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There are many guesthouses in Vang Vieng. The generally speaking, the newer the GHs are, the better facilities they offer. They change prices according to how much their rooms are full. This also means that the prices can be easily dropped if you ask even during high season. Most rooms are for double. Strange enough, rooms with bathroom cost 30,000kip and without bathroom cost 20-25,000kip despite of the big quality difference.
Arriving: Buses from Vientiane or Luang Prabang stop various places in town. See the orientation.

Market street. From the bus stop, walk through the old airfield. Then from the telecom tower, go N 2 blocks and turn left. At the W end of the road, the town market was located before.
h1 Dokboua GH: left side(South side).opp from Oasis restaurant,T020-560-7357, f sb CW 25,000k, ab HW 30-50,000k la(10,000/kg) R(7-23:30) C3, Clean large rooms. Rec
h2 Champa GH: left side.
f ab s20,000, d25,000k, HW C2, Basic, small rooms.
h3 Dokkhoun 1: left side, next to Champa GH. T511032
f ab s/d300,000k, HW la(8,000k/kg) C3 modern attractive, spacious rooms, table, cupboard. free tea drinking water and banana. Rec
h4 Viengvilay GH: Right side, just before the market.
f ab s20,000, d40,000, a/c s/d80,000, HW C4 It is clean and nice.

On Main Rd. (South)
After passing the airfield from the bus stop, turn left (Walk S from the telecom tower). The road where banks are located.
h5 Viengchaleune GH: left side T511097, f sb s20,000, ab s30,000, d40,000, t60,000k, HW La(10,000k/kg)C2, free coffee/tea
h6 Nana: 40m S from Viengchaleune, turn left to a small alley. T511097, f ab s/d40,000 t50,000, a/c s/d60,000k, HW R(6-23:00 cheap) la(10,000k/kg) C3. Same name GH on the Main Rd Further S. Free drinking water, tea, banana
h7 Pany GH: next to Nana GH. f ab s30,000kip d40,000, t50,000, a/c s/d80,000kip, C4 modern, attractive, furnished rooms. free drinking water Rec
h8 Doukhoune II: off the Main Rd. f ab s30,000, d40,000kip, a/c s/d70,000, la(7000k/kg) HW C4 Popular, modern, attractive, furnished rooms. Excellent view from the 3rd floor. Highly Rec

On Main Rd. (North)
After passing the airfield from the bus stop, turn right(Walk N from the telecom tower). The road where banks are located.
h9 Vang Vieng GH: Right side. f sb 20,000kip la(8,000k/kg) C1 Basic Currently under renovation
h10 Chaleune GH: Right side of the Main Rd. Next(N) to Vang Vieng GH. T511135. f ab 25,000kip C2
h11 Ngeunphanith GH: Left side, just S from the corner of Market Rd, T511150. f ab s30,000 d40,000kip C4 The restaurant on 1F is very popular Rec
h12 Dokkhoune GH: Left side, N of La Rizi Pizzeria. N from the corner of Market Rd. f ab s/d25,000kip HW C1 Name should not be confused.2 other GH has a same name.
h13 Bountang GH: Left side, N from the market rd opp from Lane Xane Bank. T511328, f ab s20,000 d30,000kip, a/c s/d 70,000kip C3 3-floor bldg. Rec
h Babylon Guest House: Main Road. W side, just S from the market road corner. T511054 ab f s$4.5, d$5.5-7.5 t$6.5 HW la(8000k/kg) R I a pool table, CTV, DVD comunal area, roof terrace reservation can be made via e-mail

Air Field Rd(Telecom Rd.) coming out from air field, continue walking toward the river, passing by the telecom tower. Walking from the main rd to the river.
h14 Vieng Savanh GH: T511112 S side of this street. f ab s/d40,000, a/c s/d70,000k, la(10,000k/kg) HW C4 Just renovated Rec

1st N St.
Street between Market Rd and Air Field Rd. Enter from the Main Rd.
h15 Thavisouk GH: T511340 Left side(S side) f sb s20,000, ab s/d30,000k, a/c s/d80,000kip la(10,000k/kg) HW C3 free tea toilet paper
h16 Phoukham GH: T511068 Right side.f ab s/30,000 d40,000kip la(12,000k/kg) HW C4 clean rooms

1st S St.
Walk Main Rd. S from the telecom tower and 1 st street turn right Parallel to Air Field Rd.
h17 Kham Phone GH: T511062 Left side of the street. f ab s40,000 d50,000k, a/c s/d80,000k, la(10,000k/kg) HW C3
h18 Kiene Thong GH: T511069, Left side, after the one above. on the left side. f ab s/d30,000k,a/c s/d70,000kip la(15,000k/kg) HW C2 Rec

River Rd.
Walk S from the former market. The following accommodations are located S from the road to the bridge(dry season only).
h20 Le Jardin GH: 50m S from the bridge T2255362, f sb s/d40,000kip, a/c s/d80,000 HW C4 New cute cozy bungalows with balcony with chairs.Art Deco GH.Highly Rec
h Thavonsouk Resort: all most opp from Le Jardin GH, T511096, a/c ab s/d$13-15 C4 Rooms are like villas, but expensive. It has a atmosphere of high class resort. From the rooms along the river excellent view.
h21 Song Gnut: 50m S from Les Jardin GH. f sb s/d33,000, ab s/d40,000kip R(6-18:00 moderate) C3
h22 Vang Vieng Resort: S End of River Rd, go enter a dirt road toward the river for 800m.T511050 f ab s80,000 d120,000kip R(6-22:00 expensive) HW la(10,000k/kg) S.pool C4

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