Area Code 061, black $1=7530kip 1B=200B, Mar 10, 00

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Electricity is available only during 18-22:00.
Not many GHs have fun due to the electricity problem. However it is cool enough at night. During winter or rainy season you may need hot shower.
- d 25,000kip d25,000-50,000kip + d50,000kip

near the market
h? New Xieng Khouang: Near the market T312049
ab s/d 15,000kip R C3, Huge rooms, spacious bathrooms. Garden. Difficult to find because no sign of GH. Try to find one for a restaurant. Rec (99 info)(h11)
Near the Old Airport
h? Kong Keo GH: N of the old airport T211354 ab s/d 20,000kip HW R C?, Free tea Reported as excellent GH in 2001
on the Rte 7
h10 Ving Thong GH, Rte 7 N of cross-point T312047 Rec
sb HW s/d 10,000 ab(no HW) s/d-15,000kip, C3-4, I
Newly renovated attractive rooms. Front balcony. Lots of decorations made out of bombs and artillery. Owner speaks English, good source of information on the area.(h1)
h2 Vaneroun GH: On Rte 7, N of cross-point T312070
sb s/d 20,000kip, ab 30,000kip C3 R bar
The rooms are simple and slightly over priced. The bar is very popular, full of foreigners.(h4)
h3 Hay Hin Hotel: on Rte 7 N of cross-point
s/d/t 17,000kip, C2-3 Dark wooden building. Balcony. Simple rooms, free tea. Over priced(h3)
h5 Dok Khoune GH: on Rte 7 N of cross-point T312189
sb s/d 15,000kip ab 20,000k C3 Rec Most popular place with backpackers. Simple rooms, attractive lounge balcony with a large table, Lots of decorations made out of bombs and artillery.(h6)
h4 Phonsavan Hotel: Rte 7 N of cross-point f ab d/t20,000kip C3 R not worth 20,000(h7)
h9 Mouang Phouane: Rte 7 N of cross-point
ab s/d 30,000kip, HW R C3 Motel Style, verandah, garden. Well-maintained, mainly Lao guests. It may not like to accommodate foreigners.(h2)
h11 Sangtavanh GH: 1km SE from the bus station on Rt 7
ab s/d 25,000kip R C3, nice big rooms with nice furniture Rec
Road toward bank
h1 Daophouan: Phonsavan Rd., E of cross-point, T312171
ab s/d $10 free water R C4 Modern building, mid-range, pine beds, spacious, airy rooms, lots of light, with windows.(h9)
h6 Phudoi Hotel: Phonsavan Rd., E of cross-point, close to the bank but a little far from the other. T212238 ab s/d $8 HW C4 Rec It is well-maintained old hotel. Big rooms with big beds. There are smaller and cheaper rooms.(h7)
Road opp from bank
h7 Phimmahaxay GH: Phonsavan Rd., walk opp direction from the bank and it is on the right side. sb s/d 30,000k shower C4
h8 Phonsavan Hotel: Phonsavan Rd. just 50m further from the Phimmahaxay. f sb s/d 10,000kip, ab 15,000kip HW C4 R
Large Hotel, many NGO's and Lao businessmen. It looks expensive, but the price is cheap. Good value. Rec(h7)
not sure
h? Auberge de Plaine de Jarres: on the hill, 1km from the town. f $25-50 HW F C4 (97 info)(h10)

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