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There are no name for the streets in town.
ITIS nameedto tehm to explain the location. See
Vang Vieng TOP
r Market: Moved to N, 1km from the town. 6-18:00, simple food is available, such as noodle soup(3000k), bread small 500k, middle 1000k, pineapple 2000k, dim sum bum 1000k
Market Rd.
r Xayoh Bar/Rest: Market St+Main Rd.9-23:00 Thai/West/Pizza moderate but Pizzas expensive Pleasant open air restaurant. Pizza is big disappointment.
r Luang Prabang Bakery: W from Dokkhoun I GH, 7-23:00, Bakery good place for breakfast.Expensive bread 6-8000kip
r Fathima Restaurant: Indian, currey 9000kip+, lassi 5000kip cheap
Main Rd.
r Nazim: Main Rd. N from Airfield St. Indian, 9-23:00 cheap currey 10000kip+, nan 4000kip, lassi 6000kip
r Rice soup: just come out from the air field. with meat 3000k, without meat 2000k Rec
r Pizza Falconi: Main Rd + market Rd. Italian, pizza 18-25,000k, pasta 15,000k. Many restaurant are on the N part of Main road. This is one of the most pulpier restaurants.
r Ba ba Ba: Main road N side, next to Ngeunphanith GH Japanese/international, chicken & egg on rice 18,000k, fried rice wrapped with soft egg. 20,000k, Pizza 25,000kip
r Ngeunphanith GH: Main road. International/local, It has many tables of raised floor hut. It shows movies. fried rice 10,000k

1st W St.
r End of World: N side. 7-23:00, tofu/Lao, Cheap. Very delicious. Try tofu with coconut/pumpkin/tomato(12000kip) or Fried tofu/vegetable with garlic or curry soup. Highly Rec

River Rd.
r ? Restaurant: River Rd. Near the Market.7-23:00, Lao Expensive. At night video is shown and the program is posted in front of the restaurant.
r Phaykham Restaurant: River Rd. W side, 10m S from the Airfield St.7-22:00, Lao 7-22:00 Very cozy river view restaurant. Moderate. Highly Rec
r Sunset Restaurant: on the river side, next to Hotel Namsong, at the crossing point.6-22:00, Lao/International This is the best place to watch the sunset behind towering limestone cliffs. Excellent Scenic river views.but Expensive. Rec

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