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Vang Vieng is a small town surrounded by mountains & rivers. The main attractions are caves, Hmong villages, and the natural mountain scenery. A favorite with travelers - many stay longer than planned. However this town became too famous for them and became a party village. Music and noise last until late night.


When you arrive here by bus, you are suppose to get off at the official bus stop, E from the airfield. But often you are requested to get off at different places. If you see a airfield, it is the bus stop. If you see many guest house signs, you are inside of the town. If you don't see either, you may be at the edge of the town and you have to walk into the town.

No street signs in Van Vieng. So we name those to explain our information.
River Rd.: Running from N(market) to S(Vang Vieng Resort), next to the river.
Main Rd.: running parallel to River Rd. and the Route 13 E side of the air field.
Market St.: connecting River Rd. & Main Rd. The town market was located at the end of the street. (It was relocated to N. 1km) You can find many internet cafes, such as Planet.
Airfield St(2nd street). Runs from the airfield to the river passing by the telecom tower. After you arrive at the bus stop, you enter the town from this street.
1st N St.: Between Market St and Air Field St.
1st S St.: Between Market St and Air Field St.

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