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High season
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Tanah Rata
Some of the best accommodation options in Malaysia at competitive prices. All offer great extras such as videos, travel info, book collections, etc. Free pick-up service from bus station. (most hostels are within 5 -10min. walk) If you arrive from Tapah or KL, walk back from the bus station.

h1 Father's GH: P.O.Box 90, Tanah Rata, T4912484,, f sb drRM10, d25-30, ab 60-80 I C4 @-RM3/hr Located on the top of hill. Good view and excellent atmosphere. cheap IDD phone. Basic, barrack style dorm,Videos, best travel info. Free tea. HighlyRec
h2 Cameronian Inn: 16 Jl. Mentigi T 4911327,
sb f dr10, d30-40, ab d60-88 I C4 family run, quiet Good&cheap food&drinks HighlyRec
h3 Bala's Holiday Chalet : Lot 55, Tanah Rata, T4911660 F49114500, f ab d88+, delux 120, family 180+, afternoon tea RM14, HW La R C4 2km from town in scenic setting, free transport. Colonial style. Afternoon tea & scones, int'l phone, bus reservation. Rec
h4 Daniels Travellers Lodge(Kang Travelers Lodge): 9 Lorong Perdah T4915829 sb f dr9, d22-25, ab d40-45, rb, HW, La, @-RM3/hr bf C3 small rooms, Place for socializing, videos, great patio sitting area Very sociable HighlyRec
h5 Twin Pines: 2 Jl. Mentigi T4912169, sb f s10-15 d20-25 t30-35, ab d350-60 t56-75, HW, La, rb R, C2 Quiet, pleasant porch area. Travelers notebooks., bus/taxi agency, tours, int'l, books, TV Rec
h7 Kavy Hotel: 44 Main Rd Jl Basar T4915652,, f ab TV fr d50+, HW R C3,TV in-house movie, Old hotel with good facility. Excellent value for the facility.
h8 Cafe Downtown Hotel: 41 Jl Basar(Main Rd) T4913159, f sb s40, ab d55 C2, Old. Better, cheaper options elsewhere.
h Sheah Ming Hotel: 41 Jl Basar(Main Rd) T4913159, f sb s40, ab d55 C2, Old. Better, cheaper options elsewhere.
h Kang Travelers Hotel: 39 Jl Basar(Main Rd) T012-5944736, sb f d30-40, ab t50 q60 HW,
h10 PRS Pines: 7 Jalan Mentigi, Just behind Twin Pine, T4912777, f sb d30-35, ab s30-35 d60-80 t90-120 3 story building. Same management with Twin Pine.
h11 Hill View Inn: 17 Jalan Mentigi between h2&h5. T4912915,, TV sb d50-60, ab d80. br,@,La,R, garden C4 not cheap but nice balcony each room.
h12 Jurinahill Lodge: Jalan Mentigi, behind h11,, ab f d60 TV
h13 Shahzan Inn: Lot 171, T4914975,, f TV ab d88, weekend 98 C4
h14 Cool Point Hotel: 891 Persiaran Dayang Endah T4914914, TVbf ab d75, weekend 98 C
h15 Highlanders Budget Hotel: 80B Persiaran, Same side of May Bank. T4914934, ab d35-45
h16 BB Inn: 79A Persiaran, T4914551, ab d35-45
h17 Camlodge: Persiaran, T4914549, sb d40, ab d80

cheap accommodation:
in too. In the center in front of Hong Kong restaurant sign reads:
"Room for rent. 4 person RM30

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