Area Code 023 US$1=10,825k 1B=262k, July 28, 2005

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There are no name for the streets in town.
ITIS nameedto tehm to explain the location. See
Vang Vieng TOP

i Tourist Information, None. Ask hotel staff for info.
Hand drawn maps of Van Vieng and the surrounding area are available at some of the shops leading from the bus station. These make attractive souvenirs. 2000k/sheet. A few different kinds are available. The pharmacy(near River Rd+Airfield St.)sells a map which contains most info in one sheet.
$1 Lane Xank: Main Rd E side, 20m N from Market St. M-Sa 8:30-15:30, The rate is better. $1=10,820kip, 1B=262kip, no T/C commission.
$2 Agricultural Bank: Main Rd + Air Field St. M-F 8:00-16:00 The rate is lower. T/C commission.
$3 BCEL Bank: market road opp from Dok Boua GH M-F 8:30-15:30 $1=10825kip, T/C $1=10830kip, 1B=262kip, yen=96kip
$ Money Changer: You can change money at your GH $1=10,000kip, 1B=260kip Indian Restaurant Nazim will change money with the Lane Xane Bank rate
P Police: green-roofed building,50m off main road,S from Wat Si Souman. M-F 8-11:00 14-17:00
H1 District Hospital: On the way to Tham Pourke.
Hp Pharmacy: a few pharmacies on the market road.
M0 Post Office GPO: Just S from the market. M-F 8-12, 13-17:00 No EMS.
M1 Telephone Office: Main Rd.+ Airfield St. M-Sa 8-12,13-17:00. International calls possible. Cards available here and some shops in the center. The cards costs 40,000kip(9 min talk to Japan), & 70,000kip
m Market: Relocated to 1km away toward Luang Prabang. Fruit, food(noodle soup 3000k), lots of hand woven souvenirs.The best time to visit is early in the morning when many sellers from the nearby villages lay out their goods and produce in and around the market.
s Minimart: Many in town, specially on Main Rd. Many open 7-22:00.
Laundry: At guest houses. 6,000-8,000kip/k Also possible to pay per article(ex T-shirt 1000k)
ma Massage: Some on Market road and 1 st street. body 35,000/hr, foot 55,000kip.
ph Master Color lab: 1 st. Near the river. 8-20:00 Develop film 10,000k+ print 1100-1300kip/p
ba Barber: on Main Rd., N from the telecom office. 50m before the Market St. Haircut Men only 5,000k
s BKC Book shop: on Market St.,near the Market.N side. M-F8-20:30. Second hand and some new ones. English/German/French/Japanese.

B1 New Bus stop: On the route 13, just E from the airfield. But buses from LP or Vientiane may stop at a different place.
B2 Songthaw(Truck): in the airfield

Local Transport
Walking/rental bicycle is the best way to get around. Out side of the town, the roads are very bad. Cycling is not so enjoyable.
rb Rental bicycle shops: Several places in town. The prices are standard.Bicycle 10,000kip/day. Motor bike 60,000k/day The conditions of the bicycles are very bad. Go early to get the best on in the shop. Check the tires, the chain carefully. If possible take tools with you.
Bridges over Namxong river. You need a fee to cross. The fares below are one way. (on foot/with bike) If you really really don't want to pay, you can walk in the water. During the rainy season,there are no bridge. You have to take a boat. Currently a new big bridge is under constructed.
br1 Market bridge:-One behind the old market. You can go to "Sun Tun Center". 500k/1000k
br2 Sunset Bridge: Next to Sunset Restaurant Walk S on River Rd. and after Hotel turn right to a dirt road. -1000k/1500k 2 bridges. So if you cross only one bridge, ask to pay with only 500k.
br3 Vang Vieng Resort Bridge: At the end of River Rd go toward the river on a dirt road. Pay at the gate of the resort.1000k/1500k. Bridge to go to Tham Chang cave and a swimming area.

@ Internet @
A few internet cafes can be found on Market street and on the main road. All says "cheapest, fastest" and All charges 200k/min. Speed is slow specially at night. internet phone to foreign countries. a home phone 3000k/min, mobile 6000kip/min
@1 Planet on line: S side of Market St. 8-23:00. Free drinking water, Bangkok Post to read and STV to watch. Very relaxing cafe.

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