Area Code 061, black $1=7530kip 1B=200B, Mar 10, 00

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# Security: There was a bomb incident in Vientiane in March 2000 aiming foreigners. Many foreign governments are warning further attack to foreign travelers. The buses between Phonasvan and Vientiane via Pokoun(S. route) has been guarded by guns even before the incident. Please pay attention to the news if you travel here or take this route.
# The Area Code has changed to 061, all telephone numbers have also changed.
# Season: Wet: May-Oct Dry: Nov-May
The temperature is much cooler here than in the lowland areas. Warm clothing, blankets are sometimes necessary in the evenings.
# Electricity at most Guest Houses and restaurants between 18-22:00 only.

The town is very simply laid out. Main Rd(Route 7)is running NW to SE and Phonsavan Rd is running from NE to SW. The main activities is around the intersection.
i Tourist Office: None. Ask at hotels or travel agencies.
$1 Lane Xane Bank: 1km SW on Phonsavan Rd. from the main intersection.M-F 8:00-12:00, 13-16:00 T/C com. $1 $1=7530kip 1B=200k.
$2 Moneychanger: Several in the Market and many old ladies in front of the post office are offering change money. The rate is very similar to ones of bank. Bargain hard to get better rates.
P Police/Immigration: Phonsavan Rd. 2km from center, opposite the hospital, M-S 8:00-11:00,14:00-16:00
H1 Xieng Khuang Hospital: Phonsavan,Rd. 2km E from center.
Hp Pharmacy: Several in town
M Post Office/Telephone: Rte 7+Phonsavan Rd., main intersection. 8:00-12:00 ,13:00-16:30 International card phone in front of GPO. The cards are sold at GPO.

A Airport: Phonsavan Rd. 5km E of the town. Small exchange counter, same rate as bank in town. Restaurant next door.
Access: tuk-tuks cost about 5,000kip.
Confirm flights when you arrive in Phonsavan and again the day before the flight. Check in time will be specified on flight ticket at final confirmation. You can pay with kip but the rate is very poor.
Airport fee: 300kip,

Lao Aviation: This office closed now. Try one at the airport. We will leave this info for the case of reopen.
side road running E opposite from Hay Hin Hotel
T312027 M-Sa7-12:00, 14-17:00 (Approximate hours), Also open Su before flight to Vientiane.

Vientiane 2-3 flights a day, $44
Luang Prabang 4 flights a week, $35

B Bus Stop: Route 7 near the market at the main intersection.
Vientiane(24 hrs S. route, 3 days in N route) and Luang Prabang(1-2 days),
South route: go to Pokune on route 13, then take another bus. To Luang Prabang,
North route is via
Ban Thatcho,Muang Kham, Xieng Khouang, Nong Het, etc.

City Transport
City tour
1000kip, Airport 3-6,000kip/p,
Plain of jars 1 & 2, 20,000+kip (Round trip), Dry season only.
May find a driver who speaks some English and can guide you. Warning all guest houses will tell you that tuk-tuk's are not permitted to take tourists to the Plain Of Jars. However some travelers are still managing to get there by tuk tuk.
rb Rental bike at New Xieng Khouang Rest: bargain hard. 20,000k/day
rb Rental-jeep/tours with guide: Plain of jars 1 & 2 + village or hot springs: $35-50/day. Can arrange at travel agencies or guest houses. Price varies so ask around and negotiate.

Travel agencies
t1 Lane Xang, Daophouan Hotel, opposite the food market
t2 Sode Tour Travel, Next to Vingthon GH, Rte 7, T312403
M-Sa 8:00-11:30, 13:00-17:00
t3 InterLao Tourism, Phonsavan Rd. M-Sa8-12:00, 14-17:00

m1 Market: Phonsavan Rd.behind the Post Office 5:00-18:00 Lively local food market. Lots of fruit, some noodle stalls.
m2 Market: Rte 7+Phonsavan Rd. opposite the Post Office. Clothing, daily goods.
m3 Hmong Market: Sunday morning only, starts 4:00. People walk long distances from many of the villages in the region to buy and sell here. Ask at GH's and travel agencies about transport to the market (about 45min drive).
Souvenirs: Not many. T shirts in the market.
p Photo: Next to Post Office.
l Laundry: 1000kip /article at guest houses.

Jan Hmong New Year
May Rocket Festival
Dec. 2 National Day Horse-carriage races are held.

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