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In Vientiane you can find the cuisine of many countries however, the restaurants serving international food are mainly for foreigners. The quality is high, but prices are also high.
In the evening many local food stalls open on Khoun Boulom Rd. In the morning food stalls at the Morning Market and near the bus terminal sell local food and cheap French bread and sandwiches.

Report: The prices in 2007 may have been increased by 20-50%

Near the fountain
r1 Scandinavian bakery: N W from the fountain 6-19:00
International Refill-free coffee(6,000kip) & cake are not good but room on 2nd F is relaxing. TV(CNN). Popular place to meet and hang out. Breakfast $2, bread 3500k+
r2 Khobchaider Garden: SW from the Fountain
BQQ M-Sa9-24, S17:30-24:00, food 10,000k, drink 2,000+k, lunch buffet 30,000k(11-14:00) Very beautifully set with old building as a stage set and beautifully lit at night. Food are not so good but excellent place to enjoy cool evening.And lunch buffet is excellent value. Rec
r Joma: W from the fountain, next to Konica shop. Cafe, sandwich, cake, Very popular trendy cafe.
r3 Fresh Bakery: Settathirath Rd
Bakery 5,000+kip M-Sa 7:00-21:00 Delicious coffee & cake. A/c, relaxing environment,. No smoking. Rec
r4 Just for Fun: 51/2 Pang Kham Rd. 50m S from the fountain. Vegetarian/Lao/Thai around $2 9-21:00 Tea/Coffee/Cake/food. Fun, child-oriented environment. Health products and handicrafts/textiles on sale. No smoking.

N W from the fountain
r5 PVO: Samsenthai Rd. Opp Hua Guo GH, Vietnamese sandwich. small 4-7000k, large 8-14,000k Very popular. Always many people waiting
r Delight Fruit Shake: Little E from PVO, fruit shake. 4000+kip, Very delicious large quantity. It has travelers information note.
r6 Kualao Rest. 111. Samsenthai Rd. Lao 11-14,17:-22:30
High Class restaurant in Colonial building, antique & ethnic furnishings, traditional dishes, traditional dancing in evening. Popular with rich locals. Rec
r7 Soukvimane Lao Food: W from the black pagoda
Lao food, 15-45,000kip Rec by travelers

NW from the fountain
r10 Santisouk Rest (Cafe de la Pagode): 77/79 Nokeo Koummane Rd. International 7:00-23:00
Popular with locals for sizzling steak platters. Rec
r11 Vieng Savanh: Almost W end of Heng Buon, Sukiyaki, sausage and fried spring roll. No name but you will not miss this restaurant because it is most popular one on this street. Sukiyaki set 15,000k, sausage or spring roll set 8,000kip incl. Lao salad and rice. Highly Rec

SW from the fountain
r12 Nok-Noy: Tn Fa Ngum + Nokeo Koumane Rd.. Local simple cheap and delicious food. Try Kao Pirsen(Noodle soup with egg/meat.) HighlyRec
r Addy Restaurant: From RD GH walk to S and turn left. Indian Curry 8000kip+, no sign but because the food is cheap and delicious, it is always full. Rec
r13 French Bakery: Nokeo Koumane Rd.+Setthathalat Rd. Cafe/ice cream Many local run cafes are located on Nokeo Koumane Rd.
r14 NaZim's: Tn Fa Ngum + Francoise N Rd. Indian curry 15,000+kip, nan 6,000k, coffee 6,000k 10:30-22:30 Very popular, delicious and cheap Indian favorites.HighlyRec (2007info)
r16 Xang Cafe Bar Restaurant: Walk on Khun Boulom Rd. to the river. After Wat Inpeng. opp from Khamvongsa GH. E side. Cafe/ice cream Movies on Some Evening. Home made ice cream

Japanese Food
r20 Kitchen Tokyo: Chaoanou Rd. 10-14, 17-22:00. cheap Japanese food from 28,000k for lunch special.Rec
r21 Koto Restaurant: 229 Nong bone Rd. 10-26:00
Set menu $3. Tasty real Japanese food. Varied menu. Rec
r22 Sakura: Luang Prabang Rd.T-Su 11-14, 18-22 M 18-22:00 Same price as Koto but not as good.
r Koyhacchao: T5615801, on the same street of RD GH Japanese/Chinese Japanese style noodle $1.5, fried rice $1.5, Opened in 2005. Japanese management.

r23 Night stalls on Chao Anou Rd. Chinese dumplings 2,000k? coffee 1,500k?, donuts 1,000k?, etc. Also a few very local restaurants around this area. Rec
r24 Many drink tables on Mekong river side after evening
beer 7,000k pepsi 2,00kip shake 5000kip, etc. You can enjoy sun set.
r25 French bread sandwich stalls in the morning market

r26 Hotel Lao: Heng Boun Rd. From the fountain walk W on Setthathlat Rd and turn right at 3 rd corner and turn left on H.Boun Rd. 40,000k M-Sa11:30-14:00. including normal drinking water.
r27 Asia Pavilion: Samsenthai Rd.E from Lao Plaza Hotel. 24,000k 11:00-14:00. including normal drinking water.
r28 Lao Hotel Plaza: Dim Sum $7 2F at Chinese restaurant
more than 10 different dim sum and Chinese tea
r2 Khobchaider Garden: see above lunch buffet 30,000k(11-14:00) Rec

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