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The main attraction is Thong Hay Hin (Plain of Jars). There are about 350 huge Jars within the 50km square Plain. - Who made them, for what purpose and when, is still a mystery though there are myths and theories. The jars are about 1-2.5 m in height and are said to be 2,000 years old. According to local myth, King Khoon Chuong had them made as containers for rice whiskey for drinking in war victory celebrations. Archaeologists claim that they are stone coffins.Apart from the Plain of Jars, there is little to see in Phonsavan. Few people stay longer than 1 or 2 days. There are a lively local food market behind the Post Office and on Sundays a Hmong market held(1hr away by car). Many people from all over the region came here. It starts about 4:00. During November, opium poppies are in full bloom. You can visit those by tour.

Many travel agents, GHs and restaurants are organizing tours in town, usually $20-25/car with a guide. The amount of the cost should be bargained. After the bargaining, the cost will be very much same everywhere.
The travel agent at Phonexay Rest. for a minibus for 5 or more people. $30 without a guide, $35 with a guide. The tour takes 5 hours visiting all 3 sites and a Hmong village. If you are alone, you may start bargaining with $25.
And you get a free transport to the airport if you take a tour. Or you can stop the airport to book a flight. The tour does not include the
for each site.

Sites of stone Jars open everyday 7-18:00
S1 Hay Hin 1: (Group 1): 12km E of the town, near the airport. entrance fee, 2,000k
The largest and the most popular site, where about 50 Jars on the site. Access: by tuk-tuk 30,000k, Tour with guide 40,000k
S2 Hay Hin 2: (Group 2): 25km from the town.
No Entry fee Not many tourists visit because of the distance.
Access: by tuk-tuk 40,000k(with Hay Hin 1)
Tour with guide 60,000k
S3 Hay Hin 3: (Group 3): 35km from the town. Entry fee: 2,000kip.
Not many tourists visit because of the distance. Tour with guide $20

Hmong Villages
There are several Hmong Villages in the area worth visiting. It's recommended to go with a guide. However Hmong people are not much different from Laos people by look.

S4 Ban Dong Dan Near Hay Hin 2. Take bus for Xieng Khouang,
Other Villages Ban Thatcho, Ban Tha Joh, Ban Na Sala. You can go there by public bus.

Hot Springs
The road to the hot springs is closed by police for security reason.
S5 Baw Naam Hawn75km from the town. Bathing in bathtubs in small huts. 7:30-23:00.

Bath tubs at hot springs
S6 Small Hot Springs55km from town, 4km from Muong Kham. Hot springs in a stream, bathing possible.
S7 Muong Kham 51km from the town. Cave Village and Hot Springs.

Trekking tours (98 info)
Sodetour Travel organizes tours.
1day tour Cave of Tham Phyu & Hmong village. 27,000kip.
1day tour Plain of jars 1 & 2 or 3, 30,000+kip (tuk-tuk Round trip), Dry season only. May find a driver who speaks some English and can guide you. Warning all guest houses will tell you that tuk-tuk's are not permitted to take tourists to the Plain Of Jars. However some travelers are still managing to get there by tuk tuk.
Additional options: waterfalls, hot springs.
Plain of jars 1 & 2 + village or hot springs:hire jeep/car with guide: $35-50/day. Can arrange at travel agencies or guest houses. Price varies so ask around and negotiate.
3day tour Hiking in the mountain area near the Vietnamese border. Stay at Hmong Villages. Cost?

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