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Jungle Walks:
The main activities in the Cameron Highlands.
Trails vary in degree of length & difficulty
- Trail #3,5,7,9 are popular. Preparation for hiking:
 wear appropriate footwear.
2) take water & warm clothing.
3) tell staff at your hotel/GH where you are going, when you expect to return.

Trekking Tours:
Half-day tours and one-day tours can be arranged by guest houses, travel agents.
Father's GH offering
half day tours
RM20-60, one day tours RM80

! Warning People do get lost - the most famous person was Jim Thompson, an American millionaire who disappeared in 1967, never to be seen again! It's safer to hike with companions.

Marked Trails
Robinson Waterfall trail Trail #9, 1hr
Popular. Start from Jl Persiaran Dayang Endah.Go till end of road, cross the (second) small bridge on your left. Can take an alternative, easier route from the falls - along trail #9A, which leads to a farm.
Parit Waterfall trail Trail #4, 30m
Start from New Garden Inn. A stroll rather than a hike. Complaints of rubbish on route.
Sam Poh Buddist Temple trail Trail #2, 1.5hr
Very hard walking, Extra set of clothing recommended as likely to get wet. From Brinchang town it is a 10min walk.
MARDI trail Trail #3+#5,# 7, 2.5hr Most scenic Rec
Start from Arcadia at the Golf Course. Attractive scenery.
Gunung Beremban trail
Trail #3, 3hr
Start from Arcadia. Moderate climb - easiest route
Trail #7 Start from MARDI. Very steep, only for fit persons.
Trail #8
Start from Robinson Waterfall. Hardest hike. Not well marked.
Gunung Jasar Trail #10, 2.5hr
Starts from weather station or Oly Flats. Quite strenuous, very slippy when wet. By not walking to the summit (transfer onto trail #11) it becomes a moderate walk.
Gunung Perdah Trail #12
It is open now.I did not walk on it

S2 Tea Estates
There are several tea estates in the area such as Palas, Boh, Blue Valley.
Palas & Boh have Free tours of tea factory.(Boh-15min tour,tea house & shop) Palas is the most popular and has lots of photo opportunities. Also has an attractive tea house where you can drink tea/coffee (limited menu), and enjoy the scenery. Open Tu-Su. Tour takes place when the public bus arrives (See bus schedule)
! warning Do not attempt to walk down through the jungle from here without a guide - no marked route.
S3 Kuala Woh Park: 13km from Tapah. Natural hot pool site.
S4 14th Mile Waterfall: 22.5 km from Tapah
Once beautiful waterfall now commercialized, crowed.
S5 19th Mile Waterfall: Quieter, less commercial than the 14th mile. A beautiful natural jungle area near to an Orang Asli village.
S6 Butterfly Garden & Butterfly Farm (1 min walk from each other) take the K.G.Raja bus(RM1) tell driver where you want to get off. It is not too interesting if you have visited Butterfly Farm before.
In addition there are many flower gardens, fruit & vegetable farms.

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