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Tanah Town

Traveler style food is available at some of the guest houses. The Indian/Chinese/Malay food from the food stalls and hawker area is much better and cheaper than from the upmarket, touristy restaurants.

Steamboat is a local speciality, RM12, min 2 people. Little Grasshopper Tea House is a popular place to try it.

Photo : Plantation Teahouse

r Zainab sam: Main Rd. , food court, W from the bus station. malay very popular bf, Nashi champur RM3, Roti Canai RM1+, Nashi Goren RM4
r Gerai Zasiah: Main Rd. , food court, N-8, malay recommended by a local Nashi Goren RM3, Tom Yam RM4
r2 Schmabing Hos Inn: Main Rd. W part of town. 15-18:00 high tea RM5
r Cafe Downtown Hotel: Main St, noddle RM3, frid rice RM4, recommended(tandoori chicken set RM7 & Indian Curry set RM7) Tea RM1
r Restoran Kumar: Main Rd, N side, ctrl,
Indian RM1-4, Very popular. Rec
r Rosette: Main Rd, Next to Downtown Hotel,
steam boat RM18(min 2 people)
r Marry Brown: Main Rd. 10-22:00, fast food, hamburger set RM6.8,
r T Cafe: Main Rd. 2F of Marry Brown. Cafe cake, Very popular. hand-made scorn RM2.3
r Sajian: Main Rd. N side, Cafe E from the bus station. good cakes RM1.5 tea RM1, Roti RM0.8 (2004 info)
r Balah's: 2km towards Brincham scenic walk via route #4 Visit for tea(pot) & scones(2small w/ jam, butter& cream) RM14 (2004 info)
r Bunga Suria Restaurant:.Main Rd, W end, Nr TIC.
Indian, tandoori chichen set RM12, veg curry set RM5-7, non-veg curry set RM7-9, scorn RM4 Popular
r Ye Olde Smoke House: Near golf course, Traditional English food(Roast dinners).Afternoon tea RM25 - expensive but very good. (98 info)

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