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There are no name for the streets in town.
ITIS nameedto tehm to explain the location. See
Vang Vieng TOP
Caving is the most popular activity. There are several caves within 10km, many people cycle to these. Most caves are the other side of the river from the town, In dry season it is possible to wade across the river (carry your bicycle).

Tham (Caves)
S1 Tham Chang At Vang Vieng tourist resort, 2km from the town center. Popular trip by bicycle. 7:30-11:30, 13-16:30 Entry fee 8,000kip + 1,000kip to enter to resort, add 500kip for bicycle. There are beautiful views of the village and rice fields from here.
This cave is well lit, fairy tale atmosphere. Beneath the cave are natural pools (bathing no charge) Crowded on weekends. Can swim from here to another section of the cave, occupied by bats. It's very dark.
S2 Tham Phapouae: N of town, 1km W from the river. Cross, a bridge, walk toward upstream. There are signs. 8-17:00, 3,000kip for just the cave and 5,000k for the cave & climb the mountain. Very long cave and can be very narrow. At the entrance a guide is waiting and lit when you go through. You will get very muddy.
Tham Palusy: N of town. Cross a bridge, walk toward upstream, then go W. There are signs.2km from the river. 5,000kip incl. guide & light, 8-17:00, Little pool inside of the cave.
S3 Tham Poukham: S of town on other side of river. Walk/bicycle 7km W(Go W 5km then turn right and go another 2km.). Cross a bridge and take a tuk-tuk waiting the other side, 3000kip/p, and walk 1km. 3000kio, 9-17:00, A big cave with a sleeping Buddha inside. You don't need a touch. You can go by bicycle. There is a river where you can swim and jump. Simple food and drink available.
S4 Tham Xang: (Elephant caves) 12km N, near Tham Xang village. Take share tuk-tuk heading to N, 3,000k/p, get off at Tham Xang (Big sign in Lao-Tuk-tuk driver will know), head towards the river, you'll find a bridge, cross it and about 100m ahead is the cave. Entry 4000kip. 8-17:00. Inside the cave there is a stalactite, shaped like an elephant's head, many Buddha statues and a set of Buddha footprints. There is a small natural pool - swimming possible.
There's a Hmong Village nearby.
S5 Tham Khan: 5km from the river. Cross the bridge and follow the road. Turn right before the 2nd bridge over a small stream. 2000k incl guide & light. 9-17:00. Very small cave.
S6 Ang Ngeun & Tham Jinnaly: Same way to Tham Poukham but, turn right before Tham Kham and follow the sign. 4km from the town. For one cave 3000k incl guide & light. For 2 caves 5,000k, 8-17:00.
S7 Nang Loom: Go N on route 13, after Vang Vieng College, take the first left and follow the sign. 3,000k, 8-16:00
S8 Tham Nang Phomhorm 40km from town.

Hill Tribe Villages
A guide is strongly recommended when visiting these villages.

# Ban Nam Yen: Yao village, 3km from Tham Nang Phomh.
# Ban Samsavath: Yao Village, 6km N of Tham Xang village.
# Tham Keo: Hmong Village, 8km N from the center tuk-tuk 3,000k/p
? Hmong Village: S from Tham Xang village. UN run refugee village for Hmong hill tribe.(unconfirmed.)

# Tube ride on the river: 5000kip/p including a tube rental and the tuk-tuk ride to the 4km point. From here it may take back to the town for 3-4 hours. In the evening, specially rain season, it gets very cold so start early. If you cannot swim and you are very afraid of water, you may rent a life jacket with 3,000k/day. Normally water is very shallow, you can stand in the river.
# Kayaking Tour: 72,000kip/p Wild Side Eco Tour T511-230 or at Xayon bar counter. dep 9:30, back by 17:00. Incl. Hmong Village, caves, Hanging bridge, BBQ for lunch, organic firm and Kayaking.
# One Day Vang Vieng Tour: A few agents organize tours around Vang Vieng incl. caves, Hmong villages, lunch and finishing with tube riding. leaving around 9-10:00 and coming back around 17:00.
Ask Mr. Keo at the Nang Bot Restaurant.40,000kip. Other agents offer tours with similar prices and similar programs.

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