has "Lot10" written on. 5 min walk from Lot10 Shopping Mall. From Puduraya bus station 13 min. walk. The only GH in KL that deserves the "travellers' hostel" title. Nice decor, friendly staff, rooftop terrace. More difficult to find than the hostels in Chinatown but definitely worth the effort
h Anjung GH: 4 Tengkat Tong Shin, next 8ight GH, T2148-6812, a/c sb dr25, ab s65 d75 C4 New GH Rec
h 8ight GH:, 8-10 Tengkat Tong Shin next to Anjung GH, T2144-2050, f sb dr(8beds)30, a/c s/d85 C?
h 12 Inn: 12 Tengkat Tong Shin, next to 8ight GH, T2148-2386, f sb dr28, a/c d50-90 C?
h Summer GH: 18-1 Jl Changkat Bkt Bintang, W from Pondok Lodge, T012-379-5142, a/c sb dr30, s/d85-95, C?
h Sarong Bang GH: 19 Tengkat Tong Shin, next to Bollywod GH, T012-243-8447, f sb dr25, s/d80 C4 @(free) Korean GH.
h Bin Tang GH(    ): 27 Jl Tong Shin, T2144-3398, f sb s35 d40, a/c s38 d48 TV d55, ab d60 C?
h  Green Hut: 48 Tengkat Tong Shin, near Comfort GH,T2142-3339, sb dr25, a/c s/d50-70 C? @(free) pool table Rec
h Comfort Lodge: 52 Tengkat Tong Shin T2145-1818, f sb s/d40, a/c ab d55 C4 Comfort Inn(s/d60) near here.

h Cheng Traveller Lodge: 46/48 Jl.Utara T2420045
f sb dr18,s30,d40,a/c s40,d50 HW bf I K lib C4
10min walk from Bukit Bintang - a major shopping entertainment area. Basic rooms but the facilities are excellent - 2 lounges, tv, video, garden. Unfortunately, not well served by public transport. Bus #18 from Klang bus station Difficult to find. No travellers staying here at the moment, it is full with long term students.Rec
h Coliseum Cafe & Hotel: 98-100 Jl TAR (Tuanku Abdul Rahman) T2692-6270
f sb sd30+ , f,sb d45, ac,sb tr70 R, C3 Very popular. Often full. Cafe', Colonial atmosphere, like stepping back in time.Highly Rec

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