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Partially updated with new info of June 2007

Accommodation is expensive here compared with elsewhere in Laos. If you're prepared to pay $10/room the standard is high and clean.

Main Area around the fountain
Area located 10 min. on foot, SW From Morning Market Bus station. The landmark is a big fountain with a open-air restaurant.
h1 MIC GH (Government): Manthathourath Rd. N from Setthathirath Rd. T212362 f ab t45,000kip, C2
Each room has 3 beds with local style toilet/shower. Very cheap and very popular, excellent value. Some rooms are better than others. Better to go early. No dormitory system any more but ask the manager, he may be able to arrange. There is a similar government run GH ask to the manager.
Highly Rec
h2 Phanthavong GH: Manthathourath Rd. closed
h Saysouly GH: Manthathourath Rd. S from Sethathilath Rd T223757 f sb s50,000 d70,000, ab 90,000, a/c d80,000+ C3 (2007 info)
h Sabaidy GH: 115 Sethathilath Rd. Just W from the Planet internet T213929 f sb dr 18,000kip/p, sb s/d38,000 t58,000 HW, R C1 Safety box CTV in cafe.They arrange bus tickets. ()
h Mixok GH: one block W from Sabaid GH T251606 f sbs45,000 d55,000k C1
h Phonepaseuth GH: 97 Pangkham Rd, T212263 f ab s$10 d$14, a/c ab s$14 d$15 HW bf C4 new GH.Comfortable size of rooms. Rec
h Mali Namphu GH: Pangkham Rd, S from Phonepaseuth GH, T215093 a/c ab s$15 d$16 TV bf C4 new and clean GH. It has a nice garden.
h5 Pangkham GH: 72/6 Pangkham Rd, S from Phonepaseuth GH, T217053 F216382
f ab d$10, a/c TV d$15+ HW C4 Completely renovated following a fire. Modern, attractively furnished rooms. Friendly, helpful staff. Good value. Rec
h6 Lao Paris Hotel: Samsenthai Rd, just E from Pangham Rd T216382, a/c ab d$13+, CTV Fr s$13 d$20+, HW C4
Chinese style lobby. Very comfortable rooms
Highly Rec
h7 Hotel Day INN: 59/3B Sisakhet, N from Lao Plaza Hotel, same road of Pangham Rd.T223847 a/c ab s$25 d$30 t$35 TV Fr HW bf C5 Very new colonial designed hotel, excellent value Highly Rec
h Vieng Thong GH: E from the Presidential Palace. T212095 Walk on Setthathilat Rd toward Presidential Palace, after Mahosot Hosp., turn right at the 2 nd corner. f ab s/d80,000, a/c ab s120,000 d140,000, HW bf C3 Rec

West Area
West from Lao Plaza Hotel and around Samsenthai Rd.15 min from the main bus station, but 10 min from one for Luang Prabang.
h11 Santisouk GH: 77/79 Nokeokoumman Walk W from the nat'l Museum, turn right at the first corner, 10m on the left side. T215303 f sb s/d70,000, ab 90,000k, la-2000/p HW water, towel R(expensive) C3
Central location. Spacious, homely rooms. Social Verandah. Above Cafe de Pagoda Rest.
h12 Syri 1 GH: Next to the stadium, 2 block N of Samsenthai Rd. T212682 f ab s$6 a/c d$10 HW C2 Colonial style, antique furnishings, lovely veranda, quiet. Rooms upstairs are better.
h13 Praseuth GH: 312 Samsenthai Rd. T217932. f sb s/d$5, a/c ab s$6 d$7, HW C4 New GH. Rooms are average, but clean. Rec
h Thawee GH: Walk N from Santisouk GH turn first left. It is at the next corner on the right. T217903 f sb $6, a/c ab s/d $12 la-4,000k/p, R(bf only) C3 Excellent rooms. Highly Rec
h14 Vannasinh GH: 51 Phnom Penh Rd. T222020
f ab s$50-70,000, a/c d80-100,000 HW R-breakfast only. la-2000/p C4 Attractive, furnished rooms. Cleaned daily. Popular, social. Well run, staff speak several languages and are friendly & helpful. Excellent free map of Vientiane. Rec
h15 Haysoke GH: 83/1-2 Hangbuon St. one street S from Samsenthai T219711 F219755
old f sb CTV $12, ab a/c CTV Fr d$15 New GH. Cheap rooms are overpriced but the a/c rooms are large and excellent facility rooms. Highly Rec for a/c rooms
h Lao Hotel: 53/9 Hang Boon Rd T219280 a/c ab s$18 d$20 HW C4 Large rooms.Good value for this level. Rec

West South Area
W from Nokeokoummane St. near the Mekong river, off Setthathirath Rd. to N and S.
h Mixay GH: 54 Nokeokoumman St T2262210, f ab d40-50,000 HW la-1500/p C2 Rec (2007 info)
h RD GH: next to Mixay GH T262112,, ab a/c dr$5.5, ab f d$11-16 Rec (2007 info)
h8 Lani GH I: 281 Setthathirath, T214919 F215639
a/c s$20-25, d$30 HW la-8000/p bf C5 Elegant, villa-style hotel. Colonial building, beautiful furnished rooms. Hospitable owner.Garden. Visa MC AE 5% extra Rec
h9 Phen Tpim GH: 72 Inpeng. T515507
f sb 68,000, ab $14, a/c18, HW C3 Furnished rooms, Colonial-style hotel with pleasant garden. Quiet. Rec (2001 info)
h Khamvongsa GH: Khoun Boulom, Near the river. opp Xang Cafe. T516596 f sb s32,000 d40,000 t 48,000, HW la(2000/p and self) C3 Very cozy GH Highly Rec (2001 info)

North East Area, W from the Morning Market
W from Morning Market. Near Immigration office.
h51 Lani II: 268 Saylom T213022
f s/d$20+, a/c $25+ HW F C5 Rec
Just as attractive as Lani GH I but not as well located.
h52 Nita GH: Saylom Rd just S from Say Lom GH T213986 f sb $4-7, a/c ab d$8-12 HW C4 Very new GH. big rooms. The price seems to be changing. If it is cheap, it should be excellent value. Rec
h53 Khamkhoun Hotel: NW corner of Talat Sao, T223475, a/c ab s$15 d$20 TV HW bf C4 1F is a fast food restaurant. Very good location and good rooms Rec

h54 KOTO: 229 Kong Born Rd. T412849
a/c ab s$13, d$17+ Bf HW Japanese-style bath, C4
Desk in room. Friendly, helpful staff. Rec (98 info)

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