Area Code 021 US$1=10,825k 1B=262k, July 26, 2005

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Partially updated with new info of June 2007

Airport Wattay Intl., 3km W from Vientiane T 212066,
Access: Tuk-tuk or Bus #44 from B1, 2,000k many(6:40-18:20)
Departure Tax International $10, Domestic 5,000kip

The fare is controlled by the government therefore they are same and no discount fare. Only US$ or credit cards are accepted .But you need commission Visa(3.5%) American Express(4%), no Master Cards are accepted.
The costs of tickets at travel agents are not always the cheapest. The ones at the airlines may be cheaper than ones at travel agents.
BKK TG $186, QV $80 Chiangmai QV$90, ThSu
Hanoi VN$109, QV$100 Daily H. Chi Minh VN$74QV$169,MWF
Kunming QV$95 Daily Phnom Penh QV$130, VN$139 Daily
Siem Reap QV$112, TuFSu    

Domestic Flights.
Luang Prabang Daily 13:00, 17:00 $58 40min.
Savannakhet TuF 10:00, 13:00 $58 1h
Pakse FSu 6:30 $88 1h25min.
Xieng Khouang TuWFSa 15:30 $51 40min
Houai Xai TuThFSa8:30, 12:30

UdomXai TuWTh 12:00

Luang Namtha MWFSa 8:30


B1 Morning Market Terminal: Mahosot Rd+Khou Vieng Rd. E from Talat Sao(Morning market) Access: 10-15min on foot from GH area
B2 Northern Terminal: W of the town. This bus terminal was relocated from Evening bus terminal to further 2 km W.
Access: 10-20min on foot from GH area. Tuk-tuk 20,000k(2007 info)
B3 Simuang Airbus station: Just E from Wat Simuang, along the Sethathirath Rd. VIP bus only
B5 South Bus station: NE from the town center. Buses to south. Take Lan Xan Rd to N Access: 20min by Tuk-tuk 20,000k?(2007 info)

Friendship Bridge
(Border to Thai)
3000kip 20km 1hr Many 6-17:00
It passes Buddha Park
Nong Khai(Thai)


7:30,9:30,12:40, 14:30, 15:30,18:00(2007 info)
Udonthani 20,000kip(80B)     dep 7:00, 9:30, 15:00, 17:00
Paksan  12,000kip?



dep 7:00, 11:00, 13:30?
Vang Vieng 25,000kip 160km 4h dep7:30,9:30,10:30,11:30,13:00
(2007 info)
Kashi 20,000kip



8:30 15:30 (via Vang Vieng)

(2007 info)



dep. 4:30, 5:30, 12:00?

B2 (Noth Bus statio)
Luang Prabang 90,000ki


10h+ dep.7:30, 11, 16, 18:00 (2007 info)
LP a/c 100,000kip 9h+ dep.6:30, 9:00, 19:30 (2007 info)
LP VIP 110,000kip 8h+ dep.8:00 (2007 info)
Pokune 50,000kip?


6.5h Same as Luang Prabang buses
Xeng Khuang 75,000kip


10+hr dep 6:30,9:30,16:00
Xeng Khuang a/c 85,000kip 8+hr dep 7:30
During rain season the bus must take a route via Luang Prabang which costs 120,000 and takes 3 days. The plane costs $51
Udomxai 110,000kip 15+hr dep 6:45, 13:45 (2007 info)
Udomxai a/c 120,000kip 15+hr dep 16:00, 17:00 (2007 info)
Luang Namtha 120,000kip 22+hr dep 8:30
Xam Neua 120,000kip 26+hr dep 7:00, 10:00
Xam Neua VIP 130,000kip 24+hr dep 12:30
Huaixai 160,000kip 36+hr dep MWF17:00
Pakse 85,000kip 16h+ many 10-16:00 every 30 miins
Paks a/c 85,000kip 14h+ dep 5:20
Paks VIP 110,000kip 10h+ dep 20:30
Savannaket 55,000kip 8h+ many 5-16:00 every 30 miins
Veunkham 100,000kip 21h+ dep 11:00 (Cambodia border)

Paks VIP $16(165,000kip)


9.5h+ dep.20:30
Vang Vieng 35,000kip dep.7:30
Luang Prabang 75,000kip dep.7:30
Hanoi $20
Vinh $16 dep 18:00
Mongla $21 ThSu14:00
The office is open only one hour before the departure

B5 (South Bus Station) (2007 info)
Savvannakhet 50,000kip



5:30,6, 6:30,7,7:30.8.9:00 plus Pakxe buses (2007 info)
Laksao 70,000kip?  350km


dep 7:00, 11:00, 13:30?
Pakse 95,000kip



dep. 10, 12:30, 13, 13:30, 14, 15, 16:00 (2007 info)
Attapu 95,000kip?



dep 9:30, 17:00
Don Khong 100,000kip 13h dep 10:30 (2007 info)
Thakhaek 40,000kip 360km 5h dep. 4,5,6,12,12:30(2007 info)

Private International Bus Services.(2007 info)
For booking or info, ask at your GH. All tickets are sold under Sawadee bus service(T020-9900648). Picking up at your GH
To Vietname:
Hanoi $18(22hrs),, Vinh $16(14hrs), Hue $18(23hrs), Danang $18(24hrs),
Warning ! For Vinh. The buses may just pass near Vinh. Please make sure to ask where you will be dropped off and the way to get the towns.
To China: dep14:00, Mingla(arr 9:00) 243,000k, Jing Hong(arr 12:00) 297,000k, Jing Hong(arr ?) 513,000k,
To Thailand Bangkok: dep17:00, Bangkok(arr 6:00) 690B

Kao Liaew Boat Pier: In Ban Sikhay Village. For upstream boats, 7km N from town.
No boat service at time of research due to the season. According to the tourist office during rain season, boats to LP will run.Ask at the tourist office.To Luang Prabang, you may need 3 days to travel. Probably it runs after September.

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